1) When I was just a wee little lad

Full of health and joy,

My father homeward bound he came,

And he gave to me this toy.

A wonder to behold it was

It had many colors bright;

And the moment I set my eyes on it,

It be came my heart's delight. (Chorus)




It went zip when it moved,

Bop when it dropped,

Whirrrrr when it stood still!

I never knew just what it was

And I guess I never will.


2) The very first time that I picked it up

I had a big surprise.

At the very bottom were two big buttons,

That looked like two green eyes.

I first pushed one

And then I pushed the other

And then I twisted its lid.

And when I set it down again,

This is what it did. (Chorus)


3) First it marched left

And then it marched right,

Then it marched right under a chair;

And when I went to see where it had gone,

It wasn't even there.

I began to sob

And my daddy laughed

For he knew that I would fine.

When I turned around

My marvelous little toy

Was chuggin' right behind. (Chorus)


4) Many years have gone by

Too quickly it seems

And I have my own little boy;

And yesterday I gave to him

My marvelous little toy.

His eyes nearly popped

Right out of his head

And he gave a squeel of glee.

Neither one of us knows just what it is

But he loves it just like me.


It still zips when it moves

Bops when it drops

Whirrrr when it stands still.

I never knew just what it was

And I guess I never will (2x)

* * *

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