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The American people deserve accurate information, not only about Iraq. 

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Political Communication, Social Change, & Civic Commitment
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Urgent Alert!

Tell Congress: Support the Iraq War De-Escalation Act

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service  War Profiteering:  Let's talk about it.

U S Munitions sales and Global Strife  US Weapons sales destabilize globe
The Bush NLRB is poised to make an attack on workers.  Jobs with Justice action plan!
Have you read about it?    The White House is trying to make themselves look �tough on terrorism� just in time for the November elections.  Now, Senator Bill Frist is trying to combine legislation that would: 
-- Ratify the unconstitutional and unlawful NSA warrantless spying program   AND
-- The president�s illegal military commissions.  
You can stop them today.

   ACTIVISM          Ten Days of Action For Darfur: September 7th - 17th

  Clueless  Dick Cheney receiving and "believing" flawed intelligence

Political Organization     Are you registered to vote this fall? 

On Ballot Initiatives in Oregon  Vote for Ballot Initiative 44... and no more!
On Accountability  Our government is in disarray and must be held accountable.  Incompetence, corruption, oversight, ignorance, and malfeasance are not acceptable.
Democracy for America Portal Learn how to take back the media in Oregon
DNC Activism ResourceIn just about three weeks you will have the opportunity to come together with Democrats in your community to meet, greet and organize as we get ready for elections this fall.
A call for a New American Civil War  A war for civility...
The  ACLU charged that the NSA program violates Americans' rights to free speech and privacy under the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution. ... Members of Congress need to hear our outrage loud and clear so that they will hold the Bush Administration accountable.  .... You can help make that happen
by holding a house party and mobilizing your neighbors and friends. Click here to learn more.
Tell Congress to stop stalling and Renew the Voting Rights Act For more than 40 years, the Voting Rights Act has protected the right of every American citizen to cast an informed vote
 Guantanamo Alert:  Latest World News for American base in Cuba from WN
            Network Worldwide. News and analysis on human rights, terrorism, military and more.
Tell your representative to stand up in Congress and demand a plan for  Iraq.   Take Action
Take action now!       Let our leaders and the world know
  Americans do not condone   violations of human rights

Take Action! Call Congress and Demand Questions, Not More Spy Funds

Action Checklist: Learn about what more you can do....

Optimistic or not...  "The Democratic Party, with all of its warts 
                        and  wrinkles, remains the only show in town...
Removing George Bush and his ilk             Are we better off?
Political Crimes, Rendition, Torture, and worse... 

Thomas Jefferson's ideas about Dissent

The Minimum Wage:  Why it exists and what needs to be done.

What is Falun Gong and why is there so much persecution in China?

Saxton, Kulongoski ahead in money   Jim Hill popular stands on issues! political activism portal!
Teach-In Toolkit     The Handbook for Students and Faculty Who Support Workers� Rights is full of information on the union advantage, employer interference and the Employee Free Choice Act.  Download these two great resources and start planning your teach-in today.
Teach-In Toolkit    
Teach-In PowerPoint Presentation
Employee Free Choice Act Gets Two More Co-Sponsors
Two more members of Congress, including another Republican, have signed on as co-sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act.  Democrat Charlie Melancon (D-La.) and John Sweeney (R-N.Y.) signed on March 1, bringing the total number of co-sponsors in the House to 212, only six members short of a majority.  There are 42 co-sponsors in the Senate, nine short of a majority.  Urge your senators and representative to support the legislation today.  Click on the link below to send them a message.

Democratic Party Activism Resources!   Protect Our Nation!
Yahoo is cooperating with China to keep people in the dark!  Boycott Time
Civilian body count estimate in Iraq:  What they don't tell us.
Support!  Portland Peaceful Response Update
Check it out!   What is Onward Oregon!
 Sign our Demand for the Truth.      Call on Congress to end the illegal spying and fully investigate the Bush Administration�s illegal spying programs. Spread the Word
write a letter to the editor   Click Here

President Bush's new budget cuts billions from Medicare & education while giving a whopping $1.35 trillion tax cut aimed at the wealthy. 

Senator Specter said the president's domestic spying program violates the law. sign the petition demanding a special prosecutor  

American Chronicle
   If You Oppose the War: Influence Congress ...
  We have restructured our unions... Civic commitment is the key to course-correction &  social change.
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The Ticking Bomb Fallacy    The Reading List 
Terrorism Defined


"The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is
 only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there
 can be no compromise on basic principles."  Ayn Rand 

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