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            There are many resources online.  The Web is like a huge but poorly-organized library.  There are which can be used to explore the information.  The most common method used for research online is the SEARCH ENGINE.  Most search engines use software agents sometimes called spiders, software robots, or bots.  These can be used to explore the web, retrieve information, and add it to the database.  If your site has effective meta tags, it is no guarantee that it will be found, but it makes it that much more likely:

           Meta tags provide a useful way to control your summary in some search engines. Meta tags can also help you provide keywords and descriptions on pages that for various reasons lack text. Simply including a meta tag is NOT a guarantee that your page should suddenly leap to the top of every search engine listing, but they are useful tools and it is prudent to include them...  There are several meta tags, but the most important for search engine indexing are the description and keywords tags. The description tag returns a description of the page in place of the summary the search engine would ordinarily create. The keywords tag provides keywords for the search engine to associate with your page.  Enjoy searching...! ~OO~

Latest Developments!  How Search Engines Work  Scroll down for more information.

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