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Aleichem Shalom
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Hannah Abraham 

Women's Resources for Peace and Freedom

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PCC Resources:

  Welcome!  Drop in anytime and often for shelter from the storm  and safe haven.
  All is going according to plan. Not to worry. 

 "Faith is not knowledge of what the mystery of the universe is, but the conviction 
  that there is a mystery, and it is greater than us." 
-Rabbi David Wolpe
  Community Resources            
Women's resources on the Internet:  Browse Sites by Title: A-L M-Z    Current News!  Code Pink - Portland  Craigs List  Cancer Info  INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S HUMAN RIGHTS  KATU-2   National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC)   NEWSLETTERS O H S U Library: Women's Health Employment
Northwest Womens Journal:  Box 61903 Vancouver, WA 98666 
NW Women's Directory - woman-owned or managed businesses in Portland-Vancouver metro area. Connecting women in our community.
Oregon Parks and Recreation: State Parks About Us  PORTLAND WOMEN'S FORUM SCENIC VIEWPOINT
Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette   PCC Women's Resources:
Pregnancy, Phone Numbers, Women's Health

Education and Training  
American Women's History: Peace Movement   Express Yourself:   Write!      In Other Words Women's Books and Resources
In Other Words:  Women's Books and Resources  Oregon Tradeswomen - Links   Peace Library  Participate in V-Day! Women's Studies Resources   Social Work Resources - Oregon  USA Women's Organisations - Oregon  League of Woman Voters: Portland, Oregon 
Oregon Tradeswomen - Links   Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon - Resources
♀   Resources for Children 
Surfing the Net with Kids  Kids Online Games
                                 Have fun!        




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