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Computers have been around for some time. They are certainly no mystery and anyone can learn how they work and how to use them.  This page and others on this server can provide all the resources you require to become proficient in the use and development of computers and online resources.  Besides these resources, we can provide individual one-on-one tutoring regarding webpage development, server administration, databases, and networking.

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Evaluating Internet Research Sources

Documenting Electronic Sources

How to Cite Web Sources (MLA and APA)
More on Documenting Sources
Copyright 101
US Copyright Office

How Computers Work

Binary Homepage Hardware Fundamentals
PC Buyers Guide


Nerds2.0.1 - Tech History Hobbes' Internet Timeline
History of Computers History of the Internet, Internet for Historians


Networking Basics Home and Small Office Networking: Windows XP
Networks Password protecting pages - HTML Writers Guild
Password Protect Your Web Pages FrontPage: Password Protecting Web Pages
Restricting Access to Web Pages How to restrict access to sub-web on FrontPage.

The Internet

Search the Web Tutorial Comparing Search Tools
Internet Terminology How the Internet Works
Glossary of Internet & Web Terms and Definitions
Librarians' Internet Index

Building a Web Page

Creating Web Pages  Dreamweaver 4
the creation and management of  web pages
or sites. For novice or pro.

Creating course Web sites  Create custom
pages with authoring software, such as
. Choices for creating a ...

HTML Help by The Web Design Group HTML Primer
Interactive HTML Tutorial Barebones Guide to HTML
Internet/Web Definitions & Terminology FrontPage Web Building Resources
Database tutorials for web developers More Professional Pages with Dreamweaver MX
Language Interactive Web / Programming / Databases -
Interactive Websites Tools for WWW providers
Resources for Creating Web Sites Creating School Web Pages with FrontPage Editor
Tutorial on Adding Audio to Your Web Site Creating Database-driven Websites w PHP and MySQL

Making a Web Page with ...

DreamWeaver Tutorial


Macromedia - Dreamweaver Developer Center  asic PHP pages in Dreamweaver MX. ...


How to upload and manage your files

Webpage Graphic Resources

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Icons & Bullets

Alphabets, bars & images

Icons & Backgrounds

Clipart Connection
Iconbazaar Rainbowed Text 
Shock Waves Library of Images & Icons


Ender's Realm Backgrounds

Animations & GIFs

Animations & GIFs

Colors & Images for the Web

Color Center

Web Safe Colors
  Color Names
Photoshop Tutorial Convert Graphics for WWW


Electronic Privacy Info Privacy Tools Internet Privacy: Cookies for a Treat  

                        Cis-120: Computer Concepts One:
        Portland Community College at Sylvania
Academic Advising for Computer Technology Students 
Service Learning Opportunities at PCC   
Student Services:   Advising and more...

  Create Revenue Streams with Powweb



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