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Is the planet warming?

Yes. Every one of the hottest 15 years on record has occurred since 1980.
The hottest five have been since 1997.

The world's average surface temperature increased by about 0·7°C over the 20th century.
(By average we mean the average of air temperatures near land surfaces, and sea surface temperatures.)
The World Meteorological Organization announced that 2005 was the
hottest year on record in the northern hemisphere.

Records, which go back to 1861, show the rate of change has varied a lot. For example,
most of the warming occurred during two periods, 1910 - 1945 and 1976 - 2000
(source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

The three fastest-warming regions on the planet in the last two decades have been Alaska,
Siberia and parts of the Antarctic Peninsula. Continents in the northern hemis
phere have
warmed the most. Computer models suggest this trend will continue.

US EPA - Global Warming Site

The EPA Climate Change site provides comprehensive information on the issue of climate change
and global warming in a way that is accessible and meaningful ...

As for the oceans...

Covering about 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface, oceans are vital to life on Earth.
They provide every second breath we take, help regulate the climate and house an
unmatchable diversity of creatures. Our oceans also provide a primary source of
protein and livelihood for millions of coastal peoples around the world.
But they are in peril. Overfishing, marine pollution and global warming
are a lethal combination for our oceans 

Take a look at the state of the world's oceans, a five part series called Altered Oceans.  
"The journalism and the extent of sound research and work that went into this project is amazing.  
I found it heartening that there are still journalists and publications out there using their power to
inform and educate the public on important and underreported issues"    

Try this link for Important Environmental News!

The Bush Administration was behind a Weakening of Mercury Standards in their so-called CLEAR SKIES BILL
We must save the planet to save ourselves. Everything is connected.

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