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Here is a list of other sites that contain information on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.





National Domestic Violence Hotline

Violence Against Women Office

State by State Violence Against Women Office Grant Activities

Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence
An educational resource on abuse and religion. The Center is an interreligious educational resource addressing issues of sexual and domestic violence. Our goal is to engage religious leaders in the task of ending abuse, and to prepare human services professionals to recognize and attend to the religious questions and issues that may arise in their work with women and children in crisis. Our emphasis is on education and prevention.

Domestic Violence Intervention Center, formerly East Alabama Task Force for Battered Women

Myths About Domestic Violence
by W.R.I.S.C. ( Women's Resource Information and Support Centre)
We are an organization located in West Michigan that promotes women's self determination through advocacy, shelter, support and education.

Survivors Art Foundation
Domestic Violence Safety Plan
Domestic and Family Violence - VICTIMS
Victim Services Domestic Violence Shelter Tour and Information Site
The Wounded Healer Journal
State Domestic Violence Coalitions
Men and Women against Domestic Violence
The National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization. This site has a chat room and a newsletter. It is overflowing with information and resources.
Tennessee Victims Rights
Contact Helpline - Knoxville, TN
Livingston Area Council Against Spouse Abuse
Hotlines to EVERY STATE in the US
Nashville Police Department
There is a very detailed escape plan here.
Family Violence Prevention Fund
Go here for up to date information in the fight against family violence.
Domestic Violence Clearinghouse and Legal Hotline
Located in Hawaii

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Federal Legislation and Regulations

Sexual Assault Information Page

Order of Protection
What it is and how to get it.

Domestic Violence Handbook
You need to get past the veneer to see who the abuser really is.

Husband Battering

Myths and Facts About Domestic Violence

Safety Tips for You and Your Family

Domestic Violence and Homelessness

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 ~~ MEDIA ~~

Violence Begins At Home

A PBS site about the program they aired.
Violence at Home
A compilation of articles that appeared in the Sacramento Bee
Let Me Love You One Day At A Time
a poem by Edward Cunningham

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Domestic Violence: Not an even playing field
Educating Against Domestic Violence - Information

Domestic Violence
A list of links to DV sites. Please be safe while accessing these links. 
Domestic Violence: a Victim trying to become a Survivor
What is Domestic Violence?
What Domestic Violence ISN'T
The Healing Club
A place for both men and women where you can meet other survivors or connect with others who need help to get out of their situation.  

Kathy's Essential Information
on Abuse, Assault, Rape & Domestic Violence

Constructive Love

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