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I couldn't say it any better than these sites do so I will direct you straight to them.

IF YOU KNOW OF SITES THAT KEEP UP ON THE LATEST NEWS, please email me the information. Thanks! =)

Although these first two are very old articles I am including them because this began the increased public awareness of domestic violence:
When Violence Hits Home 7-4-94  and   Letter to the Editor 7-25-94

Family Violence Prevention Fund
Sign up for their email updates. A great way to stay current on this issue.

State of Iowa News Release
3-12-98  Attorney General calls for curb on DV

Bell Atlantic Mobile News Release

Denver - Wireless Phones

Wayne County, Michigan
6-15-98  Cell Phones

New York
10-6-97  Governor to take on Domestic Violence

A Farewell to Arms
10-6-97   Military takes guns away from violent spouses

State of Georgia

Department of Defense Address Combating Domestic Violence

Spouse Abuse:"Murder in the making"

Waiting for Daylight

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

1996 Report of 1st Lady's Activities
Kentucky's 1st Lady

Domestic Violence Information Depot


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