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The Clothesline Project is a collection of tee-shirts made by women who have survived abuse. It is a graphic display that depicts the horrors of violence against women. Each woman, or someone who cares about the woman, decorates her own shirt and it is a testimony to her experience. Each category of abuse is assigned a different color.

How do you let the general public know the rate of domestic violence in their community? You could hang out a clothesline with shirts decorated by the victims/survivors of this horrendous crime against women. What an impact it must have to walk down a line filled with shirts. What if this line were nearly a mile long or longer? Wow! Something like that is hard to ignore.

Please use a shirt, blouse or tee shirt of durable material. Some suggestions are: use a natural fabric; sew rather than use glue; photocopy photographs onto iron-ons; use acrylic or textile paint, color-fast dye or indelible ink.

The Suggested Color Code:

  • WHITE is for women who have died of violence

  • YELLOW or BEIGE is for women who have been battered or assaulted

  • RED, PINK, or ORANGE is for women who have been raped or sexually assaulted

  • BLUE or GREEN is for women survivors of incest or child sexual abuse

  • PURPLE or LAVENDER is for women attacked because of their sexual orientation


    For more information, go to the Clothesline Project website.


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