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DEATH ... is not the end. Life and Death ... are the same thing. Life and Death... are mere reflections of each other. Whether you grow old and pass away or die from illness or injury it will not be the first time. Chances are you have done this many times. We fear death because it is the Great Unknown. But, what if I were to say to you, that the other side IS knowable? Understand that death ... is only a change from one form of living to another one.

YOU ... that part of you that says "this is me!" does not die. All your thoughts, memories, emotions, this essence that is 'you' is your Soul, and does .. not .. die .... YOU will remain, long after the body is gone.

All things, all matter, vibrates. Even science agrees with this. Everything from the hardest diamond, to a stone, to a tree, to a wisp of smoke, to the breath in your lungs, is a collection of atoms in motion.

We go from this physical, low vibrational plane, to a higher spiritual one. When our Soul is released from this lower vibrational plane of the physical body that has contained it, we return to the higher Spiritual plane of our origin.

It was Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) who said, "We are not Human Beings struggling with Spirituality. We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience" When the body, yours or mine, dies for what ever reason, we will return to the Spiritual World, which is our Home.

Heaven is not a reward for a select few... it is our Birthright.

The shaman not only communicates with the Spirit world, but is able to journey there. This is not fantasy or a wishful thing. The shaman has the ability to actually cross over to the Spirit realm which is our home. To know this ... is to remove all fear of Death.

It has been the purposeful intent of some religions to keep its followers ignorant of this truth, and to instill an unnatural fear of death. It has been a way of keeping control over them or you.

And who is on the other side waiting for you? Your Ancestors, your Family, your loved ones, your friends and ... the Divine. Be not ... afraid of Death. Be not afraid ... to Live ...

Additional information is available on the "Ghosts" page. Click on the link below.


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