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What the heck is a psychopomp??

Psychopomp, is a very clunky sounding word. It means "soul conductor". A psychopomp is a shaman who waits with and comforts the soul of a person who is dying and guides them across at the moment of death. A psychopomp also has the ability to search for lost souls, find them and guide them home.

Sometimes when a death occurs, the Soul is caught unprepared. Depending on the person's spiritual or religious beliefs, the Soul may not remember where its spiritual home is.

There is a difference between having the ability to communicate (seeing, hearing, talking) with the spirits and being a psychopomp. Many people have the gift of communication with spirits. A psychopomp actually crosses over into the spirit realms, travels all over these realms and assists those who may be lost or trapped for whatever reason and helps, shows, guides them to their Spiritual Home.

A psychopomp can also be with a person who is dying, when they lose consciousness and communicate with them. This is the time when the person who is about to leave the dying body is mostly on the spiritual side but is still anchored to the body. The psychopomp waits on the other side, for the soul to emerge and meets them there. The psychopomp can at this stage ask the soul where it wants to go, then show them where this place is, so they have an idea about which way to go after death. I feel that it is important that the psychopomp stay with this soul that has made the final crossing and guide them all the way home.

The Soul of the person that has died, may stay with the physical body, not knowing where else to go, or if the person died in familiar surroundings such as his or her home, may stay there.

This Soul's natural journey back to its spiritual home, is then interrupted. The Soul needs help, it cannot continue the journey on its own. A psychopomp is needed.

When the physical body is near death, I meet with the Soul and show her or him the way to its spiritual home.

At the time of physical death, I watch over and guide the Soul, assuring safe return to its spiritual home.




Coma patients are those who have had nearly the entire Soul leave the body. There is just enough of the Soul remaining to keep the patient alive, but without consciousness.

The Physical World cannot live without the Spiritual World. The Human body cannot live without the soul. If the Soul leaves the body, death occurs.

Whatever the traumatic event that caused the Soul to flee the body, these Souls are either lost and cannot find their way back to the body, or are still deciding IF they want to return to the body, or go on to their Spiritual home.

Yes, this state can continue for weeks, months and years because time is not linear in the spiritual world. It is possible for a Soul that has been floating outside the body to believe that only a few moments have passed, when in physical reality it may be months or even years.

It is possible to find these Souls and determine if they wish to return to the body and wake up. Then, if they wish it, guide them back to the physical body .


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