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Ghosts are Human souls trapped between the Spiritual and the Physical world. They are real. Because they are 'in-between', it is sometimes easier for them to make their presence known to us, and for us to make 'contact' with them. The Spirits, Elves, Fae, Gnomes, Dragons, Angels etc, are farther away than ghosts and thus takes a trained heart, more effort, to communicate with.

Ghosts are people who have permanently separated from the physical body, but for various reasons, have had their journey back to their Spiritual Home, interrupted. They end up half way, stuck 'in-between' worlds. This place is like a hazy, foggy land in which they can faintly 'see' our Physical World.

Sometimes, a person who has recently died unexpectedly, suddenly, from an accident or illness, may not realise that they are dead. The imprint of physical life is still fresh in their minds eye, but they can become frightened not knowing where they are. When they see small portions, fleeting glimpses of the Physical World, they try to enter, to return, but they cannot.

It is their focused energy and emotions, that break through and grab our attention. It is usually these emotions that we feel or sense first, and they can be powerful. If a person is fixed upon his or her moment of death, these emotions can be about fear, horror, pain. And when people on this side pick up on these emotions, is can be very frightening.

Time is not linear where they are, they can linger for days, weeks, years before they understand that they are indeed 'dead'. But still alive. They can be disoriented, confused, not knowing what to do. If their death happened suddenly, such as an auto accident at an intersection, they may still be at that intersection, trying to figure out what happened and what to do. They may stay there for a long time. Months, even years can go by but, to them, it may seem as only a few minutes. If they made it to a hospital and died there, they will probably stay with the body all they way to the cemetery. If the death occurred close by or at home, in bed during sleep, they can find comfort being home, and will stay there. Sometimes they will get angry if 'strangers' move into their home.

Where ever they are, and how ever long it takes them to understand that they are no longer a part of the Physical World, eventually they will figure it out. Depending on how this person was during life, happy, loving, gentle, lonely, angry, mean, violent, these emotions can guide how they will behave when trying to contact Humans in the Physical World. If they were negative when in Life, they can turn very nasty as a ghost. Some will try to cause harm to people, usually out of anger & resentment. But most, are simply lonely. They just want to 'come home'. These ghosts can become the sad, wailing ghosts that are known to haunt houses or graveyards.

Most are happy when they are found, they are tired of being alone and want to come back. Sometimes a mean ghost will refuse to leave. They take more pleasure in causing fear and what harm they can to Humans in the Physical World than they do in their own healing & well being. These ghosts need to be removed by force, and returned to the Spiritual World for their own good. They will not be allowed to continue their nasty ways.

There are Spirits of Light, who look for these lost souls and help them complete their journey and deliver them to their Spiritual Home. But, how many people die every day on Earth? The work is slow. There are some Humans here, in the Physical World who have the ability to find these ghosts, and guide them on, towards their Spiritual Home. We are called 'Psychopomps'. Eventually, someone will find them and help them. Even the mean, nasty ones. Then they will receive the healing they require, and most will become whole again. A few do not.


Sometimes, after a slow or lingering illness that ends in death, this person will not accept his or her death. They can refuse to accept that they are dying and when death does occur, they will simply refuse to go, blocking the path to their Spiritual Home, leaving them 'in-between'.

A young mother, insisting on staying close to her children, can remain close by to watch over them. Any adult who feels strongly enough that their life was too short, can refuse the Path and linger nearby.

A grandparent with feelings of loyalty or love can stay close by to watch over the family. Young children who are naturally sensitive, will often tell their parents that they "saw or spoke to Grandmother or Grandfather".

Often, a husband or wife that has passed will choose to stay close by out of love and feeling that their loved one still needs their help.

Those souls who choose to stay where they are, in order to watch over loved ones, are usually content with their situation and are not ready to continue their path Home. These souls are mostly left alone. If contacted by those Spirits of Light, they will be shown how to find their Path so that they can continue when they feel they are ready. When these souls finally choose to leave, they will try to say a last 'goodbye' to those they have been watching over before doing so.

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The "eyes" are only that of a black Angora kitty cat. We Humans frighten too easily, do we not?


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