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Spirit Extraction or Exorcism


Spirit extraction is also known as exorcism. But spirit possession such as in the movie, "The Exorcist" is very rare. Why? Because any spirit that is powerful enough to actually 'possess' another person's body to the point of establishing it's own will and personality, simply does not have too.It can incarnate by itself into a new human body. It does not need to bother an established persons human body. Why fight with another when it can have its own?

These spirits are weak. After so many incarnations in Human form if the spirit continues to follow the downward path, it will weaken to the point of no longer being able to incarnate on its own. It no longer has access to the Physical Realm. This is when it will start looking for others to attach itself to. It has become a parasite.

When a person who is inexperienced and tries to journey without proper protection then it is possible to come into contact with spirits that would take advantage of them. However, these spirits need to 'attach' themselves to the humans aura, because they are too weak to incarnate on their own. If the person is ignorant of such matters, he will not notice this happening. The spirit that has successfully 'latched' onto a human is a parasite, not a demon.

These beings are weak and looking for a free ride and a free meal. They usually are not very intelligent, but can be rather clever at concealing their presence. Instead of blood, what they take, is emotional and physical vitality. They do this by interfering with the natural flow of the universal life force also known as Chi, Ki or Prana, from the spiritual world to the physical world, or more specifically from this infected humans spiritual or auric body, to her physical body.

It is like someone bites most of the food off your fork before it gets to your mouth. So in effect, this parasite will drain you of essential vitality until you become weak, then over time very sick. Also, after several years as the person grows weaker, the parasite grows stronger. This can continue until the parasite is able to 'take over'. This will show up as drastic changes in behavior and attitude. The normal personality can totally change. But the health of the person will continue to get worse

Also, when a person has been abused, especially as a child, they can become so weakened, that this form of 'possession' is possible... Children who have suffered abuse are natural prey for these parasites. When a person has been 'infected' since childhood, illness can show as physical, emotional, or spiritual and can be very debilitating.

When no medical evidence can be found to explain the symptoms, this is when a shaman is needed.

In the strictest sense, this can be called exorcism... but not by Hollywood's standards. But... the need is just as great.


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