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What fascinates you? What culture of old draws your attention? Is there a certain place in the world that you just cannot get enough of? Do you feel a connection to an era? A time before, that you feel drawn to. There is no reason for the fascination, you just feel a comfort level, a longing to return somewhere, to a time, that you just feel happy reading about or visiting. It is almost like you can remember what it was like back then or know how a place used to look.

Past Life Regression is a deep guided meditation.

During a past life regression, you are aware of your surroundings. You know what is going on, you do not lose consciousness. You can hear the world outside, the car going by, the dog barking etc. You are guided slowly, carefully, back..... back into your own memories.

Your memories of 'other' times that you have lived, are remembered. You can 'see' this other life, and hear what was happening then.

During the meditation, You will be able to talk and respond to the person guiding you.

You can move around in this other lifetime, just as it was when you were there.

These are your memories of this other lifetime. What you experienced back then, is what you will see and hear during the meditation. It is possible to remember the different names you were known by. You will see, hear, know yourself as the male or female you were in this other lifetime.

After the meditation is over, you will remember everything you experienced.

There are many questions in our present life that may be answered through past life regression... Sometimes there is what is called an 'overlap' or 'carry over' from one or more lives prior to this one. Personality traits or tendencies from a past life can carry over into this one.

This can, depending on who you are now, cause difficulties for you today.

It can also help to explain why some children seem unable to adjust to a normal childhood, when there seems to be no present reason for the problems.

Past Life Regression is a valuable technique. It facilitates a deeper understanding of the Human condition in general and more importantly on a private and personal level as well.


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The Porch of the Caryatids, Acropolis, Athens, Greece.


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