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Slash Fiction

What is Slash? Here's an example of slash:

Superman is flying around the city when he sees Wonder Woman laying in bed, naked. He thinks, "Hmm, with my superspeed, I could fly in there, bang her, and leave before she even notices." So, Superman flies in, bangs Wonder Woman, and leaves in a millisecond. Wonder Woman gets up, startled. She says "What was that?" The Invisible Man lying next to her says "I don't know, but my ass sure does hurt."

Of you didn't get that, basically what I'm saying is that the following fictions contain homoerotic situations between two or more males. That not your cup of tea, or you can't legally read it due to your age? Then please, go back. Nobody wants to get in trouble, least of all me. This disclaimer waives your right to complain, as well. If the fic is a problem, fine, yell at me, but if you attack me for subject matter, I'll be wicked pissed.

Oh. And I like feedback. You could say I crave it like a British Whore.

The Dancer (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Touched (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Hold On (G) Spike/Xander
What Are Little Boys Made Of? (NC17) Spike/Xander
What I Can Get (NC-17) Wesley/Gunn
Pour (NC17) Wesley/Angel
The Birthday Present (NC17) Spike/Angel/Carrie, and Me/Wesley undertones
When He Touches Me (R) Spike/Xander
Costume Party (R) Spike/Xander
I Win (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Senses (G-NC-17) Spike/Xander
Wildfire (NC-17) Spike/Xander
One Step Closer (NC-17) Wes/Angel, Wes/Cordy, Wes/Doyle
Intense (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Him (PG) Spike/Xander
Comfort Food (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Millions (PG-13) Spike/Xander
Paper Anniversary (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Keep Him Safe (G) Wesley/Gunn
Am I The Only One? (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Virgin Bride (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Mercy (NC-17) Spike/Xander [Finished, but posting in installments]
Hour of Power (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Sandbox (R) Spike/Xander
Please Do Not Litter (R) Spike/Xander [Sequel to 'Sandbox'.]
They Might Have To Cut Off My WHAT?! (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Crack (R) Wesley/Angel(us) [Uh...angsty. Disturbed. Racy image.]
Secure (NC-17) Spike/Xander [Racier image.]
Alone Together (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Steel (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Bonds (R) Spike/Angel
Sex and Kreme (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Relentless (NC-17) Spike/Xander
All Your Scars (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Brittle (PG-13) Spike/Xander
Breathless (NC-17) Spike/Xander - For Spiffy Da Wondersheep's Birthday
Secrets (PG) Spike/Xander
Supple (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Heirlooms (R) Spike/Xander
35 Questions (R) Spike/Xander
Catching (NC-17) Wesley/Angel + Spike
Just a Little Looney (G) Spike/Xander
Colorful (R) Spike/Xander
Oreos (PG-13) Spike/Xander
Swedish Meat (R) Spike/Xander
What It's Worth (PG) Spike/Xander
Make the Yuletide Gay (NC-17) Spike/Xander
Laid Bare (NC-17) Spike/Xander
In Good Hands (NC-17) Wes/Spike, Wes/Spike/Angel
Sleeping Beauty (NC-17) Wes/Angel