Title: Supple

Author: Robin the Crossover Junkie

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: PWP, hints of sub-dom implication…blink and you’ll probably miss it.

Disclaimer: REALLY not mine, or they’d never be clothed on TV

Pairing: Spike/Xander, natch.

Spoilers: Yeah, right. Again, I say PWP.

Feedback: Yes please!

Distribution: Meh. Take it. Leave my name on it.

Dedication: Spiffy Da Wondersheep.

He’d thought it would be black. Not that he’d really thought about it that hard, or at all, really, but when Spike opened that simple white garment box and pulled it out, the first thing that had come into his mind after he realized what it was, was that it wasn’t black.

It also wasn’t very modest. Interlaced leather straps, a supple milk-chocolate brown color, simple silver rings buckling together the different lengths of the soft matte material. Spike simply held it up, holding Xander’s gaze steadily, and waited.

He waited for a long time before Xander’s brain started working again. He wasn’t sure whether it was for himself or for Spike, but then his brain went back to the fact that the leather wasn’t black, and he knew that it was for him. An unbidden smile slid over his face as he realized that Spike had picked leather that was the exact same color as Xander’s eyes. He met Spike’s and saw the silent, hidden hope there, and stood.

“Gonna help me try it on?” he’d asked softly, and Spike placed the leather beside himself on the couch, standing to pull Xander into his arms, pressing their mouths together softly. Graciously.

“Gonna look good on you, Xan,” Spike whispered against his lips when he let Xander breathe again. He finally, reluctantly, pulled away from his lover and reached behind him for the soft brown leather. He moved to hand the object to Xander, who responded by placing his warm palm over the back of Spike’s hand, brushing the calloused skin of his palm against the light smattering of hair there. Spike shivered, his eyes boring into Xander’s for a long moment. Xander took a step back, not taking his hand from Spike’s, and Spike took the hint and took a step forward. They moved that way, Xander backward and Spike forward, until they were in the bedroom. Finally, Xander slipped the leather from Spike’s hand, hesitating to break contact with the cool skin. As soon as Spike’s hand was free, he began to unbutton Xander’s shirt.

Their lips met smoothly, teasingly, as Spike worked to divest Xander of his clothing. Soon his tanned body was bare, and Spike took the leather back from Xander.

“Ready, love?” Spike murmured, the knuckles of his free hand ghosting over Xander’s nipple. Xander sighed and nodded, his hands winding around Spike’s neck, his fingers burrowing through the sharp edges of shock-white hair.

Spike kissed his way down Xander’s body, until he was kneeling at his lover’s feet. Normally, this position would cause Xander’s knees to give out within the next five minutes, but Spike had other activities on his mind. He gently took Xander’s right foot and lifted it from the floor, letting Xander’s hands rest on his own shoulders for support. When Xander’s foot was clear of the carpet, Spike slid that foot between two of the leather straps. He set that foot back on the ground and repeated the process with the other. Slowly, he stood up again, once again trailing kisses in his wake.

The leather fit just snug enough around Xander’s thighs, and Xander groaned as the butter-smooth leather rested securely against his balls. Spike moved to stand behind the brunet, licking across his shoulder blades and down his spine as his hands worked to wrap several straps around his torso, cinching the silver buckles firmly. Xander found he couldn’t expand his lungs very much because his ribcage was being constrained. The slight drop in oxygen wasn’t enough to hurt him, but it was enough to make him feel slightly light-headed.

Spike moved in front of him again, taking more of the seemingly infinite straps and wrapping them around Xander’s shoulders, and around his neck, tightly enough so that Xander wouldn’t forget it was there, but it wouldn’t hinder him in any way. Finally, Spike took the remaining straps and brought Xander’s wrists to the front of his chest, binding his hands with the long, thin straps and securing them to the rest of the bodice.

Finally finished, Spike stood back to admire his handiwork. Xandre stood in the leather straps, one around the very top of each thigh, 7 across his chest, one on each shoulder, one around his neck, his wrists bound to his body in a fisted prayer position. The cool leather matched his lover’s eyes, snug against warm, tanned skin over smooth, lean muscle.

“Pet…you look…”

Xander blushed, which never ceased to amaze either of them, considering some of the things he’d been known to get up to with the vampire. Such as what they were doing right now.

“Yeah?” he asked, casting his eyes down. He didn’t know it at the time, but that was the action that set Spike directly over the edge. Xander; bound, submissive, blushing.

“Knees, pet,” Spike croaked, and Xander smiled almost coquettishly before smoothly drifting to his knees. He wasted no time, immediately sucking Spike’s rock-hard shaft down his throat. Spike let out a crooked moan and rested his hands gently on the back of Xander’s head, moving his hips slightly as Xander bobbed up and down, taking more and more in each time.

Spike never let his eyes leave his lover’s face, and when Xander’s tongue swirled around the head of his cock just so, and his eyes flickered up to meet Spike’s, the vampire let out a keening howl and let go, his cool release pumping down the human’s throat.

Xander sat back on his heels and licked his lips furtively.

“Bed, pet.” Xander cast Spike another coy look before smiling to himself. He stood and turned around, kneeling on the bed.

“Yes…Master,” he whispered, a knowing smile in his voice. Spike growled in his ear, bent over the human’s back as he pressed Xander’s forehead to the mattress and caressed a leather-framed buttock.

“Want me to take you hard, pet?” Spike whispered, licking a wet trail from Xander’s shoulder, over the leather collar, up to his earlobe, then sucking the earlobe into his mouth and worrying it with his teeth. Xander shivered, pressing his hips back almost imperceptibly.

Spike let out a warm chuckle, his recovered cock resting heavily in the cleft of Xander’s ass. He began moving his way down Xander’s back, kissing every square inch of skin that wasn’t covered with leather straps, until he reached the puckered opening. It clenched in Xander’s anticipation, and Spike teased it for long minutes with cool tongue. He continued to tease mercilessly until Xander was writhing beneath him, the leather cutting into his skin as he struggled to change his position and get Spike inside. When Xander moaned an incoherent expletive, Spike finally took pity on him and stabbed his wet tongue deep inside, causing Xander to buck as much as his range of motion would allow, and cry out sharply.

Once Spike had begun his assault, he didn’t let up. He continued to stab and thrust his tongue inside, fucking Xander with only his mouth, as Xander babbled about love and fuck and hard and please and yes and there. When his entrance was stretched and lubricated enough, Spike slid up his body and thrust roughly inside, wrenching another scream from the human.

Spike set a punishing rhythm, and Xander could do nothing but whimper and ride out the onslaught, occasionally begging Spike to fuck him harder and faster, to let him come.

Xander was finding it more and more difficult to breathe, and the heady sensation combined with Spike constantly pounding into his sensitive prostate, stretching and filling him, the binding leather cutting into him, and the inarguably submissive position he was in caused his brain to go into overload. There was no more room for thought, only Spike and cock and fucking. He could hear Spike grunting behind him, but it sounded as though he were underwater, and suddenly he couldn’t hear anything but crashing, couldn’t see anything but white, couldn’t feel anything but his ass and his cock as both spasmed, his hot climax shooting out across the bed, hitting his own chest and chin as he pressed his face into the pillow and screamed.

Behind him, Spike was unnaturally still for an instant before letting out a wild scream and thrusting more sharply inside, deeply as he could go, throbbing jerkily inside him and spurting cool fluid powerfully against the silky walls of his bowels. Xander let out a gasp as his prostate was pounded again, and finally Spike was motionless on top of him, resting heavily on his back. After a few moments for both men to catch their breath, Spike put his hands around Xander’s biceps and rolled them onto their sides, carefully to ensure that their bodies didn’t come unjoined.

He gently reached around and unlatched the leather binding Xander’s wrists, and Xander used his newfound freedom of motion to take Spike’s arm and wrap it more firmly around himself, linking their fingers lovingly.

“Knew it’d look good on you,” Spike whispered, brushing light kisses across the nape of Xander’s neck.

“Mmm,” Xander murmured back. Spike placed a last kiss on Xander’s hairline before settling in behind him, snuggling into the warm body, to sleep. After a few minutes, when both men were almost asleep, Xander’s eyes blinked open and his head perked up.

“Did you get one for you, too?” he asked hopefully.

Spike chuckled and kissed him again.