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The Thinker
by Auguste Rodin

Perhaps the most recognizable work by Auguste Rodin is this magnificent bronze, known as The Thinker in English, and Le Penseur in French. Many of Rodin's sculptures are bronzes, others are marble. The technique used in making bronzes allows for exact copies to be made, and, therefore, there are copies of them in various spots around the world.

I visited the Rodin museum in Paris to see this copy (it's out in the garden, larger than life), but there are copies of The Thinker in other spots, too, such as the Rodin museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). The original was a much smaller bronze, designed to be part of another of his famous works, The Gates of Hell.

I love Rodin's works because I love the way he is able to portray movement, and human emotions.

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