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Le Cercle Franšais

by Jeff Schoenfeld by Meredith Cobb

Le Cercle Franšais (The French Club) is a weekly club, with officers elected each year. It was formed to celebrate all things French, and related to French-speaking countries. At various times throughout the year, club members enjoy cultural presentations, language presentations, French food parties, and also have an annual field trip to a French-food restaurant.

French club also participates in Metro's annual World Language Week each March, with several activities, including the always-popular Color A Masterpiece competition. For this competition, all Metro students are invited to choose outline drawings of famous paintings found in French museums, or done by French-speaking artists, and to color them, using any medium they like. There are two categories: natural coloring (mimicking the original coloring), and creative coloring (coloring is creatively designed by the student). Students submit their artworks, and a committee of club members votes on the winners in each category. Winners receive gift certificates or a small cash prize.

Above, you see images of two winning designs from the past. Click on these smaller images to view a larger version.

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