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Get code for DHTML, Java: mouse trails, special effects, etc.! This is a great source for easy-to-insert (copy and paste) codes for many interesting effects. The mouse trails you see on our MetroFrançais homepage and Art Online! pages are from this source. You can also get loads of other effects, including java scripts, and other DHTML for page loading fades, etc. In fact, the Left-Right Stripy Curtain Script which opened this page is from
Page Tutor -- Page Tutor is a really great source of information on how to make an HTML web page. You'll find step-by-step tutorials on making tables, forms, links -- everything you might need. The explanations are well-done and learner-friendly. You can go to their Color Chart, (or try another here ), or find other helpful links here for images, graphics, clipart, sounds, javascript, tools, free services, guestbooks, flash, cgi, and even more html tutorials.
htmlGEAR htmlGEAR is a source for getting what you need to make a very versatile Guestbooks, as well as for making polls, getting feedback, passing word of your page, and getting other helpful tools.
Web Diner, Inc. Web Diner, Inc. is another source for easy-to-learn web page making techniques. In fact, it's probably a little simpler than the full tutorials available from Page Tutor. You can find templates for pages there, as well as Alphabets which you can download and put on your page. I also suggest their begginner, intermediate, and advanced Tutorials. They have a good list of links, as well as yet another color chart.
Arachnophilia HTML editor Arachnophilia is a great little HTML editor which you can download from their site. What is an HTML editor? Well... it's like DREAMWEAVER or FRONTPAGE, except without templates and huge amounts of extraneous information... and, it's FREE. More specifically, an HTML editor is a tool, a software, for creating your own web pages. If you already have a good handle on how to write HTML code, this is a GREAT tool because it does all of the code writing for you. The file is small, and the download is quick. CNET gives it a very high rating.
Fookes Software's <i>NOTE TAB</i> HTML editor Notetab Light is another great (free!) little HTML editor which you can download from the Fookes Software site. Don't think that because I listed this after Arachnophilia that it's not as good... it's a wonderful tool! In fact, it's what I'm using right now as I make this page. It's easy to use, and was created by Eric G.V. Fookes, author and owner of Fookes Software, based in Geneva, Switzerland (anything from Geneva is just fine with me!) The file is small, and the download is quick. CNET gives it a very high rating, and Page Tutor gives it its highest rating. While at the Fookes Software site, note that they offer other products, as well (I have their Easy Thumbnails tool), and the site has good links to more useful software resources. Additionally, they offer (at a nominal cost) higher versions of Notetab.

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Created on ... March 31, 2001