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Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel
•~•~• their art •~•~•

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Auguste Rodin at age 62
(c. 1902)
Camille Claudel at age 20
(c. 1884)

Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel began their collaboration as teacher (Rodin) and student (Claudel). This swiftly changed, with Claudel becoming first Rodin's respected assistant, then his model, lover, and highly-respected colleague. Their relationship was a tempestuous one, and Claudel, who was a gifted but troubled woman, descended into depression and an eventual mental breakdown as she grew increasingly frustrated at her inability to move easily into the world of professional art (especially difficult for a woman in late 19th-century France).

Rodin and Claudel's relationship is movingly portrayed in the French film, Camille Claudel, in which Gerard Depardieu plays the role of Rodin. Isabelle Adjani produced the film, and also starred as Camille.

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