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The Gates of Hell
La Porte de l’Enfer

by Auguste Rodin
This huge, bronze sculpted “doorway” by Rodin is known in English as The Gates of Hell, and as La Porte de l'Enfer in French. It was not cast in bronze in its final version until after Rodin’s death. Following in the style of Gothic and Romanesque cathedral portals, Rodin uses sculptures to tell a story… in this case, the story of Dante’s Inferno.

During the years that Rodin worked on this huge portal (which stands alone and is not actually part of any building), he made several changes to the design. On this final version, you can see “The Three Shades” at the top, and you’ll find a small version of “The Thinker” prominently displayed on the doorway, as well. This bronze version is on display in the garden at Le Musée Rodin, in Paris. There are versions at museums in Philadelphia, Zurich, and elsewhere.

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