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by Camille Claudel

This bronze bust is of Auguste Rodin, done by Camille Claudel during a very difficult time in their relationship.

According to the movie Camille Claudel, Camille did the bust completely from memory, without benefit of Rodin's presence as a model. The movie portrays Rodin's awe-filled reaction when he first discovers the bust in their studio in Meudon, showing him stunned as he turns and touches and stares at this work he knows she has done from memory. Upon presenting the work to others in the artistic community, Rodin declares, "Mademoiselle Claudel est désormais maitre.", which roughly translates into an expression of Rodin's declaration that Camille should no longer be thought of by anyone as a student or assistant, but as a genius master of sculpture.

The estate which Rodin and Claudel used as a country studio and home has been turned into an additional Rodin Museum, and is found in the Paris suburb of Meudon. This work, however, is displayed in the Rodin Museum in the city of Paris.

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