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St. Paul Harding Senior High School (Minnesota) 1991-1995 Reflection by Sal M.

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It's been over 8+ years (October 7, 2003) now since I (Sal)graduated from St. Paul's Harding Senior High School back in 1995! Prior to Harding, I attended Battle Creek Middle-Elementary School I'm now making a webpage dedication to the place that helped me get here where I am now-"life is just full of itty-bitty steps to get you into another step in life".

Still in High School? How is it for you? For me, it was a once of a life-time unforgettable experience (91'-95') that I can't go back and relive again. What I�m trying to saying to the youth is live it to the fullest and use each experience-good or bad-as a preparation season/time for something "better". I was picked on in junior high for my homework and it didn't exist in high school. I thought it was going to be a rougher time in high school, like those movies I saw on t.v. It eventually became a better time (compared to Junior High: racial fights, got suspended, got spat on, etc...-forgive & forget) than I expected.

Youth Outreach



What clique are you a part of? Jocks, nerds, sell-outs, etc....If you are in a more multicultural setting, like I was in St. Paul, there are racial cliques-especially back when I was going to school. I would classify the group I hanged-out with the Asian-Hispanic group at my high school, which it came to be a part of when I started to hangout with certain individuals. A friend of mine invited me to join the Asian Club, which met once a week after school. I felt more of a belonging here than any other social group as my identity search became more clear. However, I kind of became more racist towards certain people (see testimony) due to my anger towards others.


I did play various sports, like baseball, soccer, and track; however, I didn't consider myself a jock. It was more of an extracurricular activity to meet other people and "look good" for college. My favorite sport was baseball, which I dreamed of playing in the majors. I played my first 2 years, which I managed to have 1 career hit. It was a line drive to the opposite field for the freshmen team during my sophomore year. I ended-up finding out down the road that I needed glasses, which explained all those strikeouts I made. One play that I made that haunted me for awhile back then was getting an out when I was pinched-running. This occurred during the biggest and closest game that year, which we were facing Cretin-Durham Hall (only private school in the St. Paul Conference, which was the team to beat). I came in to pinch-run for a teammate of mine at first base. I then made it all the way to third base with 2 outs. I lead-off too far from third base and the catcher thew it to the third basemen to tag me out. It was a play I regretted so much that affected my playing ever since. Unfortunately, I wasn't good as I hoped to be, which I gave-up in my junior year as I dropped out before practice began during "Spring-Training". I played soccer my last 2 years, which was more fun and less stressful for myself. Since I finished with baseball, I decided to replace this Spring sport with Track & Field. This was probably my favorite sport of all 3 that I played as it was more of an individual competitive sport, which the team wasn't too dependent on just one person. I ran long-distance, which I ran 8 miles one time during practice-it would be the longest run for me ever. We ran from St. Paul's Lake Phalen to North St. Paul on the Maplewood Gateway Trail and back to our high school. I got a 3rd place ribbon with the men's long-distance team during a 4-man relay race at a Conference meet, which was the only award I won. Looking back, I wished I joined the team earlier on, but the different experiences was part of what made me what I am.


I decided to take I was very studious, as I wasn�t very smart, so I had to put a lot of effort to get the grades. I took the "college-level" classes, like some AP or IB classes (a B is worth 4 points-A since the classes were much tougher) because it was more challenging-my Chemistry class was too challenging (got my only D here) ! I didn't have much time to socialize since I was so focus on doing my homework because I wanted to be able to attend college. Not just any college, but a challenging academic college to make-up the challenge I didn't get back at my high school. Also, I knew my parents couldn't afford to pay my post-secondary schooling, so I wanted to do well enough to get a scholarship-I did at UMM!

Revenge of the Nerds - Trailer

  • Revenge of the Nerds (1984), from
  • Sell-Out

    I felt isolated at times during high school as I wasn't as social as some of my peers. There was this guy I hanged out all the time, which he stood-out amongst everybody. He was very smart, but his academics wasn't his focus as he had other things going on his mind/life. I rode with him to school each day for awhile to avoid taking the bus, but I stopped after getting late all the time that led me to detention one day. As I look back, I don't think he was as blessed as I was-family wise! He didn't get much guidance by any authoritative figure that could relate to him, which explained why he was always running around in the streets. We would cruise around a lot in the streets of St. Paul. At times, we would race other cars in the residential area and the highway. I remember one time, we race this other car and they ended up chasing us. We eventually hid in a driveway with our headlights off in the dark that evening. He invited me to my first drinking party, but I didn't participate in the alcohol part. At the party, I felt really out of placed, which I sat there wondering where I was supposed to be. Later in high school, I decided to hangout with another different crowd-Asian-Hispanic.


    Some high school moments were:

    -football team had a winning record, but not good enough to win the City Conference. One of the players was featured in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, which I got him to autograph it. I was honored to work with him at Taco Bell (see pic)!

    Some unfortunate incidents:
    -3 classmates of mine died my junior year
    -someone spiked the punch at a dance that made it to the local news on t.v.
    -school shooting that wounded a student, but thank God no death!


    I really never dated in high school as my peers did, which seem to be overrated. There seem to be a lot of pressure to do so as this was an ongoing topic to this day for me-especially my brother getting married next month (January 2004). There was this girl I liked since junior high, but I won't say her name due to this being a public web site display. I was teased being gay just because I didn't have a girlfriend or I didn't talk dirty with the guys (e.g. she's a hot babe!). I was personally too focus on family issues and my high school activities (academics, sports, job, etc..) to attend a "good college". It would be later down the road in life that I was glad I kept single (see story). However, one event I still regret to this day is missing my prom! Yes, this is an event all high school teenagers shouldn't missed no matter what clique you are in. Who cares what others think (see self-esteem) about you personally?

    My Appearance on The Dating Game - 1981


    I grew my hair long for some reason and a lot of my peers would tell me to cut it off. I think it was some sort of rebellion, which I felt like a sell-out at times. I currently have long hair again, but it's because of better reasons compared to back in high school. It's my perogative, I can do what I want to do. What it boils down to is that we are all unique individuals in high school. We tend to join cliques because we want to feel a sense of belonging to a group that shares the same similarities we each have. What many don't know yet is that we are all created to be unique especially individuals by God. As I've grown in my personal relationship with Jesus, I've found my true self-identity in Him-a child of God! If you feel like a sell-out or disabandoned (by Children 18:3, my local church punk rock band), call out (Jeremiah 29:11) to your Heavenly Father. Many are father-less, mother-less, or come from a dysfunctional families (varieties from low to high extreme), but we all can run to our Heavenly Father.

    "Heavenly Father, I'm lonely and feel alone, I'm calling out to you right now to help me with my (circusmstance/issues, situation). I'm in a desperate need of your hand to work in my life right now. Could you please send someone my way or let me feel your loving presence to assure me of your existence in my life. In Jesus' name. Amen!

    If you are concerned/angry with an individual (e.g. bully, loner, etc..) or peer at your high school, pray for this person. Instead of teasing or making any judgments (social, physical appearance, economical class, race, etc..), first ask God how you can be a better light-Christ-like-(ask God to forgive you of any wrongs or sins) to this individual. Then pray for this individual daily or regularly that you or some other Christian can reach-out to this individual.

    "Heavenly Father, please touch this individual and let him/her feel your love by having your hand work personally in their issues, situation, or circumstance. I pray that they'll come to a growing personal relationship with you through this season or wilderness in their life. In Jesus' name. Amen!

    I participated in several after school sport activities:

    -Baseball (favorites sport all-time)
    -Track & Field

    Track & Field-Distance Team posing on the "turf-field" of the Metrodome after a fundraiser selling different types of ice cream desserts.

    Being located in St. Paul, our public school emphasized the value of "multiculturalism", which really encourage me to this day (eg. starting a multicultural focus christian group-Alpha & Omega back in my senior year at UMM) in educating others on this.

    Filipino booth with friends (e.g. Wanny, Chua)

    Chua, a good friend, goes "gq" in front of several booths representing the different "nations" at the annual International Food Festiva.

    I was part of this multicultural program called-MEP (Minority Encouragement Program), which got me a "full-ride" at UMM. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the teachers and staff at Harding that helped me through this program. Also, thank you to Mr. Sweetland for helping me get me and through the times at UMM (95'-99')!

    Sal (see the long hair) posing with some of some MEP students from both Minneapolis and St. Paul public high schools. This was one of several trips to different colleges to get more "minorities" from the inner-cities to check out "far away" colleges in the state. This picture is taken at the University of Minnesota-Morris-food service ("PFM"), which this visit gave me a big interest to really come here (other top college choices I chose over were Gustavus Adolphus and UofM-Twin Cities). Everytime I look at this picture, I would never imagine I'll be still living here to this day!

    Another after school activity was a couple cultural clubs, which was another pre-cultural/international ministry passion step to get what I do now:

    -Spanish Club
    -Asian Club

    One of the familiar scences during "segregated" lunch hour. Yes, it was kind of "segregated" in this then (now, it's majority Asian American) "majority" Caucasian-White school. Race was a big issue and still is in this world we live. However, after coming to a personal relationship with God, I've learned that my first identity is a "child of God" (no matter, what your backgound is!)

    Friends from the Asian Club pose in front of our friend's/member's "radical" car

    I'm with a group of peers "behind the scenes" during this "cultural" (forgot the exact name of the event) performance we did in front of the school. It was to educated each other our cultural roots that were represented in Harding Senior High. *Fact: One of the ladies here comes to UMM for a related performance (guess who?)


    Homeroom class for all 4 years with Mr. Hays "Mr. Chemistry" (judge look-a-like from "Night Court"-NBC T.V. Sitcom)

    German exchange student-first int'l student to meet in the beginning of my passion of what I'm doing now-"reaching out to the nations"

    Asian Friends: Rick (Fil-Am), Wanny (Viet-Am), Chu (Hmong-Am), Ger (Hmong-Am) hold their graduation certificates proudly after the graduation ceremonies.

    Terry and Sean playing table tennis

    All Night Party

    just graduated with friends: Chua Xiong & Wanny Huynh

    Special gatherings honored the founding faculty member and the Cougar's first basketball coach. Words of Advice

    What can I tell to high school graduates? Enjoy the moment as you won't be able to go back. I've been to many high school graduations and it's awesome to see the smiles of these graduates. I start reflecting my own graduation 11 years ago (1995) and remember the pictures I took with friends-classmates. I still have my high school yearbook, which I read off and on the words of encouragement from my peers and teachers. I would say "cherish your moments" and to appreciate the people God puts in your life. I had my 10th year reunion last summer and I did some "thank you" e-mail letters to former teachers that were still teaching at my old high school. Don't forget to say "thank-you" to the people that helped you get ahead in life.

    After high school, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in life. I applied at the University of Minnesota-Morris with the intention of majoring in Psychology. During my first year in college, I decided to plan my classes, so I can transfer to the major U-Twin Cities campus because the classes at UMM was to academically challenging for me. As life goes, your plans don't always go "exactly" how you planned. I ended up majoring with a Liberal Arts for the Human Services degree and working at a group home for developmentally diabled adults after college. Also, I didn't expect to find my purpose in life with God as my director!

    Post Harding Class of 95'

    Terry, Ric, Adam, and I at the St. Joseph's Hospital Parking Ramp Facility after watching the July 4th 96' Fireworks in St. Paul's Capitol Mall.

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    Please contact me of any 1995 Class Reunion

  • Classmates, where is the class of 95'?
  • Kevin Lam (a.k.a. Chinese Cowboy)

    What's Happening?

  • "Prior violence led to handling of threat" BY JOHN WELBES / Pioneer Press

  • "Threats of violence by students are treated differently now than before a rash of school shootings across the country in the 1990s. But even with that heightened awareness, St. Paul public school administrators say, the incident that started at Harding High School on Friday stood out." Thursday, October 14, 2004 (

    Harding Alumns in Morris!

    It's exciting to see Harding Alumns (many in ASA come to the "middle of nowhere"-Morris, Minnesota:

    2004-2005: Lao
    2003-2004: Anthony, Lee Thao
    2002-2003: Song Vang (graduated at UMM in 2006)
    1998-1999: Peter
    1995-199: Sal

    95' Class Reunion on Friday, July 30th 2005 at Battle Creek Park

    It was a better turnout that some of us expected. I personally counted over 70 people! There was a sign-up list, which an e-mail group was set-up be our class officers to plan future reunions. Here are some pictures...

    Kevin w/girlfriend and Chris

    Friends (Terry w/girlfriend, Phil with his wife, and Sean) I hung out after the reunion at Maplewood's IHOP (my first time to eat in Minnesota, which my first experience was in Arizona).

    All Harding Class Reunion at Cherry Pit (St. Paul, Minnesota) on Saturday, August 28th 2010



  • Minnesota State High School League
  • Nation-GoodnewsUSA


  • Hedberg, Mitch - Just For Laughs: On The Edge - 02, from

  • "Mitch Hedberg was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He was the son of Swedish immigrants Arne and Mary Hedberg, and was married to Canadian comedienne Lynn Shawcroft on February 25, 1999. He graduated from Harding High School in Saint Paul"


  • St. Paul: Harding High's IB program is diverse -- and demanding By Mila Koumpilova Posted: 03/31/2012 10:41:15 PM CDT

  • "On Harding High School senior Abdi Dirie's bucket list: build an artificial intelligence system. Direct an indie movie and start a charity to fight epilepsy. Help establish a functioning government in war-torn Somalia, which his family left in the 1990s.
    But first, this school year's list: pass college-credit exams in physics, math, film and Japanese. Lead the math and cross country teams. Organize a "Cocoa and Cramming" tutoring blitz to help classmates finish the fall semester strong.
    Dirie is in Harding's International Baccalaureate, or IB, program, which largely explains his hectic senior year. In high schools across the world, IB offers rigorous classes that can yield college credit and a focus on studying foreign languages
    Abdi Dirie is photographed through a window on a model he helped make for a project redesigning the Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center space at the Science Museum of Minnesota, Wednesday, March 21, 2012. Dirie leads the Harding High School math and track teams, works part time and helps his Somali immigrant mom care for seven siblings. (Pioneer Press: Chris Polydoroff) and cultures.
    With its largely low-income and minority student population, Harding, on St. Paul's East Side, flouts the conventional wisdom of IB as a fixture of private and wealthier suburban schools. These days, schools such as Harding are on the frontlines of a national push to engage more students of color and limited means in IB and other advanced coursework, where they have long been significantly outnumbered by white, better-off peers.
    As increasingly diverse districts in Minnesota set out to add or expand IB programs, that goal is on school officials' minds.
    "The perception has been that IB is a middle- and upper-class phenomenon, and historically it has been," said Harold Scott, St. Paul's head of gifted-and-talented services. "IB is for all students."
    The demographics at Harding have shifted since the school started offering IB in 1993: Today, 90 percent of its more than 2,000 students are minorities, and almost 90 percent qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. About 45 percent of its students are learning English.
    Teachers and administrators scoff at Harding's reputation as a "rough" school and a narrow focus on the school's struggle to meet improvement targets under the federal No Child Left Behind law. Last spring, roughly half of 10th-graders here scored proficient in reading, and a quarter of 11th-graders did so in math.
    The school has a Japanese program and recently opened its College and Career Center, among the largest in terms of square footage in the country. The Harding IB program is one of three such high school programs in St. Paul.
    Only a handful of Harding students each year attain a full IB diploma, an intense undertaking that involves passing six IB exams, completing a 4,000-word research project and putting in at least 150 hours of volunteer work, such as Dirie's "Cocoa and Cramming" tutoring session.
    "IB is very difficult," he said. "It's rewarding, but it's really strenuous on your mind."
    Still, roughly half the students in the school take at least one IB course or one of the accelerated classes that prepare younger students for IB. The number of students who take IB exams for college credit has more than tripled over the past decade, to about 260 last year. Students in IB here fairly closely mirror the demographics of the school.
    "Our IB program has the kind of ethnic and racial diversity rarely seen in American IB schools," said Erik Brandt, the program's coordinator.
    In Dirie's Theory of Knowledge class on a recent Thursday, 18 of 21 seniors in the room were students of color. "To what extent do material goods shape the identity of people???" a student scribbled on the whiteboard as classmates got into a heated discussion of a viral YouTube video about atrocities in Uganda.
    Those higher participation numbers landed Harding on the Washington Post's Challenge Index, which ranks schools based on advanced coursework participation. In the past five years, scholarship dollars earned by Harding seniors have swelled 300 percent, to more than $12 million last year.
    Taking advantage of Harding's IB offerings calls for extra determination, IB counselor Ralph Alexander said. Difficult and time-consuming courses can be tough to juggle with a part-time job or responsibilities in a bustling household. Teachers and students here often hear from graduates that the first year of college is a breeze compared
    Abdi Diri, center, (holding pen) talks to students including Fata Acquoi, center/left) about a project in his International Baccalaureate class at St. Paul's Harding High School on Wednesday, March 7, 2012. (Pioneer Press: Jean Pieri)
    with a senior year chasing an IB diploma.
    Often the first in their families to graduate from high school or head to college, students can lack support at home.
    Student Hlee Vang told Alexander recently that she was stumped for a college essay topic because she was "too busy to be interesting." Alexander probed a little and learned about Vang's responsibilities taking care of younger siblings. Soon, she had a title for her essay: "14 Children and No Reality TV Show."
    Because of family upheaval, senior Paying Lee had attended high schools in three states by the time she discovered IB at Harding last year. The diploma program gave her the structure she craved - and at times, it overwhelmed her. In December, she resolved to scrap her college plans and go to beauty school - before rallying to complete her college applications.
    Dirie, too, finds ways around the distractions in a West St. Paul home he shares with his mom and seven siblings. He sticks around the school's College and Career Center to do his homework: a 1,200-word essay for his IB film class or prep for his IB Japanese oral exam.
    During the week of winter break, he logged eight hours a day at the center putting the finishing touches to his 18 college applications.
    In the past few years, IB Americas has trained a spotlight on engaging students such as Dirie. The Gates Foundation gave $2.4 million to study and address the so-called IB Diploma Gap.
    Several studies, including one just released by the University of Chicago, have found IB participation has a powerful effect on minority and low-income students' chances of going to college and succeeding there. And like the more common Advanced Placement college-credit classes, IB helps these students make a dent in college costs.
    Broader participation is also a key goal because IB programs are a significant investment for the schools that offer them. There's staff training, curricula, annual participation fees and a $100 fee per exam, which Minnesota districts cover for students who qualify for free and reduced-price lunch with help from the state.
    IB, which started in Switzerland catering to the children of diplomats, has grown briskly in Minnesota. Most of the state's 50-some IB elementary, middle and high schools are diverse public schools in the metro.
    In those programs, "Increasing the numbers of students of color and students from a lower family income is a constant goal and struggle," said Charlotte Landreau, the president of the Minnesota Association of IB Schools and the IB coordinator at St. Paul's Highland Park High School.
    Statewide, there's work to be done: While black students make up a quarter of students in IB schools, they account for only 9 percent of IB test-takers.
    On the eve of expanding IB to six of its seven high schools three years ago, Minneapolis did away with prerequisites such as a minimum GPA - a trend that IB Americas is actively encouraging nationwide.
    "We saw a disproportionate number of white students in those courses, and we wanted to change that," said Paula Palmer, the district's IB coordinator, adding that average scores on IB exams have not gone down after the prerequisites went away.
    St. Paul is looking closely at the underrepresentation of students of color in advanced classes as it gears up to launch a new East Side IB program at Hazel Park Preparatory Academy,
    Meanwhile, Dirie started hearing back from colleges this spring. In mid-March, the would-be computer-science major found out the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the nation's top-ranked schools, wanted him. While he waits for financial aid offers, he's tried to assuage his family's concerns about him going so far away from home.
    Said Dirie, "I think my parents have come to understand that going to college would lead to a much better career and better financial security."
    Mila Koumpilova can be reached at 651-228-2171. Follow her at"


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  • 1990's-Wikipedia

  • " The 1990s were marked by rapid progression of globalization following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. Key forces shaping the decade were the recession of the late '80s, and the advent of PCs in middle-class homes, resulting in the rise to prominence of the internet. The Internet would go on to revolutionize modern culture, and has served as a major medium for the integration and the spread of popular culture in the entire world. The 1990s are between The short twentieth century and the Cold War and the War on Terrorism declared by U.S President Bush after the 9/11 attacks."
  • Wikipedia

  • "is located on the east side of Saint Paul, Minnesota and is currently one of seven high schools in the Saint Paul Public School District. It is also one of the biggest high schools in the state and the largest in the city of Saint Paul with enrollment at 2150. For a time in the 2006-07 school year, Harding was tied with Saint Paul Central High School for most incidents reported since the beginning of the school year. [1]"
    Notable alumni
    "* Ken Dahlberg, class of 1935, WWII fighter ace, businessman
    * Mitch Hedberg, popular stand-up comedian.
    * Paul Holmgren, former NHL player who spent his career with the Philadelphia Flyers and Minnesota North Stars.
    * Randy Kelly, Mayor of Saint Paul from 2002-2006.
    * Ken Mauer, NBA referee convicted of tax evasion.
    * Bill Nygren, Owner of a multi-million dollar mutual fund, richest man to ever graduate from Harding
    * Jo Savino, world renowned Classical Ballet artist.


  • Grease (1978), from

  • Grease trailer


  • The Billboard Hot 100 1991

  • " 1-Bryan Adams (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (From Robin Hood)

    "Director: Julian Temple Shot on the coast of England (looking at Wales) Intercut with footage of the film "Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves""
  • The Billboard Hot 100 1992

  • "1 Boyz II Men End Of The Road (From" Boomerang"
  • The Billboard Hot 100 1993

  • "1 Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You (From "The Bodyguard")
    2 Tag Team Whoomp! (There It Is)
    3 UB40 Can't Help Falling In Love (From "Sliver")

    "4 Janet Jackson That's The Way Love Goes "
    As you can see above, most of the top songs are about love!
    *see Life-Love, Agape, Passionate, Romance, etc..
  • The Billboard Hot 100 1994

  • "1 Ace Of Base The Sign
    2 All-4-One I Swear
    3 Boyz II Men I'll Make Love To You
    4 Celine Dion The Power Of Love
    5 Mariah Carey Hero "

  • The Billboard Hot 100 1995
    "1 Coolio/L.V. Gangsta's Paradise (From "Dangerous Minds")

    "The Music Video For Gangsta's Paradise By Coolio Ft. L.V. From The Movie Dangerous Minds , It Also Has A Cameo By Michelle Pfeiffer Who Stars In The Movie As Well "
    *see GoodnewsEverybody Liberal Arts: Education
    " 2 TLC Waterfalls
    3 TLC Creep
    4 Seal Kiss From A Rose (From "Batman Forever")

    "Seal - Kiss from a Rose video: The "Batman Forever" version. "
    *unfortunately NO audio, but you can (click here for audio)
    " 5 Boyz II Men On Bended Knee "
    -Alternative Rock
    Stone Temple Pilots - Plush

    "Stone Temple Pilots - Plush Music Video "
    Related Sites:
    "commonly referred to as "STP") is a Grammy Award-winning American alternative rock band consisting of Scott Weiland (vocals), brothers Robert (bass guitar, vocals) and Dean DeLeo (guitar), and Eric Kretz (drums, percussion). The band was active from 1986 to 2003, but disbanded due to a conflict between members, and reunited in 2008.[1]
    The band's five studio albums have sold over 17 million copies in the United States alone and nearly 40 million albums worldwide.[2] The band has had fifteen top ten singles on the Billboard rock charts, including six number ones, and one number one album on the pop charts (1994's Purple). In 1993, the band won a Grammy for "Best Hard Rock Performance" for their song "Plush". Stone Temple Pilots were also ranked at number 40 on VH1's The 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.[3] In 2003, the band released the greatest hits compilation Thank You. Around this time, band members began going their separate ways. After the band's break-up in 2003, Weiland became the frontman of Velvet Revolver with former members of Guns N' Roses. The DeLeo brothers formed the band Army of Anyone with Richard Patrick of the band Filter. Kretz founded Bomb Shelter Studios in Los Angeles. [4]
    The band reunited in 2008 after Weiland split from Velvet Revolver, kicking off the tour at the Rock on the Range festival in Columbus, Ohio. The band is planning to begin recording their sixth studio album in November."

    Los Del Rio - Macarena

  • Pop Culture Madness

  • "Some people have called the 1990s the worst period ever for Pop Music. Others think it is too soon to tell. One thing is for sure, it DID match the 1960s for one-hit wonders. We can't truly judge Pop Music of the 1990's for another ten years, when another generation of kids are born to make faces at us while we "bop" to this music, while driving them to school or to the mandatory state-run child-raising centers,but these are the early picks! If you have any suggestions, please e-mail us here."
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  • 4 Non-Blondes-Wikipedia

  • "hey hit the charts in 1993 with "What's Up", their only hit. Perry left the band in 1995 to begin a solo career, and the remaining members disbanded soon thereafter. They represented American alternative rock genre of music."
    4 Non Blondes - What's Up (Video)

    " 4 Non Blondes - What's Up (Video)"
    *one or actually my first Music CD I got. I love this song, which was the only one out of this album that I bought!
    "And I try, oh my God do I try
    I try all the time in this institution
    And I pray, oh my God do I pray
    I pray every single day for a revolution..."
    *songs that I heard frequently:
    December, 1963 (Oh What A Night) - Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

    Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's

    Breakfast At Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something (With Lyrics) , from


  • IN the 90's
  • Wikipedia

  • "..This decade started with the United States invasion of Iraq, as well as the cementation of free-market capitalism in many countries worldwide, both developed and developing. During this decade, racial prejudice lost moral acceptance, and the gender roles for women began to increase dramatically in many industrialized countries..."
    World-changing events
    "# The World Wide Web becomes the first publicly available service on the internet on August 6, 1991, beginning the eventual expansion of public use of the internet."
    International Issues
    "End of apartheid in South Africa (1994) and election of ANC government of Nelson Mandela."
    "Germany reunified on 3 October 1990 and, after integrating the economic structure and provincial governments, focused on modernization of the former communist East. People who were brought up in a communist culture became integrated with those living in democratic western Germany."
    QTQ 9 Brisbane National Nine News Opener 1990

    "This special Opener aired on October 3 1990, the day Germany was reunified."
    Significant events
    "The Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, killed 168. Bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh claimed he bombed the building in retaliation for the 1993 Waco massacre."
    *I will always remember this event as I was coming home from school. I just had track & field practice and just watched this with awww... on t.v. when I arrived home.
    Oklahoma City Bombing Remembrance Video

    "Caution, graphic photos. May be emotionally disturbing to some viewers. This video stirs painful memories, but it is important that we never forget the innocent lives lost in the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. 168 lives were lost, including 19 childern. Remember them in our hearts, minds and prayers, for all time. "
    "The 1992 Los Angeles riots occurred, with 53 deaths and 5,500 property fires in a 100-square mile riot zone. The riots were a result of the state court acquittal of three White and one Hispanic L.A. police officers by an all-white jury in a police brutality case involving motorist Rodney King, but in 1993, all four officers were convicted in a federal civil rights case."
    LA Riots Begin

    "Los Angeles Riots begin 1992. "
    "O.J. Simpson's trial, described in the U.S. media as the "trial of the century" and enormous U.S. media attention is focused on the trial. On October 3, 1995, Simpson was found "not guilty" of double-murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman."
    "Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun who won the Nobel Peace Prize, dies at age 87."
    "Freddie Mercury, Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, and Notorious B.I.G. are the most publicized music-related deaths of the decade, in 1991, 1994, 1996, and 1997 respectively."
    "Major League baseball players went on strike in August 12, 1994, thus ended the season, canceled the World Series the first time in 90 years, and went on until March 29, 1995 when players and team owners in agreement."

    T.V. Sitcoms

    Head of the Class TV Theme Song

    Saved By the Bell (Full version) theme






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