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My first time experience with alcohol ("What is Alcohol" by Teen Challenge) was trying some wine with the permission by my dad during a wedding. Of course, my parents didn’t let me have all of it, but a sip! Another was when it was New Years’s Eve and we (my siblings) had a chance to try a “sip” to celebrate. In the Philippines, there is no drinking age limit, which from my perspective-the people there do not abuse it as we do in the U.S.

My experience with alcohol greatly increased through peer pressure at parties during high school, college, and after. In high school, I would drink a little, but not too much to get crazy as the others were in the party. Looking at others and my educational experience (AAA ?), I wasn’t attractive to the whole alcohol party scene. When I drank just some at one party in high school, I didn’t feel good the next morning. That was my first real “hands on experience”, which has made it easier to tell people why should I drink?

College Related Resources:

  • Alcohol on College Campuses: An Overview,from everyday warriors
  • After coming to a knowing relationship with Christ my first year at UMM, I searched more Biblical verses:

    -“Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead be filled with the Spirit”-Ephesians 5:18
    “Jesus Changes Water to Wine”-John 2

    …on alcohol for personal and social reasons. Personally, I wanted to know what God says about alcohol. Also, I wanted to be ready (“be prepared in season and out of season”-2 Timoty 4:2) to give an answer to my friends, peers, or even close ones that challenges (not me), but God through His written Word! For example, the most frequent question I get is, “Jesus drank wine, so can we, right?”. Yes, we can, but not abuse it with over consumption or excessive amount like with any other physical substance (e.g. food-gluttony, alcohol-alcoholic, etc…)One verse that sticks out (after having a social outing with some alcohol with friends recently) is “…offer your bodies as living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God” (Romans 12:1).

    I can write a whole book on my years with alcoholics (neighbor, living situation, friends, etc…). For confidential reasons, I will be vague as possible: I’ve seen what alcohol can do to people, and it not only affects that person (e.g. physical, social, and spiritual-health), but also the people around them (e.g. household members, family, friends, etc…). It really ruins the environment they are in. That is why I avoid places where people drink irresponsibly. Also, it affects generations. For example, alcohol can affect pregnant woman by causing birth defects (e.g. down syndrome, mentally/physically disabled). PLEASE-if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your children! I’ve seen the effects with the children in the past, today, and in the future!

    Jesus Drank Wine and There are Health Benefits!

    Yes, there are some health benefits, but only if your are over 40...Health Benefits, from

    Also, it depends on the individual according to Maggie Rosen ("Evidence grows about benefits of moderate drinking") from Boston Globe..."And drinking is obviously not for everyone. Doctors and researchers agree that anyone with a previous history of abuse, a dislike for alcohol, contrary religious beliefs, or who is on medication that is incompatible with alcohol should not drink.

    Different people respond to alcohol differently. A recent study out of Tufts University suggests that for people with certain genetic mutations, alcohol consumption may actually boost their bad cholesterol instead of the good, potentially making them sicker instead of healthier."

  • " Alcohol and your health: Weighing the pros and cons", from Mayco Clinic
  • Below are some…

    Reccomended Resources


  • Alcohol Victorius, starting a support group?
  • Depressed?, some personal tips on dealing with this before drinking!
  • State

    Rehabiliatation/Treatment Centers

  • Living Word Recovery Ministry, includes pastor's testimony!
  • Project Turnabout, in Granite Falls

  • *I've met a couple folks already that have been here over the years I"ve been living in Morris
  • Teen Challenge, in Minneapolis (includes a testimony)
  • *Note: A friend of mine has been through this program. I first heard of this ministry after they sent a group to a local church service I attended in Morris to perform and shared several awesome testimonies.


  • Health & Human Services, U.S. Department (search "alcohol")
  • Health at
  • Stats
    "The role of alcohol in crime victimization
    About 1 million violent crimes occurred in 2002 in which victims perceived the offender to have been drinking at the time of the offense. Among those victims who provided information about the offender's use of alcohol, about 30% of the victimizations involved an offender who had been drinking.
    Two-thirds of victims who suffered violence by an intimate (a current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend) reported that alcohol had been a factor. Among spouse victims, 3 out of 4 incidents were reported to have involved an offender who had been drinking. By contrast, an estimated 31% of stranger victimizations where the victim could determine the absence or presence of alcohol were perceived to be alcohol-related.
    For about 1 in 5 violent victimizations involving perceived alcohol use by the offender, victims also reported they believed the offender to have been using drugs as well.

    Treatment Centers

  • Blood N Fire, compassion center in Atlanta, GA
  • *Prayer Request Need for Juan

    ....adopted-Guatemalan, who lived with me from 2001-2003 asked me recently (10/21/04) for help. Particularly is praying for $ support for a ministry he's getting helped at in Atlanta, GA for this rehab ministry (called "Blood & Fire"-picture of Juan!) opportunity given by a Burnsville church connection with Lake Community Church in Alexandria. If you would like to be an answer to this prayer through financially, please contact

    From: "Rose
    Subject: RE: Sal-Friend of Juan: Support?
    Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 13:10:55 -0500

    Hi Sal!!!

    So good to hear from you – are you freezing yet?

    Juan is doing great and I really appreciate your prayers…they make a TREMENDOUS difference!!!

    We do have quite a few needs around here. I am including them. Please let me know if you have any questions about the needs or BnF in general.

    Make sure you look us up on the web @


    Much Love and Many Blessings,


    From : Juan Jose Sent : Tuesday, January 24, 2006 9:04 PM

    "I am currently living in New Orleans and came here bc God asked me to come and serve the homless and the hurting.Blood-N-Fire Vision is to Rebuilding Cities back together again.I have no job now bc God said the American Dream has to die so I am being obedient and serveing God.I am the Cook for Blood-N-Fire I cook on Pit that is 30ft long and cook for about a 1,000 ppl a day I have the responsability of pulling food out for the next day and deciding on what we have daily.I am put in a leadership position about a month ago.Please pray for me bc this is much harder than expected,I get alot of pressure and get stressed out fast and have made a few bad choices but I keep perserving.Pray that God gives me strength to fight and not give up.I hope out of this it all made sence bc this is the first time I have ever did this New Letter

    thing before.If any of u all are interested in coming down here to help Please call me at 404-457-9783 and ask for me.
    So I am wondering if any of u would like to support me monthly why I am here in New Orleans bc while we are here we want to do things as as family(Blood-N-Fire)Like go out to eat go to a movie go bowling.If any of u feel like God wants u to support me monthly that would be great 20 dollars a month or more anything.Thanks again for ur prayers and Support.

    P:S:I have a few Needs that are very Important to me.
    1.Lap Top computer
    2.Digital Camera
    I think thats it,the Lap top bc when I am the cook I need to have things in order and write it down and I lose my paper and if I cna put it on a compter and store my information on it,would make things easyer.Bc some days we serve 800 so 1000 less of more depends on the day and the week and I need to put it on a computer so I can go back and see how many boxes I pulled out for that day we did 800,my Leader Jerome Herring wants me to put this info on papaer but like I said paper u lose and I would feel more organized if I had the Lap Top,plus I could use it to use Internet and keep u all informed on whats up.If I dont have a computer I cant check in everday to let any of u know whats up.Just a thought,I am useing a friends computer now they are leaving in 7 days and there from Canada and they have been here for 6 weeks.Thanks friends family for reading this.Juan ose',If I have any more things all send out another letter.I encourage u to keep in touch with me bc I am at the heart of where it all happened.

    Could u possibly send me bottles of Ketchup or just money for it thanks Juan,God will bless u Big if u do that.

    Currently serving the Lord with Blood N' Fire with the clean-up in Louisiana post Hurricaine Katrina 05'

    Victory Fellowship;
    5708 Airline Hwy;
    Metairie, LA 70003
    (504) 733-5005


    New Orleans Mission Trip (page 5)

    Blood n Fire Needs List:

    Administration/General Operations

    It would be very helpful to have a monthly pledge for any/all of these utilities

    Monthly Utilities: POWER - $5000/mo
    WATER - $4000/MO
    TRASH - $2500/MO
    GAS - $2500/MO
    INSURANCE - $6000/MO

    Laundry Detergent
    Toiletries – soap, toothbrushes, razors

    188/225 Warehouse Maintenance and Restoration

    *This is the MOST CRITICAL need for BnF

    Fire & Safety Restoration* - $175,000
    Sobre La Mesa Floor Restoration - ?
    4th/5th Floor Restoration - $25,000
    Work Vehicles – Trucks (F-150, Silverado)

    Training Center Dressers
    Writing Paper/ Notebooks
    Bible Concordances
    Cleaning Supplies
    Towels and Washcloths
    Extra-curricular activities sponsorship…BOWLING -
    $200, MOVIES - $200, BBQ - $200
    Leather-bound NIV Personalized Bibles


    Art supplies – drawing pencils, paper, paints Basketball Court to be built on the Rock area of Warehouse

    Skate Park Lumber
    Supplies - $ contribution

    Creative Combustion Microphones
    Art supplies – canvases
    Nail Gun
    Air Compressor

    Food Ops/Sobre La Mesa Meat Items – chicken, fish, beef
    #10 Canned goods

    Staff/Missionaries laptop computer
    SUV Car
    Wedding & Honeymoon Expenses - $5000

    1. Art supplies – brushes, canvases, black & white acrylic paint
    2. Furniture – area rugs, desk lamp, love seat, chair

    Mail Check payable to "Blood N' Fire":
    Attn: Paul Styene
    471 Bryan St SE
    Atlanta, GA 30312

  • Teen Challegne, a nationwide rehab ministry
  • Testimonies

  • Michelle's Testimony, Lord Saved Me!
  • Shepherd's View, son of alcholic father is now head of Hope In Christ Ministry
  • Global

  • World Health Organization, substance dependence
  • Above are some resources I’ve gathered based on my experience with this issue so far. I’m no expert on this issue, but a concerned fellow brother/friend/neighbor in Christ!

    Please feel free to contact me of any questions, comments/complaints, suggestions, testimonies/shares, or prayer requests concerning this issue too. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!


    Some of the report's findings:

    --Eighty-seven percent of adults who drink had their first drink before age 21.

    --The gender gap for drinking is disappearing. Female ninth-graders were just as likely to be drinkers as male ninth-graders.

    --Eighty-one percent of high school students have consumed alcohol, compared with 70 percent who have smoked cigarettes and 47 percent who have used marijuana.

    --Most teens who experiment with alcohol continue using it. Among high school seniors who had tried alcohol, 91.3 percent still were drinking in the 12th grade.

    Source: The New York Times "Underage Drinking in U.S. Is on the Rise", Feb. 26th, 2002.

  • Laws Against Drunk Driving in Other Countries, UMM's Student Against Drunk Driving

  • Australia: The names of the drivers are sent to local newspapers and areprinted under the heading "He's Drunk and in Jail."
    Malaya: The driver is jailed; if he's married, his wife is jailed too.
    South Africa: A 10-year prison sentence and/or the equivalent of a $10,000 fine.
    Turkey: Drunk drivers are taken ten miles from town by the police and forced to walk back under escort.
    Norway: Three weeks in jail doing hard labor, and a one-year loss of license. Second offense and license is revoked for life.
    Finland and Sweden: Automatic jail for one year doing hard labor.
    Costa Rica: Police remove plates from car.
    Russia: License revoked for life.
    England: One-year suspension of license, a $250 fine, and jail for one year.
    France: Three-year loss of license, one year in jail, and a $1,000 fine.
    Poland: Jail, fine, and forced to attend political lectures.
    Bulgaria: A second conviction results in execution.
    El Salvador: This country is unique in that it has absolutely no repeat offenders: drunk driving is punishable by execution by firing squad.


  • Japan Faces Growing Alcohol Problems, from
  • Japan Grapples With Alcoholism Crisis David Milne, from Psychiatric News 2003
  • Victims

    George Best: Don't die like me

    "We take a look back at George Best's life and warn others not to follow this world famous football star to destruction. This video is have also been produced as a gospel tract. News reached us recently that Best got saved prior to death. If this is true, how wonderful for him and his Christian sister who prayed for him for many, many years."
    *see UMMAlpha: British
    Related Sites:
    My Best Brother: Football legend George Best's sister reveals her memories of his rise and fall By BARBARA BEST - More by this author » Last updated at 22:00pm on 24th October 2007 (from
    "In May 1963, at the age of 17, he finally signed for Manchester United on £35 a week (equivalent to £520 today).
    George's football skills and pop star good looks soon proved an explosive combination. And as his fame increased, his visits back home became less frequent.
    When he did come back, our house in Belfast would be besieged by Press and fans. We'd have to sit with the blinds closed to stop people staring in.
    And when he took me on the bus into town, people would be looking and nudging each other. I felt a bit embarrassed but at the same time really proud of him.
    Although he never got involved in the drug culture that was so prevalent in the 1960s, George's drinking quickly started to spiral out of control.
    The pressures on him were enormous, and partying was his way of dealing with it.
    I remember going to visit him in 1973, to see a house he'd had built in Cheshire"

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