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1980's at St. Paul: Battle Creek- Personal Reflection by Sal

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My nerd styling at a St. Pascals Catholic Church event

Battle Creek Elementary School


{Battle Creek Neighborhood Photo Gallery}

As I reflect back the "good ole days" of grade school at Battle Creek Elementary (Magnet) School, I want to encourage the readers of this to never lose that child-like heart in life. Remember those times of watching cartoons?".

Stuck In The 80's
"KJ-52's music video for the song "Stuck In The 80's" from his The Yearbook album!"



He Man
G.I. Joe

*see about receiving more "power" from GoodnewsEverybody: Teachings-Holy Spirit (gift from God)
Smurfs, I admit-I had a crush on that �blonde� smurf
Tale Spin

"The opening for the Tale Spin cartoon that used to air on the Disney Channel."
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tiny Toon Adventures From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tiny Toon Adventures Intro / Lyrics

Tom & Jerry

Also, one of my fond favorite activities in Kindegarden class was "Share & Tell", which we each had the opportunity to tell each other our personal interests or hobbies. I somehow always remember the time where we got to share our favorite t.v. sitcom-show-before cable came! My favorite show I shared was Little House in the Prairie, which I admit also that I had a crush on Laura Engles! Other favorite shows growing-up were:

little house on the prairie

Dukes of Hazard

Happy Days, which I wanted to be like the Fonze

AWA/WWF, wrestling

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    These 65 episodes were exported to Japan in the same year, where their airing order was restricted and the series was broadcast under the title of Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers. An OVA exclusive to Japan entitled Scramble City was released which cast focus on the combining teams and introduced Ultra Magnus, Metroplex, Ratbat, Trypticon, Blaster's cassettes although it does not perfectly fit into the continuity of the American series due to its different origin story for Trypticon (known as Dinosaurer in the Japanese version).
    1986 marked a huge change for The Transformers with the summer screening of Transformers: The Movie, which jumped the action forward in time twenty years to the then-future of 2005 and pitted both the Autobots and Decepticons against the menace of the giant planet-eating robot, Unicron. Optimus Prime met his end at Megatron's hands, and Ultra Magnus briefly replaced him as a leader before being succeeded by Rodimus Prime, while Megatron himself was recreated by Unicron as Galvatron. Many more of the old guard fell in battle as their toys departed store shelves to make room for a new cast of characters created for the movie....."

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    Such is the relationship that geek-friendly companies like Shout! have with fans that this release has seen the light of day.
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    Albert and others from -- one of many fan sites like, and -- said that these releases were one of the most sought-after items by fans over the years.
    The Transformers first became a pop cultural phenomenon in the U.S. in the mid-'80s, based on a pair of toy lines from Japan's Takara company, Microman and Diaclone. When interest in the characters faded after a very short-lived fourth season of the original "G1" animated series, it came full circle with the Japanese producing "Headmasters," the first in a series of anime which took the characters in a wild new direction, involving new characters who were able to detach their heads, which were entirely separate characters (the U.S. series only touched on this concept briefly before it ended).
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    "The Autobots and Decepticons [in these series] are, no pun intended a well ordered machine," he said. "It's interesting to watch those characters change culturally."
    "Some major characters die early on," said Matt Brown of Canton, Michigan, a podcaster at "Later in the series, another major character bites the dust. They don't mess around."
    As with any anime import, there is the eternal debate of "subbed versus dubbed." There are some fans who simply do not want to watch subtitles.
    Kim Manning, head programmer for Adult Swim (which is owned by Time Warner, also owner of CNN), and one of the top people responsible for what anime series are seen in the United States, said that every effort is made to get dubbed versions.
    "I think they're more likely to reach a more mainstream audience, and we're always hoping to get a larger audience excited about anime," she said. "I think hearing it in your native language allows you to get more absorbed in the action, and to pay more attention to the animation, which is often just gorgeous."
    In the case of "Headmasters" however, the episodes are not dubbed, but have brand-new subtitles.
    "We saw the releases that had come out in the U.K. and Australia and saw that the subtitles there weren't entirely accurate, and in some cases didn't make sense," said Ward. "It was clear that the folks who had translated did not use English as their first language. We gave it to a really good captioning and subtitling house in L.A. and they did a brilliant job of accurately translating the dialogue and understanding what was being said. We got those scripts approved by Hasbro (owners of 'Transformers'), and we're really happy with the outcome. The translation is about as close as one can get to an accurate translation of what's being said in Japanese."
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    The other Takara series will be released in the near future as "The Japanese Collection," though a production delay has postponed its release for several weeks.
    Despite those delays and some early hesitation from the subtitle-phobic, Yzquierdo said that most fans are just excited to check the shows out: "This is something that I never thought I would see released in the States."
    Indeed, this is just the latest example of fans communicating directly with companies to make a difference in what material is released to the public. Manning has communicated often with a "vibrant" community of fans on the Adult Swim message boards.
    "We definitely look at what people are talking about online, what people are watching and buying online, too. From that, we're always looking for shows that we think will appeal to our audience, and then we pass it around the office -- several of us are anime fans, as well, so we make our own focus group."
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    Sal, Thelma, Ceo, and Mom

    I'm currently 26 years old and living in the college town I attend school-UMM at. I work at a group home for developmentally disabled adults, which I never thought I'll be doing after my early years of experience with being paired with a friend "Dennis" of the Autism Program during 4th grade. My birthday will be in several days. I've been having dreams these past couple of days in a row of past peers I grew up in grade school to high school. Also, I've been having many off and on in the past living in my life of season in this college town I graduated from in 1999. This morning, I woke up to a dream that was hard to describe, but a former elementary school buddy was in it. We somehow grew apart from each other as we got older when we both found different friends to hangout. I�ve met many people that has come into and out of my life. Sometimes I wonder what many of them do now.

    Kingdom Attribute Bit-by-Bit

    I went to my local church in St. Paul yesterday as I was in the cities visiting family with a young teenager I mentor in a regular basis. The sermon had a message about bringing the Kingdom to people God puts in our daily life. After reflecting on this with my dream yesterday (just as I'm writing this), I feel that each of us can bring a bit of the Kingdom to each of one of us daily. After coming to a personal relationship with Jesus beginning my freshmen year in college, God has begun opening my eyes to see this Kingdom perspective. I've now realize that God puts people in your life with a certain attribute that influences you-positively or negatively (depends on how you take it). Below are some friends from grade school that has somewhat influenced me positively that I've started to appreciate now:

    Kindergarten: Davina-my first earliest dance I can remember with the opposite sex
    First- Second-Elliot-my first African American friend, which his race really didn't become a factor growing-up that has became an issue later in life (see racism testimony)
    Third- Fourth- Fifth-Jarret-a tall buddy of mine that look out for me as one of the small ones whenever I got took advantage or picked on due to my height. Also, he invited me to his birthday party that made me feel part of the boys! I remember he had a WWF Wrestling Ring Toy, which we played with some famous wrestling figures at the party.

    Others throughout my grade:

    -Danny, who was a "cool" guy and gave me first set of football cards
    -Jason, who was a "nice" friend
    -Ted, who was another cool guy that was into hockey (still have a birthday card from him)
    -Brady, who was a "nice" friend (still have a birthday card from him) and became closer friends during one summer school year
    -Tom, who was a taller nice friend that was into science (still have a birthday card from him)

    Teachers that have played an impact:

    Kindergarten-Mrs. Mitchell encouraged me to tie my shoe as I was slower to learn compared to my peers
    First-Mrs. Sather-encouraged me on my drawing interest
    Second-Mrs. Harrington (down below)-encouraged me also on my drawing; particularly my drawing of a bird that my older sister had her too and got jealous of and still remembers to this day!

    Third-Mrs. Belisle 3rd Grade Class
    Fourth-Mrs. Gavin-encouraged me with her nice soft voice
    Fifth-Mrs. Kobalarsic-encouraged me by making me notice in front of the class whenever I was sitting quietly in my desk while my classmates were talking and being noisy-yes, I was somewhat a "teacher's pet"

    There has been many folks I've met through the years living in Morris that has pursued teaching, which I've grown to respect more due to their profession in making a difference in our younger generation.

    Sad Moments

    Being a kid slowly growing up, I didn't mature as fast as the others. When I forgot to get my lunch ticket from my sister, I was worried that I was not going to have lunch one school day. I went over to Ms. Flershinger's (older science teacher), and knocked on her door to see if I could talk to my sister. I didn't expect what was going to come-the teacher yelled at me for disturbing the middle of her class she was teaching. For some childish reason, I closed the door and started crying! My sister would come out to give me my lunch tickets after they heard me crying-what an embarrassment!

    Another was my last year at Battle Creek Elementary School-5th grade in Ms. Kobalarsic class. We were listening to some teaching, and our science teacher across the hallway unexpectedly came and talked with our teacher. The whole class started to talk to one another and was wondering what was going on. Ms. Kobalarsic told us to quiet and down and made a sad announcement. The bird that our class got close to just died after it's cage was accidentally knocked down by one of our classmates. At first, many of us were mad at this particular peer, but we all quickly became sadden and some of us started to cry. It took awhile for some of us to get over with as Ms. Kobalarsic shared something (I can't remember to this day) that gave us peace.

    In the same classroom under Ms. Kobalarsic, we read once-The Red Fern Grows....

    Where the Red Fern Grows

    "Written by Wilson Rawls and read by Anthony Heald "

    ....which was a very sad story. After reading the book, we had the chance to watch it in video, which was more emotionally impacting. I remember some or even a lot of us cried through hearing this story!

    Funny Moments

    In 3rd grade, there was this red-head that would always get in trouble for doing things because of his curiosity of the unfamiliar. One-time the teacher was gone, and he took a paper clip from the teacher�s desk and stuck it into a power outlet on the wall below the black board. Some of the class was busy talking or doing something without watching. Then the lights flickered and we saw this blue light in the corner of our eye coming out when this paper clip came in contact with the outage. The red head just got shocked and was kneeling still there for a moment. Our third-grade teacher would later come out and yell at him after seeing what happened. I still don�t exactly remember what happened after this, but the teacher somehow was more mad then worried at this red head. I just remember that he was ok! Scary at first after reflecting how serious this situation could�ve been, but it was very funny for all of us that day!


    I grew into the loving sports by playing in the back yard-playground behind the townhouse my parents raised me and my siblings. I wanted to be as good as I can get to prepare myself for the various games we played with in recess:

    King of the Mountain, where our strength is tested through who can stay in top of a small hill of snow
    Kickball, where we can test a variety of our physical athleticism on the black top in the back of our school. I noticed there were girls that wanted to prove they can be good as boys by being very active in the game. There were others who would run away from a flying kickball heading straight towards them in the air.
    Baseball, where we would throw overhand with a tennis ball or a hard baseball for more of a challenge.
    Four Squares, where we would get up to 4 of your friends and bounce a kickball in each other�s square until one misses it!

    Gym class was also a fun time where we can run around instead of sitting in our butts:

    Dodge Ball
    Floor Hockey, was one of my favorite games as it was close to playing hockey, which I couldn�t afford to get into.

    Battle Creek: Bridlewood Neighborhood Friends

    My parents moved to the very east section of St. Paul in the Battle Creek neighborhood in 1980 from Oakdale (suburb of St. Paul). They are still there to this day (2004) as I just visited them this past weekend. We lived in these townhouses, where many kids our age came to join my siblings and I with countless of activities. However, all of them have went through to stay and moved on once they got older:

    Backy, Vietnamese-American, who moved to Woodbury and we somehow lost contact after visiting him once there.
    Ethan, Caucasian American, who moved closer to the Cretin Durham-Hall neighborhood and once visited us after moving.
    Kevin, Nathaniel, and other siblings whose names I forgot already-moved out somewhere?
    Erin and Heather, who moved somewhere too?
    John, Heather, ? who moved closer to Stillwater and invited us to their high school graduation a couple years ago, but couldn't personally make it; however, my family did!
    Brandon,-who moved closer to Stillwater also
    Tony & Fran (Hispanic-American)-who moved to the neighborhood after many of the people mentioned above were already settled, and then they would stay for several years before moving again. My brother saw Tony once recently (within a year) and was getting read for war in Iraq.

    Wow, as I just finish making the list above (including my classmates), I realize how each one played small part in developing my personality and interests/hobbies:

    Backy: Bruce Lee, karate (still have a picture of his birthday party where I dressed as a karate guy-remember the movie-�Karate Kid!)

    Battle Creek Middle School

    As some of my years have been told already (see story) from some issues I faced during these years (6th grade to 8th grade/1989-1991), I will expand on the "good times":

    I was part of the first 6th grade class at the "new" Battle Creek Middle School in 1989-1990 (?-somtime here), which it was formerly known-Battle Creek Junior High School.

    I remembered some fun classes during 8th hour, which was more of a relaxer:
    -Lego Class
    -Board Games (first time to play Backgammon; chess, checkers, etc..)
    -Computer Class (games)
    -Archery Class (using a bown and arrow for the first time)
    -band class: played the trumpet for 2 years that was rented from the school, so I didn't take it seriously as I should've. I remember playing at a night concert and I just faked it! I just wanted to feel a part of something!

    I remembered the "bad times" too, which I can laugh now:
    -getting hit with a basketball and getting a "black-eye" after trying to get the ball I shoot while others were shooting the net
    -getting picked on by a "bully" for my homework as he notice I was very studious! A friend-Jim, went between me and this guy as the bully pushed me to the lockers when I refused to give my homework to him to copy
    -getting "gleacked" on or having "spit balls" shoot at me as I sat there and laughed as I felt defense less
    -getting laughed out of state as I received some reward in front of the school as my last name was pronounced as "Monteaguda". I still don't remember what the big deal was-maybe it was for something I had on myself that I didn't notice
    -getting expelled early in the school day for carrying bullets that a friend and I thought was cool and throwing it around the gym

    Yes, there was some funny episodes:

    -a classmate of mine put some glue in the chair and slipped it under the teacher's desk to teased this substitute teacher during Home Economics Class. There are countless other stories about substitute teachers that I look back that I need to ask forgivness
    -substitute teacher played this video our music teacher gave to her for our class to watch while he was gone. Surprisingly, the music teacher accidentally gave the wrong tape, and it was some rate "R" flick-I can just remember some ladies dancing showing some skin-naughty!

    Overall, the years here was probably my roughest years growing-up as I didn't know how to handle some issues like I do now because I have Jesus! However, I look back and it was a definite learning growing experience. Yes, there were girls I had a crush on, like any other boy/guys during their puberty stages! Now, I wonder what they are all doing now....

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    "The decade saw social, economic and general upheaval as wealth, production and western culture migrated to new industrializing economies. As economic liberalization increases in the western world, multiple multinational corporations associated with the manufacturing industry relocated into Mexico, Korea, Taiwan, China and new market economies in eastern Europe following the collapse of communism in eastern Europe...
    "In the United States, MTV was launched and music videos began to have a huge effect on the record industry.U.S. Pop artists such as Madonna and Michael Jackson mastered the format and turned it into big business."
    " * The 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow were disrupted by a boycott led by the United States and 64 other countries in protest of the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
    * The 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles are boycotted by the Soviet Union in response to the actions taken by the United States and other countries in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow by leading Eastern Bloc countries and allies.
    * The 1984 Winter Olympics are held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina). Yugoslavia becomes the second communist country to host the Olympic Games, but unlike the Soviet Union in 1980, there were no boycotts on the games by western countries.
    * The Jamaica national bobsled team stunned the world and received major media attention at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada for its unexpected good performance which overcame the stereotype that northern countries were the only efficient competitors in winter olympic games. The events surrounding the Jamaica bobsled team in 1988 would lead to the creation of the hit Disney movie Cool Runnings five years later which was based on Jamaica's 1988 bobsled team.
    * The FIA bans the Group B rally class from the WRC in 1986 after series of injuries and deaths.
    * Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky rises to fame as a dominant player in the North American National Hockey League (NHL) during 1980�s. .."


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    "What is the secret of this enchanted book? What wonders are hidden within its pages? What magical spell does it cast on all who read it? What is the secret of 'The Neverending Story?'
    "But that's impossible!"
    You will enter a world where a young boy's imagination becomes a vivid reality. The world of Atreyu and Artax, The Rock Biter and the good and kind Gnome; a world that is vast and eternal, Treacherous and Dazzling, Unforgettable and Free. For anyone who's ever made a wish, believed in a fantasy, or had a dream. This is 'The Neverending Story.' "

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    "In the 80s, hit singles were far bigger sellers than today, by the middle of the decade many articles were doubting the future of singles. Even though the Internet was unknown at the time, singles sales were sliding throughout the decade...
    1. Call Me - Blondie
    2. Another Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd
    3. Magic - Olivia Newton-John
    *my dad had this vinyl-record
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    5. Do That To Me One More Time - Captain & Tennille
    6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
    7. Coming Up - Paul McCartney
    8. Funkytown - Lipps Inc.
    9. It's Still Rock And Roll To Me - Billy Joel
    10. The Rose - Bette Midler

    *lyrics included -Others
    14. Working My Way Back To You-Detroit Spinners
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    Bo, you don't know DIddley!

    "Ahh.. in 1990 Bo Jackson was da man.."
    Bo Jackson, Wikipedia
    "Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson (born November 30, 1962 in Bessemer, Alabama) is an American athlete and a former multi-sport professional. Jackson played at the highest level of sports in the United States in both American football and baseball.
    In football, Jackson played running back for the Los Angeles Raiders of the National Football League. In baseball, Jackson played left field and designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals, the Chicago White Sox, and the California Angels of the American League in Major League Baseball.
    Although a hip injury severely impaired his professional career, Jackson was the first athlete to be named an All-Star in two major sports.[1] Before his professional career, he earned the 1985 Heisman Trophy, the prize annually awarded to the most outstanding collegiate football player in the United States. He reportedly ran a 4.12 40 yard dash.
    In 1989 and 1990, Jackson's name became known beyond just sports fans through the "Bo Knows" advertising campaign, a series of advertisements by Nike promoting a cross-training athletic shoe named for Jackson.[1]


    1987 Twins World Series Parade

    "The parade after the Minnesota Twins defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3 " *see GoodnewsMinnesota: Twins Baseball
    I remember getting out of school early to see this parade in downtown St. Paul. It was a one-time experience I've never encountered yet again in my life-time with this magnitude of a celebration!

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