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I (Sal) remember watching "pro-wrestling" growing up with my family as a young kid. It was total entertainment! My brother and I would pretend to be certain Pro-Wrestlers and fight with each other in our living room floor. I even would try to jump from my stairs' railing and pretend that would be the 3rd level "buckle"-just like the "pros". Over the years, the interest went down as I began to find others. However, I'll never forget buying those wrestling figures, like Hulk Hogan and Brutus "the Beefcake" and show them to my friends. One of my friends had the WWF Wrestling Ring, where would play our figures and wrestle one anohter. I even got Pro-Wrestling Cards, which I happen to have our very own former Minnesota Governor-Jessie "the body" Ventura!

As I came to a personal relationship with Jesus (first year in college), I got more interested in just some of the "pros" when I found out who were the "outspoken" Christians. The first one I heard of was Ted Dibase-a.k.a. "The Million Dollar Man" (fan story)!

Then recently, I was watching the Benny-Hinn program in TBN and he had Tommy "Tiny" Lister, who is well-known in the entertainment industry (both Pro-Wrestling and Hollywood films). That is why I decided to write this today-Thursday, January 8th of 2004. I want to encourage Sports fans today that there are some "positive" role-models today in the sports entertainment industry. Yes, no one is perfect, but at least they "try" through their relationship with God!

Q: Did you know they have wrestling in the Bible?
A: Look up Genesis 32:22-32 on Jacob v.s. "man"

Why Does God Wrestle with His Children?

"A short discussion about when God confronts us with trials and adversity. It focuses on what God is doing for his child when He contests them."


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  • *these guys came to Alexandria, Minnesota for "See You At the Party 2003"!

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    "only on facebook. for christian wrestling fans. keyword:"christian wrestling fan""


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  • "Sting" (Steve Borden) shared about his faith on TBN around Jan-Feb of 2006

  • Sting christian wrestler

    'Sting' Out of the Ring By Barbara Cornick and Scott Ross
    The 700 Club
    "Steve was desperate for a change. For years his brother had been telling him about Godís love for him. Steve finally decided it was time to listen. One August evening in 1998, he gave up running and turned to God for help.
    STEVE BORDEN: I said, 'I cannot do this on my own. I need You to come save my life, save my marriage, because itís out of control.' And I invited Him to come and live in me. I told Him, 'Iím going to live my life for You from this day forward.'

    "Million-Dollar Man"-Ted DiBiase shares his faith
    Ex-Pro Wrestler Back in the Ring to Save Souls - Ted 'Million Dollar Man' DiBiase uses wrestling as 'evangelism tool', from Charisma News
    Redeemed Bad Boys of the WWF Former professional wrestlers confront this multimillion-dollar industry's dark side. By John W. Kennedy | posted 5/26/00 (Christianity Today)


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    UMM Cougar's Wrestling Team
    Coach Doug Reese, author of "To the Next Level"


  • Grappling Glory, reflecting on "old school" AWA Wrestling by Bernstein Books

  • *featured Saturday KARE 11 News Morning Edition on 11/27/04

  • Sara McMann, former UMM Women's Wrestler is featured in Sunday, August 22nd 2004 Minneapolis' Star Tribune paper as a member of the Women's Wrestling Olympic Team this year!


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  • *Candance, who wrestles for them, referred me (March 2nd of 2007)

  • The Matt, U.S.A. Olympic Wrestling Site


  • History of Wrestling, from Fila Hall of Fame
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