Mom's Place

I've had many friends from Morris come and stay at my parent's place since 95'. My mom has her own place now and I decided to put some pictures of the folks that have come over. The most recent were a couple from Bulgaria...

Tony and Margarita (husband and wife) sit down to relax after arriving from the MSP Int'l Airport on Friday, Dec. 8th of 2006.

Dec. 25th-29th of 2006 Week

Breakfast after Christmas

Pizza with ketchup! My mom decided to give this a try after Tony & Margarita did this.

Saturday, January 6th of 2007
-last weekend in America

A Mexican fruit (star...?) that look appealing at the grocery store, but didn't taste all that.

My sister ended up sharing about her trip to England after a movie ("Hard Corps") we watched after supper.

Visit from Cousin Marivic (from the Philippines) from Tuesday, July 17th to Sunday, July 22nd of 2007

Chowing down on some pizza (Papa John's $5 medium special after Twins score over 5 runs the previous day) with Thelma, Tyler (sis' boyfriend), and Marivic!

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