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Ceo, Khua, and Alysa-Stefan

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Born on Tuesday, September 18th of 2007

Stefan 1st Year Reflection 07'-08'
"Music by Chris Rices' "If Cartoons Were Saved"...more..


Alysa 2 days old (taken 8/5/04) after being born Tuesday, August 3rd of 2004 in the evening (around 8:50pm)

Daddy Ceo admiring his daughter

Grandma with her sleeping grandaughter

Aunt Toni in one of many other visits (8/14/040)

Sal and Alysa on December of 2004 (Grandma and Aunti Thelma dancing to make her smile big)

Mom (w/new hair do" from her trip to the Philippines) w/Alysa

Alyssa on June 20th of 2005 (almost 11 months now) doing her famous tilting of her head!

I came over to the cities the weekend before her 1st Birthday on July 31st of 2005

Already saying some few words (either English, Hmong, or others)

My dad was babysitting Alysa on Friday, June 29th of 2007. I happened to be at my "dad's house" for my July 4th Holiday Week Vacation from Morris, MN. It was too nice out for Alysa to be inside playing, so I took her outside. We would go back and forth from my dad's and mom's house. I played baseball with her for the first time (just throwing the baseball-could've used a tennis all, but trying to make her "tough"). I even asked if she was going to play baseball when she grows up and she said "yes". The first two pictures above is a "parrot" candle on a long stick that she was very interested in playing with that my mom had around the house.

2006 Christmas Get-Together

My younger brother and sister-in-law hosted a giant family gathering on Christmas. They had my Aunt Toni and some relatives overnight, which they opened gifts early Christmas morning. I brought friends from Bulgaria from Morris over to show them what an Asian American Christmas is like in America...

Tony & Margarita were suprised to get some gifts from my family (dad and I; mom would later give one in a later Christmas party in the evening).

{2007 Family Gatherings}

Ceo's B-day Party on Saturday, January 27th of 2007

Sal's B-day Party on Saturday, March 10th of 2007

Thelma's B-day Party on Sunday, April 15th of 2007

July 4th-Independence Day Get-Together

Caught this snap-show of Alysa doing one of her dances that I notice she does a lot! When she found out I took this picture, she ran to the living room.

My 1 Week Vacation (Aug. 24th-Sept. 2nd of 2007)

During my week vacation, I hunged out with my niece during the days she was over at my dad's...

Pretending to make an eggroll using a mouse pad

Playing with my old marble set

Hanging out at the clinic while waiting for dad's visit to finish...

Above, she pretended to build a gate of a castle using the chairs in the lobby room. Then she would push a chair around pretening we were in a grocery store shopping for food.

{2008 Photo Gallery}

Alyssa's Trip (April 10th of 2008

-Epcot Center

"Alyssa's first trip to Disney World-Epcot Center...."
-Magic Kingdom

  • Magic Kingdom

  • Disney World's Magic Kingdom Dance

    " Some popular stars of Disney perform at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World..."
    *see USA: Florida Skiing, Snowboarding, etc...-Afton Alps in Afton, MN

    {2010 Photo Gallery)

    -St. Paul

    Pigs Eye Rail Yard in St. Paul, MN on July 9th 2010

    *see Financial: Rail, Trains, etc....

    Alysa & Stefan at Waterworks Water Park-Battle Creek from Sal Monteagudo on Vimeo.

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