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Sal's Christian Portfolio<

Sal's Christian Portfolio

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Ambassador for Christ: Salvador Cruz Moneagudo
Ethnic-Nation Reprsentative: Filipino-American
Born-Again: Spring of 1996 (Freshmen Yr. at UMM)
Born/Raised: 3/18/77 St. Paul, Minnesota-U.S.A.
Testimony: How I began my personal growth with Jesus...
Praise God!, what I'm thankful to God for...
Currently Serving: UMM Campus & community of Morris, Minnesota-U.S.A.-EARTH
Local Church: Morris Community Church"-Since 1996: webpage creator, outreach signs, homegroup, international student relations, etc...
Other home churches: Woodland Hills Church-prayer walk (once), congregation prayer (once)
Churches Visited :
-U.S.A.=> -Minnesota=Morris: Assembly of God (Hossana Worship Center), Assumption Catholic Church, Morris Evangelical Free, First Lutheran, Faith Lutheran. St. Paul: Woodland Hills Church, Redeeming Love, Inver Hills Assembly of God, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church (Afr-Am), Filipino American Christian, Kehilat Sar Shalom, St. Pascals, Assumption Catholic Church, St. Paul Cathedral. Minneapolis: Living Word, Oak Methodist Church, Park Avenue Methodist Church, Seed of Abraham (Messianic Synagagoue at Calvary Lutheran Church). Alberta: Church of the Nazarene, Alexandria: Lakewood Community Church Clearbrook: Country Faith Church. Fergus Falls: Marshall: Grace Life; Mounds View: Bethlehem Baptist Church
-North Dakota=Fargo: Harvest Community Church, First Assembly of God
-Illinois=Chicago: Living Word 00'
-Missouri: Smithton Outpouring 99'
-Montana=Havre: The Ark
-PHILIPPINES=>: San Mariano, Isablella: Jesus the Word of LIfe Ministries. Valenzuella, Manilla: ? (non-denominational born-again church), Fatima Catholic Church
-MEXICO=> Nogales, Sonora; Mascarenas, Sonora.
Fellowship Groups: Outfitters for Adventure, Pagtitipon sa Panginoon (Filipino Fellowship), Morris Community Church: Homegroups (weekly)
Student Involvement: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship- Small Group, Outreach Committee, Where are you Spiritually? (weekly floor gathering w/Bible Study), Alpha & Omega-co-founder
Campus Involvement: Good News Table (booktable outreach 99'-02'), Good News Radio (summer of 02'), Alpha & Omega-multicultural focus: Black Student Union Gospel Choir, Large Groups, Asian Fellowship 00', Morris Community Church-International Student Ministry, etc..
Concerts: KCGN Praise FM-00' w/Parachute Band (from Australia) worship band, Worship Tour 02' w/Rebecca St. James; Soneshine Festival 99' & 00'; Hear & Obey Conference: Steve Kuban; P.O.D. (youth group); Skillet (youth group); Spirit Fest Midwest 02'; Firestarters (homegroup too),
Schooling: University of Minnesota-Morris 95'-99' Major: Liberal Arts for the Human Services-Bachelors Degree; Summer Institute of Ministry Training Summer of 02'; Love Lines-Fall of 02' on Counseling Training;
Conferences: Impact Movement (Campus Crusade for Christ) 00' in Atlanta, GA; UnveilinGlory Seminar Saturday, February 23rd 02' at Bethany (College of Missions) Fellowship International in Bloomington, MN; "3rd Annual National Ethnic Worker's Summit" on May 1st-3rd 03' in Minneapolis, MN; and many other smaller conferences through my involvement at Morris Community Church' Outfitters
; Enduring Faith on July 30th 05' in Mounds View, MN; Other related conferences: Harvard Asian American Intercollegian Conference 98'; Hmong Youth Conference in Georgetown Washington D.C.
Mission Trips: Spring Break 99', Mexico 01'
Outreach: Bill Graham Crusade 1996=>

A-My friends Ric and Sean listens to one of the counselors that I brought after an invitation by Billy in 1996 (2 months after I received Christ into my heart!)
B-Our picture is part of 2000 Crusade ad

Convoy of Hope-S. Minneapolis 98'
, follow-up coordinator/assistant, for See You at the Party (both in Morris & Alexandria) since 99', Luis Palau Evaangelistic Association Crusade 00' in Fargo, ND (counseled 2 adults); Impact Movement 00'-Food Distribution Outreach in Atlanta, GA, Special Touch Ministries (local chapter) since 02'(Secretary 04'-05') activities on 1st Saturday of the month for local physically challenged population, "Weekend to Remember November w/Ray An Fuentes in Concert"; Living Waters'on-going Heavenbooth Outreaches; Morris Community Church Misc: put signs in the community, softball (assistant coach 03' season), etc...
Unity Gatherings: Billy Graham Crusade 1996 at the Metrodome (2 friends accepted Christ), Living Waters Ministries: Mainstream (ages 13-30yrs) in Morris, MN; Gospel Explosion 99' & 01' at UMM, March for Jesus (Minneapolis 01'), Heart of the City-Worship gatherings (since 98'), Summer Picnic 00', 01', 02'; Invitation Sacred Assembly May 19th of 2002; One Voice 2003 Fargo Civic Auditorium on Saturday, April 12th; Luis Palau Twin Cities Festival 04' Summer;
Ministries I Support (past/present-financially, prayfully, particpantly part-time): Christian Broadcasting Network, Food for the Poor, Gideons International, Gospel Recordings, International Teams, Jesus Heart for the Missions Team-Philippines, KCGN Praise FM Radio, Love Lines, Salaam International, Wiconi International, World Servants, World Missions Prayer League (Mexico Trip 01'), Wycliffe Translations International,
Job Related Experiences: Employment Resume
*Note: I highly encourage supporting your local church and local ministry first along with a missionary that you have some type of personal (local church) relationship if possible.

Bio: *for my local church newsletter (March 2012)

*What brought you to Morris and when did you come?

It was actually the college (UMM) that brought me to Morris through researching for "good" colleges to attend after high school. My other two choices were Gustavus Adolphus (St. Peter) and UofM-TC (Minneapolis). I chose UMM than the other two because I wanted a school much smaller (get more attention as one growing up in the "big cities" needs) and affordable (scholarships), which UMM offered both.

*A bit about your family – number of siblings, where your parents live now, etc.

My parents immigrated to Minnesota in 1973-1974 (10 months a part) for a "better life". Why Minnesota of all warmer place in the U.S? It's because my aunt (dad's sister) just moved from Chicago to St. Paul for a job with 3M. They live in St. Paul still, but liver separately (different house in the same community townhouse neighborhood-just 6 houses apart) I currently have a younger brother (married with 2 children) and older sister (has had the same boyfriend for over a year), which they too both live in the same neighborhood!


I work with developmentally disabled adults at the Stevens County D.A.C. (as a "Job Coach") and Prairie Community Services (P.C.S.) (as a "Consumer Counselor"), which I feel has been a personal "calling"- "mission field" in this season in my life! I was interviewed last year by P.C.S. for a video on how my job (for 13 years now) has "benefited" me. I told them it has actually been a "character builder" for me. I've learned to be more "compassionate" for the "least" and an answer to my personal "daily" prayer (Galatians 5-"Fruits of the Spirit") request for a period of time. I "try" to come to work with a "mission field" mind as there is constant prayer opportunities with fellow staff and clients. There is one particular client that would ask me (immediately bows her head down and folds her hand before I can respond) to pray with her whenever someone is "sick", which opens the door to freely "openly" pray at work. I've been able to pray for many clients for healing and other life circumstances. Thus, I was involved with a ministry (spear headed by Hosanna Worship Center) called "Special Touch Ministries" (from 2004-2010). We would meet the first Saturday of every month in various venues doing various activities focusing on the growing "developmentally disabled" community in the Stevens County area (also Pope and Grant County). Unfortunately, this has been put on hold due to various circumstances.

I also teach part-time (get paid when I give an exam to ESL students), which is more of a volunteer position since the Fall of 2004. God has also used this community position as a "mission field", which many newcomers to the community come to get their G.E.D. or learn E.S.L. Due to the separation of "church and state", I'm not allowed to "evangelize"; however, I've been able "share my faith" when asked. For example, a student (Mexican) was wondering why I do this. I thought about it a moment and then told them that I do it for "God" with a smile. I then shared them a Bible tract (in Spanish) to explain more of my answer. These students never came back to class as I thought I "offended them". A year or so later, I would see this same student at the "Spanish church services" I attend weekly at the Morris Evangelical Free Church! Due to confidentiality, I've been able to meet many students from MCC (or relatives/family members) and invite "guests". We've had over 30+ different (e.g. college age to older adults) volunteers since 2004 and still looking for more, which has been an "outreach" arm to the "unchurched" in the surrounding Stevens County area (we get students as far as Pope and Swift County). We are still always looking for more volunteers (e.g. teaching assistant for either GED/ESL, basic computer skills, driving manual help, day care for student's kids, and/or any daily life skills)!

*Any special testimony

Like any testimonies, it's a gradual working by God. When I was a college student, I was just here to get "educated", but never expected to "encounter God" as I did! I was involved with the Catholic campus ministry since I was raised in a Catholic environment in St. Paul. I knew about God, but didn't "know" Him in a personal relationship level. I was consistently "evangelized" (table with Bibles and different Christian material) by two particular members (Stu Farm-now with the church in Grand Forks & Bill Royce-now with the Fargo church; church plants by Outfitters for Adventure) of MCC at the campus cafeteria. A college friend, Stu, and others invited me (Spring of 1996) to a guest speaker at the local Assembly of God (now Hosanna Worship Center) church (now a dance studio), where I heard a "salvation message" (testimony) for the first time ever. I immediately went up front (with my college roommate) and then was filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit right after on that same night! I would start growing in my personal relationship with Heavenly Father since then as I was "hungry" for Truth. I would attend various Bible studies from different campus ministries (e.g. MCC-Shiloh, Morris Evangelical Free Church, IVCF Small groups, etc..) during my college years. When I went "home" (St. Paul) for the weekends/summer break, I would attend as many different "Bible-believing" churches as I can. I finally made MCC my "local home church" when Neil T., pastor, had a short message about the importance of finding a "home church" by asking God. It was geared to us college students floating from one church to another church each Sundays at that time. It was the fellowship time at the "potlucks" that really got me "plugged" in with MCC!

*Involvement at MCC – signs, children’s church, etc.

I've been doing signs for so many years that I can't remember when we first started doing these signs to point people to wherever we have had services since the "old" Elementary School. It can get a mundane routine at times, but I try to remember this as a "outreach". One evident "fruit" that has come out of this is a particular UMM student saw our signs as I was putting it out one morning. He came out of his car and asked me where we meet. I've known this college student prior to this moment, so I thought it was definitely a "Divine" moment. This particular UMM student (now alumn) ended up coming to MCC regularly. He went own to Bible college and currently serves as a chaplain for the U.S. Military last time I checked him on facebook. I would love to pass this Sunday morning "outreach" to someone else, who feels that same compassion to reach others in our community. I go to the cities (St. Paul) to visit family-friends once a month and still looking for individual(s) to help with this part-time or full-time!

It's been over 4 years or so since I've been involved with "Super Church", but I've been involved with different "children ministries" at MCC since I became "active" in the late 90's. I remember sharing my testimony with the children back at the "old" elementary school and other venues. I love teaching different lessons, which I would share this (e.g. extra lesson material) with my niece and nephew via mail, email, or in person when babysitting them in St. Paul once a month.

Many years ago, I was very involved with many different campus ministry outreaches (e.g. international student dinners and movie nights) as I was an adviser to a group called "Alpha & Omega" (multi-cultural focus). Also, I would do a "Good News" outreach table (e.g. gave Bibles, Christian material, and have a email sign-up list for questions on "faith" and/or prayer requests) with friends at the campus cafeteria and Student Center. I "try" to still do this still, but more in a "smaller" personal scale due to more "other community" activities.

*Anything else that comes to mind

Let's keep "passing the GOOD NEWS forward" to the "hurting" world (e.g. family-relatives, friends, neighbors, workplace, community, nations, etc..) around us! I have too many other "outreach" stories (e.g. shared the "Gospel" with an individual struggling with his transvestite issues, get threatened online for sharing by Muslims, got in trouble with a law enforcement officer sharing Bible tracts at a mall, etc..) to share here, so feel free to ask me (e.g. email, facebook, and/or in person next time it comes to mine when you see me)!

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