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United States of America Christian Links

National (United States)Christian Resources

"Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, ...America! America! God shed His grace on thee..." & "God bless America!"... Yes, God has bless the United States of America with a very diverse beautiful landscape. Some say this is the "new" "Promise Land" that is mentioned a lot in the Bible (espeically the Old Testament). It has been a land that "nations" have come to make this a "melting pot" of ethnic groups blending together.

Beautiful Land

I've had the opportunity to see much of this beautiful land so far at age 26: East Coast-Massachussetts, New York City, and New Jersey; Southeast-Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee; Midwest-Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakotah, Nebraska, and South Dakotah; Northwest-Montana, Colorado; Southwest-Arizona. I've tried various transportations: planes, train, buses, automobiles.

I even did a story of my Road Trip experience! This is an on-going story, like many of my other weblinks I've made.

Below are some links I found of their adventures through this beautiful land:

  • Cycling Across America, from a biker's perspective
  • Jacob Isakesen, pictures from cross-country
  • Scenes of America, by life in usa
  • Train Photos of America
  • Blessed Nation

    We are so bless that we need to bless other nations that do not have much.


    Cursed Nation

    However, like many other "great nations" (Babylon, Persia, Roman Empire, etc..) before us.."what comes up, must come down". C'mon, you can't expect this lifestyle we live in will continue? Espeically, the way it has been (abortion and all sorts of idolism-see issues!! For example, Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19).

    What should we do as a nation? Well, remember back in 9-11 when numbers flocked to local churches and repented-asking God to forgive us individually and generally of our sins as a nation? We need to continue to do this every day, while keep blessing other nations (amongst the ethnic groups God is sending to our nation too!) through missions!

    "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."-2 Chronicles 7:14

    more...bad news!

    Christian Resources


  • Bible Research
  • Bible Search, To encourage open, honest examination of the Bible so that we all might know, believe and obey the truth
  • Bible Study Tools
  • Gideon
  • Interacting With God, small group bible study resource
  • Quick Study,learn quick facts about the Bible
  • Search the Bible, for verse,word/phrase,or quick reference
  • Scriptures, Taking the word of God to the world via the internet
  • The Virtual Bible Museum, "experience the Bible!"
  • Zondervan, Bible Study tips
  • Wycliffe
  • Conferences
  • Alpha Conferences, a model for dynamic growth in the local church
  • "Cornfield Revival",Smithton Comm. Church-Missouri
  • Dominion,"Proclaiming Liberty Throughout the Land! (Lev.25:0)
  • Jubilation 98'
  • "Light the Nation, Gospel Light-Texas
  • "Living to Live Again!", Praise Power Celebration-Deleware
  • "Love Cruise, Nicholas Ministries-Calif.
  • "Prayer Storm"- students in prayer and fasting,Rock the Nations Student Ministries-Colorado
  • Shepherd Ministries Student Conference, Irving, TX
  • Victory WORD Explosion, Victory Christian Center-Oklahoma
  • Reviving the Fire-"Healing the Land", New Spirit Revival Center-Ohio
  • Denominations

    Assembly of God

  • Assembly of God
  • Education


  • Barbour Books, read about modern well-known Christians
  • Betany House Publishers
  • Christian Book Distributors, order books within 7 days!
  • Creation House, Christian books
  • Family Christian Store, retail resource chain
  • Northwestern Book Store
  • Philips Family
  • Rainbow Studies International
  • Reconciliation, right or reconciled
  • Touch Publication
  • Treasure House Books
  • Nissi Publishing, an article on the Ark of the Covenant
  • Big Idea-"Veggie Tales", fun cartoon with Chrstian values for ALL ages!
  • Christian Answers, answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Christian Coalition
  • Christian Kingdom Network", a Hawaii christian connection
  • Gospel Communications Network
  • Jesus is Lord, get some knowledge on this
  • College Course Related Topics:


  • Rock of Ages, Biblical Archaelogy
  • -Art

  • Christian Art
  • Albrecht Durer, Renaissance German Artist
  • Michelangel$ Art on the Web, a Christian artist
  • -History

  • Internet Christian Library,guide to ealry chruch documents
  • Home Education

  • MACHE, for home educators
  • Schools:

  • Moody Bible Institute
  • Spirit Life Bible College
  • Fuller Theeological Seminar
  • Entertainment


  • Ad Communications, hollywood outlook
  • Cooke Film Pictures
  • Movie Guide
  • Music

  • Carman, Mission 3:16-Fulfilling the Great Commission of Matt. 28
  • Christian Concerts
  • Christian Music
  • Christian Music Online
  • Crosswalk
  • Embass Music, talent search
  • Exultate
  • Gotee Records, christian artists
  • Music Equipment

  • Carvin,world's # factory direct music store
  • Kempke, more equipment!
  • Radio

  • C Jam, teen scream for Jesus
  • Keep the Faith, some Christian music hits to help one's daily struggles
  • One Place, a christian community source to find everything!
  • States I've Visited

    Kansas-Kansas City Royal's stadium, picture takend during a road trip.

    Illinois-Chicago's Navy Pier with UMM Alumn 99' Gerardo during my visit in the summer of 2000

    Missouri-Gateway Arch, picture takend during a road trip to Tennessee in 1999 with some leader from my local church

    Tennessee-Clarksville in Montgomery County for my local church leadership retreat in 1999 & 2000


  • Pax Net, positive television
  • Praise TV, music videos
  • Evangelism Tools

  • Chick Publications, discover the Bible!
  • Financial

  • Christian Financial Concepts
  • Crown Ministries,Inc., need some financial advice
  • El Shaddi, nonprofit incorp. for missions, ministries, and churches
  • Health

  • American Cancer Society, health information seekers

  • Cancer 1-800-342-3857, care treatment by praying
  • Cancer Prayer Day, 1st week of June
  • Global Health Ministries
  • Humanitarian Outreach

  • Christian Children's Fund
  • Compassion International, sponsoring a child opportunity
  • Convoy of Hope, "Bringing the gospel and groceries to needy families"
  • Feed the Children, helping feed America's own starving children
  • Habitat for Humanity, building homes w/ the Gospel's foundation
  • Samaritan, an international Christian relief and evangelism org.
  • Internet focus

  • Awareness of Jesus Christ,Internet Campaign
  • Christian Internet Radio Network
  • Christianity Online, community of 95,000 members
  • Christianity Online, another one
  • Christian Start, search engine
  • Christian Web
  • Christianity-X, A-Z topics
  • Church USA
  • Cybergrace
  • Global Christian Network"mission of building the Christian community worldwide
  • Goshen, links to great christian related homepages!
  • I, come, experience, and grow
  • I Love Jesus, internet way of spreading the gospel
  • Jesus Folk
  • Living Life in Victory with Jesus,Christians joining hands across the Web
  • Ministy Mall, web's well known ministries
  • Net Ministries, internet christian directory
  • Filtering Service

  • I Exalt, filtered internet service
  • Life Way,

    Homepage Creating Stuffs:

  • Christian Graphics Gallery
  • Cyber Grace Christian Network,get some christian clip art for your homepage

  • The Body of Christ
  • Jesus Christ, the son of God
  • Jesus Christ is God
  • Jesus Film, a video ministry project
  • Jesus Video, a video to easily reach your community for Jesus Christ
  • Jesus Talk,bringing Christians together as one
  • Jews for Jesus
  • Job Opportunities to do God's work!

  • City Team Ministries, summer urban internships
  • Christian Job Links, contact 1-800-420-1342
  • Mainstream Society

  • Celebrity Christian, music industry, professional sports, hollywood,etc..


    Cable Television

  • Christian Broadcasting Network-700 Club, positive news showing MANY of God's work @ 10-11p.m. CDT in the Family Channel
  • Christian Network, news in the Christian community
  • Christian Communication Network
  • TV Guardian, analyzing objectionable words
  • Inspirational Network,24 hr day programmer and advertiser
  • Trinity Broadcasting Network
  • Magazines

  • Christian Contemporary Music Magazine
  • Christian Happenings, event listings
  • Charisma Magazine,Christian news
  • Newspaper

  • Jerusalem Chrisitian Review,Jerusalems' leading Christian newspaper
  • Other News:

  • Breakpoint, with Chuck Colson, a Christ. perspect. on the news and trends
  • Christian News Today, internet publishing
  • Mission Network News, on radio too!
  • Ministry

  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, a Minnesota base organization-cool!
  • Harold Eatmon Ministries Int'l, another MN based
  • Harvest Evangelism City Reaching Team
  • Eastman Curtis, has a ministry based in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Faith in Focus,"evangelizing the lost...empowering the saved"
  • The Lighthouse Movement, "making your home a lighouse"
  • Promise Keepers
  • Ron Hutchcraft Ministries
  • Servant Evangelism,"small things done with great love will change the world"
  • Servant Evang.,recent messages by Steve Sjogren
  • Issue Focus

  • B.D. Hyman's Ministry, "...God has healing for those who have grown up in dysfunctional families"
  • Pregnancy

  • Excellent Pro-Life and Christian Links
  • Total Life Care Center, Inc., get help with un-planned pregancy
  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
  • Mary Diaz, see what abortion is
  • Family

  • American Family Policy Institute
  • Christian Single-Parent Network
  • Focus on the Family with John Dobson
  • Couple to Couple League, natural family planning classes
  • Moms In Touch International, to pray for our children...
  • Pray for the Children
  • Homosexuality

  • Christia$ Resources about Homosexuality and Aids
  • Eagles' Wings Ministry,Arden Hills-MN based also helping with homosexuality

  • Keys Ministries, Minnesota rural based-unlocking the chains of homosexuality
  • Living Hope Ministries,when it comes to homosexuality, in Jesus, we have the freedom to Change
  • Outppost Ministry, Minneapolis based-helping people with homosexuality

  • Quest Ministries,offering support and love to those who do not want to be homosexual
  • Resolving Homosexuality,for Christian men seeking a biblically faithful res.
  • Multicultural:

    "For you are all sons (and daughters) of God through faith in Christ Jesus...There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus." - Galatians 3:26 and 28


  • Asian Outreach USA
  • Christian Persecution Report,up to date reports!
  • Shared Hope
  • Fasting & Prayer
  • Asian American
  • Black African American
  • Latino/Chicano American
    Native Indian American


  • Cookie Film, movie industry
  • Tribulation
  • Vanished
  • Organizations Miscellaneous
  • Christian Coalition
  • Touch USA
  • Other

  • Christian Kingdom Network", a Hawaii christian connection
  • Handilinks to Christian Student Groups
  • Real Connections, college student connections
  • Signs of the Times
  • International Ministerial Fellowship
  • v
  • Christianet, directories, etc..
  • The Navigators, multi-ministry
  • Outreach

  • Kindness,creative suggestions for spreading the love of Jesus Christ
  • Sal's Other Personal Favorites

  • Titanic-A personal Story, Rev. John Harper-a last hero!
  • Twice Saved-A True Titanic Hero
  • Sports

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes,a not for profit, non-denomin. org. whose mission is to present Jesus Christ to coaches and athletes and all whom they influence.
    (earth web cam

  • California, a state where my housemate, relatives, and friends from UMM currently live at
  • Florida, Disney World Trip 2001 and meeting folks from here at a conference
  • Georgia, All American City Finalist 2004 event
  • Illinois, UMM connections

  • Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina 05' local connections
  • Mississippi, an AAC 04' connection-Hurricane Katrina 05'

  • New York
  • Dry Island e-mail forward on 9/7/04
  • Oklahoma, from the OK City bombing to the prairie fires
  • Oregon, various connections (AAC, ministries, e-mail, etc..)
  • Pennsylvania, a conference connection
  • Texas, a variety of connections
  • Virginia (including West), coal mining disasters in 2006
  • Washington State, a special forward prayer request
  • Travel

  • Wide World of Travel, a Christian agency serving the Christian community
  • Worship

  • Hosanna! Music, new praise and worship CD's
  • Marantha Music
  • Passion Now
  • Women Focus

  • Women
  • Women of Faith 1-800-49-FAITH
  • Women on the net,Women's resources
  • Youth

  • Dawson McAllister Live, radio talk show on Sunday evenings 7-9p.m. for youth
  • The Nightmare, check it out!
  • See You at the Pole, prayer for schools every 3rd week of September
  • Conferences for the Youth

  • "Prayer Storm"- students in prayer and fasting,Rock the Nations Student Ministries-Colorado
  • Shepherd Ministries Student Conference, Irving, TX

    How does others outside of America look at us?

  • "God bless America", from a pastor from Zambia after 9-11

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