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Cool Runnings (1993)

movie poster Bright, happy comedy based on true story of four Jamaicans who decided to represent their nation for the first time ever in the bobsled competition of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. John Candy plays the Coach, a former sledder himself determined to prove himself after his own past failures. When they get to Canada for serious training (the four had never even seen snow before), they find themselves up against sledders from countries that take the competition way too seriously. Will the unlikely Jamaican Bobsled Team wow the crowd? Will disgraced Olympic coach Candy redeem himself? 97 minutes rated PG, produced by Disney Studios.
Doug E.Doug, Rawle D. Lewis, Malik Yoba, Raymond J. Barry, Marco Brambilla. The Jamaican-themed soundtrack is by Hans Zimmer

Delirious (1991)

John Candy stars as a daytime-TV writer who wakes up in the town he created. While Candy is somewhat miscast as romantic lead, comedy/fantasy has its moments and really takes off when he discovers he can change what's going on with his typewriter (inspired perhaps by John Dehner's comedic episode of The Twilight Zone) before the murder and mayhem get out of hand. 96 minutes rated PG.

Additional cast:
Emma Samms, Mariel Hemingway, David Rasche (TV's detective Sledge Hammer), Charles Rocket, Raymond Burr (Godzilla 1956, Hitchcock's Rear Window), Dylan Baker, Jerry Orbach (Law & Order, Murder She Wrote), Renee Taylor, cameo by Robert Wagner of Concorde: Airport 79. Director Tom Mankiewicz had better luck directing the Monstervision movie Dragnet (1987) starring Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, Harry Morgan and Christopher Plummer. John Candy's final two movies were Wagons East (a badly-written Western spoof) and Canadian Bacon (a comedy in which the U.S. declares war on Canada, with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd in the cast as cops on opposite sides of the border). Candy first became a star with the sketch comedy TV series SCTV

John Candy broadcast schedule:
The Blues Brothers (1980, starring John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd)
Mon  Feb 12  12:30P on American Movie Classics

Brewster's Millions (Richard Pryor's 1985 remake of the 1945 comedy, with John Candy)
Wed  Mar 28  05:50A on Encore

Canadian Bacon
Fri  Mar 16  02:50P on Encore
Fri  Mar 30  06:35A on Encore

Cool Runnings
Tue  Feb 20  09:10P on Wam!
Fri  Feb 23  04:35P on Starz in Black
Fri  Mar  2  12:45P on Starz Comedy
Wed  Mar  7  09:00A on Starz
Sat  Mar 10  09:45A, 4:20P & 4am on Starz Kids and Family
Wed  Mar 14  01:05P & 5:20A on Starz Comedy
Fri  Mar 16  06:00A & 2:35P on Starz Kids and Family
Tue  Mar 20  10:20A, 6pm & 3:20A on Starz Kids and Family
Wed  Mar 28  09:45A & 4:15P on Starz Kids and Family

Thu  Mar  8  09:45A on Encore Love Stories
Tue  Mar 13  02:35P & 4:50A on Encore Love Stories
Mon  Mar 19  10:40A on Encore Love Stories
Mon  Mar 19  11:40A on Movie Plex
Wed  Mar 28  08:05A on Starz Comedy
Sat  Mar 31  09:30A on Encore Love Stories

The Great Outdoors (starring Candy & Aykroyd)
Tue  Feb 27  08:30P on HBO Family

Nothing but Trouble (1991, Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Candy)
Sat  Mar 10  01:10P on HBO Comedy
Tue  Mar 13  01:40P on HBO Comedy
Wed  Mar 14  01:40A on HBO Family
Thu  Mar 15  10:15P on HBO Family
Tue  Mar 20  03:40A on HBO Family
Thu  Mar 22  07:40A on HBO Comedy
Sun  Mar 25  10:30P on HBO Family
Wed  Mar 28  01:30P on HBO Comedy

Once upon a Crime (comedy starring Richard Lewis, directed by Eugene Levy)
Fri  Feb 16  01:05P on The Movie Channel
Wed  Mar  7  10:10A & 4:40A on Showtime Women
Tue  Mar 13  06:05A & 3:45P on Showtime Women
Thu  Mar 22  09:00A on Showtime Women
Wed  Mar 28  01:15P on Showtime Women

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (starring Candy and Steve Martin)
Tue  Feb 27  09:00P on Nick-At-Nite (Nickelodeon)
Thu  Mar 15  02:00A on Comedy Central
Thu  Mar 15  05:00P on Comedy Central

Spaceballs (1987, Mel Brooks spoof of Star Wars, Candy as the wookie)
Tue  Mar 27  02:00A on TBS 
Tue  Mar 27  10:00A on TBS 

Splash (starring Tom Hanks & Daryl Hannah, with Candy & Eugene Levy)
Mon  Mar  5  05:30P on American Movie Classics
Mon  Mar 12  08:00P & 12:30A on American Movie Classics
Sun  Mar 25  08:30A on American Movie Classics

Summer Rental (1985)
Sat  Mar 31  02:00P on Spike (TNN)

Uncle Buck (comedy, starring Candy)
Fri  Mar  9  07:30A on HBO
Sun  Mar 25  09:30A on HBO

Volunteers (starring Tom Hanks, with Candy spoofing the Manchurian Candidate)
Sun  Mar 11  03:00A on Bravo

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