It's time to have reviews. Monkee movies are falling out of the air. Well, not really but you know with VH1 having that movie they made we decided it would be good to make a review page on what we thought of the movie and other movies that the Monkees were in.

This is just a voice of our options so no yelling at us. And if you want to voice yours just write in and tell us what you think and we will put it up so we get other ideas of what people thought. And I hope it turns into something fun. If you don't want to write a rewiew straight out you can write your thoughts and views and what you thought of the movies. So Enjoy


Now VH1 made a movie. WOW! It was a movie about our 4 boys, The Monkees. "Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story" And well, some liked and some didn't. Well this is what we thought...

They ain't the Monkees but...

To hear clips from "Daydream Believers: the Monkees' Story", click here.

Now everyone knows about the Monkees movie that they made. I would sure hope so and if you don't shame on you and you should go back to school. Well, Head as we see is a classic. So it is time for it to be reviewed.

A Manufactured image...

Remember back on November 30th, 1997 when "The Love Bug" aired on ABC? Remember Micky was in it? Well guess what? Because he was, it qualifies for a Movie Review and here it is!

Awww, it's Herrbie...

OK, we promised you it so here it is. The first prelimanary review of your favorite movie and mine...well, not *favorite*...

Night of [Anything But] the Strangler
Night Of The Strangler

If you knew Micky was in a mob movie, raise your hand. If your hand is down, well now you know, but you aren't missing much if you didn't know.



COMING SOON: We have more. We just can't put our finger on it exactly yet.

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