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In Wav Form

Brought to you by the one and only Rebecca!! and her trusty Tape Recorder.

For the curious ones who have not seen the movie or for those who did not tape it or for those who want to have a line or two immortalized on their on computer, these are for you. Hey, I've got one on my computer telling me I've restored a window. Go ahead and take just ask if you want to use it on your site and I'll say yes :)

Now, they pretty much go in order of the movie and I appologize if I misspelled any of the names of the wavs (such as "diplomOt" and "cocHroaches") but all you have to do is click on the picture beside it and you're good to go. Enjoy.



Uh-Huh, sure "Peter" (199 KB)

"Mike" the optimist (198 KB)

"Micky" talks to the simple folk (522 KB)

"Micky's" uplifiting words (189 KB)

You know it's a bad sign when a guy in red boots tell you this (191 KB)

Pawn to Queen 4 (18 KB)

Off to a good start, weren't they? (182 KB)

Define character, "Peter" (250 KB)

Beware the towering Texan beside you, "Davy" (127 KB)

And this is how "Micky" learned how to play the drums (202 KB)

I'd hate to see "Micky" when he's ampt up (449 KB)

"Peter" being "Peter"? (245 KB)

Nice retort, "Peter" (248 KB)

"Don" should have considered these suggestions (345 KB)

Are we working with "Monkees" or monkeys? (129 KB)

"Davy" tries to compare it to home (149 KB)

"Davy" being arrogant, "Mike" being a philosopher, and "Micky" being clever (249 KB)

The teenage way of life summed up by "Peter" (92 KB)

Poor "Mike" (134 KB)

Nice try Aaron but keep practicing and un-cross those eyes for gosh sakes! (312 KB)

Is "Davy" complaining? (158 KB)

I always thought "Micky" had the brain of a six-month-old (238 KB)

Y'know, he's got a point, "Davy" (211 KB)

Oh don't be such a baby, "Micky" (143 KB)

"Mike's" determination (195 KB)

Who thought it rediculous? (93 KB)

He shoulda been casted as a gameshow host (72 KB)

What's it called, "Mike"? (315 KB)

"Peter" the machine who thinks sleep's overrated (150 KB)

Name that eppy (594 KB)

Can you hear the sarcasm? (286 KB)

You Go "Mike"! (387 KB)

"Mike" the murderer? (126 KB)

"Micky's" argument (29 KB)

Popular, weren't they? (218 KB)

Gee, you think they're excited? (412 KB)

Uplifting words from "Davy's" father (217 KB)

Famous Last Words (227 KB)

"Fairy Tale" Take 1 (428 KB)

"Fairy Tale" Take 2 (218 KB)

"Fairy Tale" Take 3 (431 KB)

Without the accent, George may have a singing voice (307 KB)

Arrogant "Davy" strikes again (147 KB)

"Mike" the diplomat (216 KB)

Go "Jack"! (168 KB)

Don't we all want this when we're making a movie? (427 KB)

So *this* is what was wrong with "Harris". Thanks "Van" (55 KB)

"Micky" trying to make a bad review funny (612 KB)

See, "Christian" knows where it's at (266 KB)

Yes, Yes, we know you can make that noise (202 KB)

Evidently, "Mike's" never let in on the info (188 KB)

And there you have it. What? You couldn't find your favorite line? There're 51 sounds up there! Oh well. I'll tell ya what, if you have that sound or line that you love more than anything I've made here and it's a matter of life and death and I'm up to watching the movie again, give me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do for ya :) Oh and I love feedback on my work too.

But for now, I think it's time you got back to reading your reviews. So off with you now. Go on. Don't give me that look.

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All pictures and sounds were taken from VH1's "Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story".