The Love Bug

"The Love Bug"
by: Rebecca!!
4 out of 5 *s

Ah yes, Herrbie. We all remember out #53 racer that somehow managed to do wheelies and win races and have his driver get the girl. My Favorite was actually the movie with the captain from "F-Troop" in it (and dang-it if I can't remember his name). But the 90s version, well, it could have been nicer. I mean, all these people were being just plain mean to someone else whether it be Herrbie or someone else. Heck, I didn't even like Micky's character!

OK, let's go from there.

"Donny" was a guy with many problems with his character. One, what the heck was with that jacket?!? My friends and I labled it the "watermellon" jacket. I mean, neon green and pink and white? Two, the cigar. Did anyone else notice it was never lit? In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Micky *with* a lit cigar. He throws the darn things down his throught but he never lights them. ('Member "I've Got A Little Song Here"? They rekindled it quite brutally in "Daybream Believer".) Third, what the heck accent was that? Was it Southern? Californian? Souther Californian? Or was it that all high and mighty crazy tycoon accent? Four, the shark car. OK, so you're a customes car dealer but you drive around in a UFO and Shark? Stick with either the UFO or the Shark, 'k man? Five, "Donnie" was just plain mean! I mean, even Heather!! who'd kill for Micky said she didn't like him in the movie. Now luckily he redeemed himself in the end but just barely. But it's nice to see personal experience come in with, "I don't joke about money," am I right :) ? Finally, the hat. OK, so there was nothing wrong with the hat itself but take the thing off once and a while! Micky, you had character with long hair in a ponytale. You should have shown it to a younger public, man! Not everyone saw the ABC special or the Disney special. I'm sure the director wouldn't mind you wiping the sweat of your forehead once of twice and in the process taking the hat off.

But, the movie itself was great. Not only did we get to revist Micky and his acting career away from talking to nudists on "Pacific Blue", we got to meet back up with Alexandra Wentworth from "In Livin' Color". And didn't we all just love the Artist and his vision of cars? I mean, didnt Herrbie embody Road Rage and a Killer Car or what? And the classic cutting Herbie in half so he can come in both First and Third Place--taken from the first Love Bug movie where the car just broke in half only widthwise and Buddy Hacket got the privalege to come in fist place in Herrbies back seat. Ah the memories...

And don't worry about "Donnie". He's got a new start in a round robin story which will hopefully be in Mr. Dolenz's hands by the end of the month of July 2000 [knock on wood]. Micky, thanks for contributing to a saga of movies I know and love. Just next time, loose the jacket, 'k?


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