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Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story

by Erica

3.7 out of 5 stars


OK I know some of you are going 3.7 out of 5 stars causes I know some of you didn't like it and some of you did. But oh well that's what you think but right now your going to hear me out. And my reasons why:

From a new kind of light I it's kind of a bubblegum fiction kind of movie that they got from stories they read from books. Like Hey Hey Were The Monkees And they kept it more on the happy side. I don't know it's just something fun to have the "Monkees" in when you want to watch something and you don't want to watch the TV show. Something like a Fanfic come to life or the movie the Monkees should of done instead of HEAD. Most of it was Biotopic and will most of it wasn't. It's just really hard to do. Because there just many different stories behind the Monkees. But with the way it is now adays I think they should of put more dirt into it. (dirt? dirt?)But it was one the better VH1 movies. Hey it could of been Meat Loaf. I'm the one to look at the good side of things and when you read on you'll see that and what I picked up from the movie.

The beginning OK I understood it the music now a days with all the boy bands and stuff and for some reason or another I want to say Van was the guy from the future but I can't be sure I didn't see that name in the credits.(And because there was no Bert and Bob) With all the kinds of music going on and the boy groups going on and different TV the idea could of made it and something like that never been done before. But it has and that's why it jumps to 1965. That's the beginning. I guess so they could also make sense to there adverstement. (Before the Backstreet Boys, Before N'Sync There Was the Monkees) And that was a good way to jump to the movie because with the times of some change with the 60's and the 90s being the times of all this new stuff happening The MONKEES are just perfect for it. So this is where this movie comes in. So that's how I think of the beginning so if I think of it like that I like it. Get my drift.

I really liked how they did Micky's audition with the guy with red boots being nervous and then Van scares the living day lights out of him and he runs of the place and "Corky" has the best look his face. And they did the checkmate! Peter's audition was cute with cute with airplane in mouth like a dog Mike with the bag of laundry and Davy dancing. So they got all that info right.

OK they get pick for the part of the Monkees so far so good. OK so maybe they don't look exactly like the Monkees. But hey there NOT the Monkees so what do you want from them clones? yes? Well, then you get the money and make them. So ... so there. hmmm. Anyway getting off topic. Clothes, by the looks of it I think we found the old customs and I want them anybody know where I can by them at? Or they know how to make good copies. But knowing by this movies budget it was the original customs. Because they don't throw that stuff out and that was the "pad". I like how they always had Micky reading even through customs change. Because I hear he read all the time. And didn't like how the re did the beginning of the show. I will say that and some parts of the pilot eppy. And how Micky came in saying the Beatles are giving them a party that look scares me. And Mike acts a little "odd" when finds out. But I did enjoy Fairly Tale. I can see them acting just like that during that shoot. And the guy playing Mike made a very good girl. I'm so sorry.

Or how about this if you didn't like the movie or most of it. Just think about most of the stuff that you saw come to life that you might always wanted to. Such as: the salad. The fighting on the floor in the studio. The water poured on Donnie's Head. The "writing" of head. Running away from screaming girls after dissing the guards. And Peter hitting Davy. The party they ran into with the "suits"

And think about all the stuff they didn't add that people mostly fans really didn't want to see. Such as Mike's affair. Mostly the over doing of drugs that the guys did. Micky meeting Samantha. Davy meeting Linda. You know it was more on the focus on the Monkees. And you notices that they did pay more attention to Mike and Davy's personally lives then Peters and Micky's but in Behind the Music they talked about Peter and Micky's and barley touched Mike and Davy. But Mike did smile way to much in this movie. Anyone else agree? I wasn't there but hey...

The ending was happy with all good reason. It was to end to show the "Monkee Magic." Now I know Mike was a Christian Scientist and that Phyllis was at Home but the reason they were in the hospital was because they wanted Mike and Davy to see the look on the kids face and see the impact they had on them. And they were young enough to know that's not all about the music. And that they can shape someone's life no matter what there doing. That it was for the fans and not for the press and for the suits. And that's why I think they were on the beach together talking about what they had together to know what they Monkees were really about. And the girls running up to them asking for them to sign even after the movie flop and the show being canceled and everything is kind of saying to me is that they will always be around and that there's always going to be that thing that makes the Monkees what they are. And that's why I think that's why they made it happy ending. But I think that's where it should of ended. I don't think they needed to be dancing around on the beach. Mike jump of the bench and dance?? I don't think so It should of ended with them relizing what the Monkees meant and then maybe them walking away. But I know hard call.. but still no dancing.

If it were jus Peter it get up and leave ... um wouldn't people expect more?.. You call that an ending... I think not... Or would you want them to find people that looked like the Monkees in the 80's. I don't think so.

And if you didn't like the movie that's your problem. You know what:oÞ Because you can kind of think of it as a fan fic come to life. And plus if you just think hey at least they did a movie. And that they ran an all day marathon of the TV show to promote the movie. And I never seen VH1 promote one of there movies this much then this one. Not even the one about the Beatles. So lets just they Monkees have power over people somehow and we don't know it.

That's my view/review of this movie and I enjoyied it very much it's nice to the Monkee story come to life in it's own little way even if it was a little bubblegummy. And was kind of based on Hey Hey Were the Monkees I guess you can watch this movie after that documentary because that comes to life right?. And if you did'n't like it tough nuggets. It's your fault. I'm just kidding... your opioion(Bex was driving me crazy when I frist wrote this:) ) Just think at least they did it. And they ran an all day marthon of the Monkees TV show. And Peter and Micky did a Live chat. Hey how much more can some one ask for huh?? It's all about respect. And 6.2 million people watched it. With the Nelson boxes.

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"Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story"
by: Rebecca!!
3 out of 5 *s

OK Erica!!, I hope you're happy because I'm being NICE with my rating. Now, if you ask anyone I've really talked to--namely Heather!!--you give me the choice between the words “I liked it” and “I hated it” and I’d have to say, “I hated it”. There was something about the effort in the movie--or more like the lack thereof--that just makes me say, “I hated this movie.” It didn’t help I went into watching this movie without high hopes for it anyway. Heather!! and I made a party complete with massive Monkees decorations and even our own versions of Cream-of-Root Beer for dessert. We had people over and we passed around the wool hat to wear and we had the lights off and I sat with my own bag of popcorn. In the end, the movie was not worth the effort. And I ate very little of the popcorn and I bet Heather!!’s downstairs smells more like salt and butter than it ever did before. (I did collect and vacuum ever piece of popcorn I threw at the TV voluntarily.)

Let’s go through the cast here, shall we.

Jeff Geddis as “Mike”. Let’s see, as a Canadian doing the Texas accent, he did OK I guess. However, if that’s your real hair, get it cut just a little for me, will you please? But man, you’ve got a nice smile. And you probably did the best acting--and the most acting--as your Monkee next to the other three (sorry guys). Can’t wait to see you as a victim in that Horror movie. Was it “Friday the 13th” or “Nightmare on Elm Street”? What ever it is, it’s part 10 so, do good boy! And you look good in the hat!

George Stanchev as “Davy”. OK, first off, and this isn’t your fault good buddy, you’re a bit too tall to be playing Davy. You were like 5’ 8” and Davy was 5’ 3”. As a Canadian doing a British accent, yes, there were some times you did indeed sound like Mr. Jones so I commend you for that. But boy, I’m sorry you had to wear that bad wig ‘cause you have some nice hair. And y’know, I hope you become a great success you and your band because that rendition of “Daydream Believer” was pretty good even for having to do “Davy” and intentionally crack your voice. You go, George!

L.B. Fisher as “Peter”. L.B., son, how old are you? I’ve read like three or four sources--the Internet Movie Database included--and I don’t know how old you are. Jeff’s 24, George’s 19, and Aaron’s 24 but you man, you’re 20something! OK, having that said, I will continue. L.B., you’re cute, you really are, and you’re from New York wich puts you on my good side since I was from New York as well. And you wouldn’t look bad with the sideburns either. Unfortunately, your voice was a little too high for “Peter”. And too bad we couldn’t see you as the character besides the “Oh fair Princess” shtick. Nice try. And great going with Peter there on VH1. Girls screaming your name…

Aaron Lohr as “Micky”. I had to save the best for last because he was so wrong it was all right. Aaron, pal, you may be able to do the mannerisms and the character but you are no Micky Dolenz, man. Poor thing had to wear that curly wig through the WHOLE movie and all too. You have curly hair. Couldn’t they do something about that? Boy, I’ve seen “Newsies”, “D2” and “D3” (thanks for the Mighty Ducks recommendations, Erica!!; I still chuckle when I think of “It was me!”), The Gap Commercials--and I see this trend with leather here--and I put on “A Goofy Movie” while working at Hollywood Video when I first started. You know what you’ve got? A smile way too big to be real. And you know what else you’ve got? A body. Micky had the smile but Micky never had the body like yours. Sorry man, you ain’t a Micky but you tried your best. But thanks to The Original Unofficial Aaron Lohr Fan Site, I have my favorite Gap Commercials on my computer now. I owe you guys for that!

Now, more of the movie. Let’s start from the beginning. In fact, let’s start with the beginning. What the heck was with that beginning? You didn’t come back to it and it didn’t do a thing for the movie. What, did VH1 come up a whole minute short and needed to fill it with that? I didn’t get that. Second, the Kumbia people. What about “Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore”? I didn’t mind “Van” and Collin Ferguson did a great job, but he took up so many rolls it was like VH1 was on some really tight budget. And “Harris”, who the heck was “Harris”? I’m sorry but that man was constipated. I do want to commend Wallace Langham for his portrayal of Don Kirshner. I know you did well because you got a lot of popcorn for being “Don Kirshner” at the request of Heather!! But here’s the thing. They had $3.4 million and they couldn’t hire a James Frawly? In that same respect, where was Chip Douglas? Y’know, they couldn’t have done Headquarters alone.

Oh, and allow me to elaborate more on the subject of Headquarters. But first, a little background info. During the viewing of the movie at every commercial break, I collected all the popcorn I had thrown before—and poor Aaron got a lot of it with his sorry excuse for a “James Cagney” impression and then there was the sorry excuse for a remake of the show’s opening. (Could they not start Aaron off at the top of the stairs before he hit the cake or at least tried a human croquet game in orange rubber suites? Is that really too much to ask? They did the pushing the bed down the street thing. They even had the guy standing on the corner!) Every time I collected the popcorn, I put it on a paper plate instead of in the bag because I was also eating what was in the bag and we all know the five-second rule. Well, I had a nice pile of popcorn by this time and what should they play but “All Of Your Toys”. Now, I love the song, don’t get me wrong, but for purposes of a bio flick, perhaps something like “No Time” would have been better SINCE THEY RELEASED THAT SONG. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Now if I had to use “All of Your Toys”, I would have chosen the version off Rhino’s re-release CD of Headquarters. But nope, it was the version from Missing Links 1. Not only was it my least favorite version of the song but from my least favorite CD I own with some, but not all, of my least favorite sounding songs (and to those very devoted fans, I have yet to hear “The Day We Fall In Love”). Well, let’s just say poor Aaron got a whole plate of popcorn at his face this time all at once with a little splash back on George and L.B. Sorry good buddy. If it makes you feel any better, Aaron, I threw some at L.B. for saying sleep was overrated.

OK, now we’re going to be going into territory which I’m sure will get me a lot of hate mail. We had Phyllis, alright? But where were Samantha and Linda? Where we Mike’s affair? We’re doing a very sugar coated bio pic here. I don’t think the public would mind a little inappropriate behavior. What, was it a decision between sex and drugs? (And I threw a lot of popcorn at the drugs at the discretion of my fellow viewers.) I think this movie was so sugar coated, my teeth would hurt watching it--or maybe it was the popcorn.

Going along the lines of the sugar-coatedness of the movie, what was with the end? How can you end this movie with a beach party?!? The end wasn’t that a happy ending. Alright, let’s look at another not so happy though happy ending of a movie: “That Thing You Do” ended with snapshots of the band and a short telling of what they did the rest of their life. This movie ended with an unexpected beach party where they’re all singing the theme song. Oh, and Jeff, Mike never danced hun. I saw this clip on ET wondering where the heck they’d put this. I was thinking “This better not be in the remaking of the opening of the show.” Fortunately it wasn’t. UNfortunately it was in a worse place: the end of the movie. This was then followed by the biggest popcorn hauling: “All Of Your Toys” during the credits. I warned everyone that if they saw the bag hit the TV, they’d know I was pissed. Well, they saw the bag hit the TV. I don’t care if it was symbolism. The Monkees released better songs than that! Why not “Pleasant Valley Sunday” or, here’s a notion, “Daydream Believer” considering the title of the movie? Shall I continue about the wardrobe choices for the “Daydream Believer” video or can we go on?

All right, so I’m probably the biggest movie basher you’ve read--and that wasn’t even the very technical stuff--but the movie wasn’t all that bad. As they say, ever cloud has its silver lining. (They also say behind every cloud there’s rain but I’ve already shown that.) For instance, “Fairy Tale”. I’m surprised they even put that in. I was on the floor laughing at their attempts at the attempts (redundant, no?). Could we not see any actor trying this not cracking up? I couldn’t. Jeff, you make a wonderful princess. But wait, where was Harold? VH1 budget problems again. Also, Aaron’s one man band. Unfortunately, it ruined the one really serious “gonna get to know ‘Micky’ and ‘Peter’” scene of the movie but it was almost worth it. And did anyone notice we didn’t find out what “Micky” and “Peter’s” last names were? Watch it again. Oh yes, and didn’t you have just a little sympathy for the guy in the red boots? Sure they didn’t fit him but you’ll always know it’s a bad sign when a guy in red boots comes out yelling, “Don’t go in there, Corky. He’s crazy,” because he’ll mean it. I hope that one day when I’m famous and I have to visit my father in Manchester he’ll think I’d grown into a lovely woman, just like “Davy’s” dad thought of him. And wasn’t “Christian” the cutest little thing? He knew where it was at playing with his blocks there. I may have to sit down and chat with him about deep philosophy someday.

In closing (What’s this? She’s finally finished?) I would have to say that according to the TV Guide’s Hits and Misses, “Daydream Believer: The Monkees Story” deserved the 6 it got. It was a good story but a bad bio. And Jeff, George, L.B., and Aaron, you did your best and you did a great job but you weren’t “The Monkees”. You had your moments and you had your angles and I hope someday you’ll get to meet your characters in real life as L.B. did with Peter but sorry, you’re not going to pass as the Monkees in my book. But you’re still moving across my computer screen as a screen saver until I can find another picture to put there. Keep up your good work and hope to see you guys in something else real soon. L.B., I’ll have to rent “The Out-of-Towners” now just to see you as another character. George, keep up the singing, man. You’ll do great. Jeff, keep practicing the guitar, buddy. And wear the hat; it looks good on you! Oh, and Aaron, nice abs man. And I don’t look either. Ask Erica!! And Heather!!, I don’t look!

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"Daydream Believers: The Monkees' Story" Review
by: Melody C. Rowland a.k.a. El Rowlando The Bandit Without A Clue;-}
(Thanks for the review, Melody :) )

This movie, I thought, was really pretty good. I recommend seeing it for all you Monkee fans that haven't. It's not the greatest I've ever seen, but it's pretty good.

Personally, I think that they could've gotten better look alikes for the parts. The person that looks most like the real thing is Aaron Lohr a.k.a. Micky Dolenz. They could've tried a little harder in that area, you know?

There were many mistakes, not all too big. The real Monkees never wore the white outfits in the rainbow room. In the movie they did. That sort of bugged me. Also the Monkees phenomenon did not end with singing and dancing. They didn't dance off together a big happy family, as much as I hate to say it.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 lowest 10 highest) I'd probably give this movie a 7. It was very good and stayed close to the facts. But the end and a few other minor problems just annoyed me.

Well, before anyone who hasn't seen it says "No way! If it's that bad it's not worth it." I should say that this is really just my opinion. I just think that they could've done better. I also still recommend seeing it some time. It's pretty fun to see what happened.

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DayDream Believers: The Monkees Story
by: Laura

Having a machine that can play NTSC videos is lucky, but what's even luckier is a visiting aunt who has Vh1, and who kindly agrees to bring home the tape of this movie! (Oh, and Behind The Music!) So, this is how I got to see this tale brought into film version, all the way from America. So, this is my review:

Yes, the opening sequence was confusing as it did not tie in with the rest of the movie. A man is trying to pitch a show about a group who will do tours, albums etc. (Sound familiar?), describing it as 'Millenium Stuff', but the woman he's pitching to doesn't get it. Cut to: someone called 'Van' pitching the same thing, but in the 60s. My view on this is: It's not Millenium stuff! The world wasn't ready for it then, and it's certainly not ready for it now!!!! And I'm pretty sure I saw that 90s man in The X-Files, but I could be wrong...

Starting off, as we all know, there was no one called 'Van' involved, nor this 'Harris Green' person. It's been said before, and I'll say it again: Where were Bob 'n' Bert? The auditions were reproduced well, and I loved it where 'Micky' was waiting to go in, and the man in before him calls him 'Corky'! Which brings us to:


LB Fisher was able to portray our beloved Peter perfectly. He managed to get the sweet 'n' innocent look down pat, which not everyone can pull off! There was one thing I had a problem with. Just like my online sis Rebecca!! I did not like the line "Sleep is highly overrated." No it's not! And I don't think Peter would say something like that...

George Stanchev is a bit taller than David, and his accent wasn't great, but he manged quite well. And he can sing!!! The dancing was close enough to David's cheesy 60s dancing, so they got something right!

Aaron... *Shakes head* ...You may have slightly resembled Micky, but you made him more annoying than he really is! Okay, scratch that. After three years of the 'Vulcan line' (as Peter put it), I realise there are some annoying parts of Micky, so you were right there, son! Good on you for getting the miming parts perfect. Must have taken some practice.... But Micky didn't look so stiff on the drums. He bounced quite a bit more than that. Oh, and here's an odd thing: After I saw D2 I thought: 'God, he reminds me of Micky'. How close was I?!

Jeff, sadly was the biggest problem for me. He's a good actor and portrayed Mike's emotions brilliantly, but is not my choice for the role. There is someone else I would have preferred play this part, but sadly he came in third!!!

Several things were recreated in the film, such as the incident where they had to jump into the police car and get driven to safety. I loved the lines: "They're only girls", "Well, you talk to them then!" Another one was the infamous Beverly Hills Hotel meeting, the only difference being: there were no reporters there! Highlight for me was the writing of Head, but I had a slight problem with the actor playing Jack. Yes, he looked like him, but on the other side, he looked a bit feminine, which Jack certainly is not.

These are just parts I didn't like, but on the whole I enjoyed it. Yes, not everything was perfect, but it was enough that it got dramatised in the first place. While there was a lot of the story left out, the effort put into it was probably better than some. Some of the clothes even resembled the ones on the show. It's just a pity no-one explained 'FairyTale' to LB and Jeff. I would have liked to have seen them recreate the 'Bunny and a Chicken' scene!!!

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DayDream Believers: The Monkees Story
by: Erin
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Yes, I realize this is pretty good, but hey, I LOVED the movie. I mean, yeah sure, the execs could've done better with the casting, but what can ya do?

First off, I'd like to go into my set of thoughts on the actors. Aaron Lohr looked NOTHING like Micky, but I think he should get an Emmy for his performance. He played Micky "all too well" (I'm quoting Peter Tork). As for George Stanchev (sp?), well, he didn't look much like Jonesy baby, but he managed a pretty good British accent, and Jeff Geddis as Mike made me question exactly how hard he was trying to attempt a Texas accent (if he was trying at all). But Geddis looked a lot like Mike, but he wasn't really a dead ringer. Not like L.B. Fisher (sp?) Oh my god! He looked so much like Peter when he was wearing the wig, it was scary!

As for the supporting cast, who the heck was Harris supposed to represent?! Van was easily taken as Bob Rafelson. I heard somewhere Harris was supposed to be Bert Schnieder, but personally, I don't believe it. Kirschie (as I call him) disappointed me. Sure, the actor captured his jerky side, but he didn't look much like him. Then there was Phyllis Nesmith. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't she a blonde? The actress that played her had brown hair, and she didn't look much like her, either. (BTW. I think the reason they had Van and Harris in the movie instead of Bob and Bert was probably because the producers of the movie didn't have permission to use their names. I've heard that movie producers have to get permission from people to use their names in a movie or something.)

As for the movie itself, I was pleasantly surprised, to tell you the truth. I thought it was going to be all Davy, Davy, Davy, Davy and that's all. That would have been murder for me since I'm a REALLY HUGE Nez fan. Even though Peter and Micky didn't have much of a part in the movie (only because they were featured the most in the "Behind the Music), they did have their moments (well, I think Peter's big scene was when he punched Davy, I'm not so sure about Micky's scene). However, there were a few flaws. There were only a few accurate things in the movie. Here's the list in no particular order: Micky's "checkmate" scene Mike bringing in the laundry to his audition Davy and the salad The "Last Train to Clarksville" sequence Jimi Hendrix opening for the Monkees Mike punching a hole in the wall Davy dressing up as a girl to get into his father's house without getting mobbed by the fans The Monkees jumping into a police car to save their butts from screaming teenagers Peter punching Davy in the face (however, the argument in real life was over an episode, in the movie, Davy insulted Peter)

Here are some random thoughts of my own: The Monkees weren't so buddy-buddy in real life (especially not Mike and Davy) Why didn't they play "Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again?" during the "Head" sequence? Didn't Phyllis have Christian before Mike auditioned for the Monkees? "All of Your Toys" was NEVER released on an album! IMHO, they should've done "For Pete's Sake" (especially when they did "All of Your Toys" for ending credits) Mike was a Christian Scientist. When Phyllis was in that car accident in real life, Mike wanted the medicals (or whatever) to take her home, and in the movie, they left her at the hospital! Davy's hair wasn't that long during the entire Monkees expirience and Micky's wasn't fuzzy The "Daydream Believer" sequence, as much as I hate to say it, is a little sloppily done. They all just look weird. They never wore all white in the Rainbow Room.

And now: My Favorite Scene I know I complained about the hospital scene, but I have to admit it WAS my favorite scene. I found it very cute when Davy's talking to the girl and the little boy comes up to Mike and he signs his cast. I thought that was really cute.

All in all, I found it to be a pretty good movie. I thought some of the scenes looked like something I'd write (especially the one after Mike punches a hole in the wall). If VH-1 did another Monkee movie, I'd be all for it (and I'd just hope it won't have gallons of Jonesy in it!)

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