by: Rebecca!!
2.5 *'s
(and I'm bein' nice again)


It's a long and unusual story as to how I acquired this movie. Actually it's easy; I bought it offa But I bought it at 2:00am in the morning in a box set containing 3 other DVDs. But hey, $32.00 for four low quality mobster movies for movie buff-in-training ain't bad.

I had known that Micky was in this little movie directed by Nicholas Cage's brother Christopher Coppola (co-staring Mr. Cage as well), but it was one movie that had alluded my grasp since we do not carry it at my Hollywood Video. But now that I have a means of shopping on-line, I figured it was time to expand my horizons and working on going broke the easy way. But I was still a little reluctant on this purchase. I mean, it was also a Trimark Pictures film. (Trimark Pictures are the people who made a whole bunch of very cheap monster movies for USA Network. Perhaps you've heard me mention one on another site of mine, the movie OCTOPUS?) Upon closer examination, I found that this purchase would also make me the proud owner of another movie called Underworld, a shoot-'em-up-and-let-God-sort-'em-out movie staring Denis Leary with a gun. So if 10 minutes of Micky wasn't worth $32.00, then 10 minutes of Micky and Denis Leary with a gun both on DVD was. So I bought it.

Deadfall is not worth $8.00! The whole middle could have easily been cut out of it and not just 'casue Micky did not occupy it. In fact, Micky was just a cameo for the most part, one that was not mentioned in the featurette also contained on the DVD. He was just there…with a gun. The few lines he had were either, "What'll it be?" or "why don't we just sell the diamonds?" And if it weren't for the credits, you wouldn't really know his name was Bart. Disappointing, yes, but it had Micky and a pretty funny, overacting/overly bad acting Nicholas Cage.

Oh, and quite a bit of female frontal nudity.

But, if you cut out all that frontal nudity, you've got a good 45-minute movie about a twisted Sting starring Michael Biehn and James Coburn with other notable cameos such as Charlie Sheen and Peter Fonda.

Watch at your own's pretty bad :)


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