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HEAD Review

By Erica

Now I don't know how many stars I should give Head. It's between 3 and 4. 3 because there's no plot and I can't follow and 4 because that's why it makes the movie so great.

I remember the first time watching the movie and sitting there going "what the hell?...".."boy the 60's were wired." But then I watched it about over and over again and then I just got into it. I like the movie, part by part because later figured I guess there was no plot and just went along with it. Its a fun movie and it is Monkeeish enough to get into the swing of things. From the coke blowing up and them being dandruff in peoples hair. Now I have a hard time reviewing this movie because it's just something I just sit back and watch and enjoy and laugh at and listen to. This is definitely some of there better music.

I can review and talk about all the meaning of the movie and what it meant to me:). How about that. Now we all know that this is about the "death of the Monkees". With them jumping the bridge. The War stuff was there to show the stuff that was going on during the years and how it influence people. I got this, "Rocks stars go to War" (aka Elvis goes to war). People leaving the restaurant when the Monkees were coming shows that people couldn't stand the Monkees, mostly the older folks, because they were long haired weirdoes and, etc., meanings, you know why, don't make me get into it. The black box we know what that means, it was there manufactured imaged and they were all thrown into it with no way out, and they had to found the way, and they each had there own way out. The fans finally catching them and tearing them apart. Micky leaving the set during the "cowboy and Indians" saying he doesn't want to do this anymore, is saying that they don't want to do any more of the same old stuff (aka TV show) and they want to leave it behind. Mike follows. Right now that's all I can pull out of my hat. But they did help make two people famous or pull them on there way.

Terri Garr. This was her first specking roll and now she's still doing films. Such as Dumb and Dumber (which mentions the Monkees hehe) and Young Frankenstien.

And Toni Basil so Chronograph the dances in the movie who later sings "Mickey your so fine" (hmmm I wonder if she's talking about our Micky?)

Hey people of France like this movie I hear it didn't have to be an underground hit. So what's wrong with us Americans?? Maybe it sounds better in French. I wonder? But at least the people at AMC are nice about it:) It just takes 30 years.

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HEAD Review
by: Rebecca!!
3.5 out of 5 *s

Picture this: you're walking through a desert. Your cantine is empty for once it was full. There ahead of you on the dune is a Coke Machine. You take out your money and put it in the slot and press the button. All you get is the "empty" light flashing. Now, who wouldn't be a little ticked off at that?

And that, IMHO was the best part of the entire movie.

I remember back in the day when I had money to spend and I went onto a Suncoast Video and I bought "Head". I brought it home and watched it waiting and waiting and waitng for the plot and then, all of a sudden, they're driving away in a tank of water with Victor Mature on the back smoking a cigarette? Wait a minute here. What happened to the movie? Shouldn't this have had a plot? Well, I was young and stupid back then--I must've been 14 or so. Well, now at 17 and knowing more about the era and their thoughts on life and of what a movie should be made of (a building?) I've come to have a little more respect for the drug induced film the Monkees made.

What first concerned me after I had noticed it more was the footage of Vietnam. The guy getting shot in the head. What concerned me most was that that really happened. I mean, I was watching a guy get shot in the head on a Monkees movie. I saw that same footage in my US History B class this past school year--in fact, I asked about it--and it didn't occure to me how big a deal it was. I know that some of the weaker hearted even closed thier eyes as we saw that footage on some History Channel video my teacher had. I mean, seeing an egg shoot off a bazooca and a bra commercial, don't you think that kinda dulls down the meaning of the movie to us feeble minded? I'll tell you one thing: it makes me feel a little better that this kind of stuff isn't on the news as much anymore, if you know what I mean.

I do have to say I was a bit disappointed in a few parts. I mean, the whole Cavlry seen with Teri Garr. I kinda wish they could have gone further with that scene instead of quitting and getting Davy then meeting some creapy guy and going to a cafê to meet Peter. Another was he begining with Micky jumping off a bridge. Death at the beginning...OK? Death at the end...OK. Then there were the little things that ticked me off because of me. One, Davy, I'm sorry man but that was some lame-ass faking of the violin, babe. I'm going on my 10th year of playing the violin here and that just plain sucked. Wrist back from the neck of the violin, dear. And also, Micky, in "Circle Sky," you had the best jacket on and what do you do? You took it off! WHY?!?

If I had to pick which was better, the movie or the CD, I'd have to pick the movie. Let me give some advise to you aspiring recording musicians out there: do NOT hire Jack Nicholson to mix your album. Jack, hun, Ditty Diago was fine at normal speed. Why were you playing with the speed control? Also, I know you have a creative licenss but if I'm seeing the movie, I'd rather hear the better parts than Bela Lugosi talking about the Supernatural TWICE or the public talking about laughing and other people. "Glass of cold Gravy with a hair in it" was OK and the whole "Song was prett white" was OK. But what about "He'll never make it through this intense bombardment. Nobody could," or, another of my favorites, "You are the dummy, Dummy"? Even the whole "Shudup you!" argument was good. I do, however appreciate Rhino for putting the extra tracks. I do enjoy Mike's version of "Daddy's Song" and the whole practice of "Ditty Diago"--[in baby voice] Mike says "dumb-ass". And yes Peter, you were being silly enough.

But, let me give you some advise, if you are ever selling your house, put this movie on the day someone comes to see it because those people will buy your house! Where did I get this from? Well, let's just say it worked for me. The trick is, thought, to watch it in segments. Turn it off after a while and then start watching it again. They'll buy your house! They bought ours. The day I put on "Head" for almost no reason, people were coming to see our old house. I had to stp wathing it twice to help my mom ash dishes. Guess what? Those people bought our house! We tried everything including burrying a statue of Joseph upside-down and facing our house in the back yard! And "Head" did it It works, I tells ya!

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