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- complete session discography

presented by Claus Röhnisch

John Lee Hooker

John Lee Hooker - the original albums
John Lee Hooker - the singles and the CDs
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Complete John Lee Hooker
Session Discography
- revised and compiled by Claus Röhnisch
Updated January 27, 2015

JLHJohn Lee Hooker at his prime.

The John Lee Hooker Discography by Claus Röhnisch on a pdf-file

Detroit 1948-1955
Chicago 1955-1964 The Sixties Albums 1970-1999

The session details in this discography are based on Les Fancourt's Hooker-entry in "The Blues Discography 1943-1970"
(totally revised second edition)
Fancourt and McGrath  (by Les Fancourt and Bob McGrath, 2012 Eyeball Productions ISBN 978-0-9866417-4-9, printed in June 2012)
- revised, updated and completed with represantative LP and CD issues - by Claus Röhnisch.

"Boogie Chillen" - a guide by Les Fancourt, and information from Neil Slaven, Dave Sax, Mike Rowe,
Charles Shaar Murray, Scot Pell, and Gary Hearn has also been valuable; with inspiration from Frank Scott, Alan Balfour and Colin Escott. The discography on Hooker by Michael J. Sweeney and Robert Pruter, published in Goldmine magazine, March 20, 1992 has also been studied. The four volumes of the second edition of "The R&B Indies" by Bob McGrath have also been very useful.

Note: The tracks from "The Unknown John Lee Hooker" - Flyright FLYCD 57 (private 1951 recordings - reissued on Eagle CD 20024 in 2004 as "Jack O' Diamonds") not included.
Recordings issued on Shout!Factory 4CD Box 826663-10198 "
HOOKER" (2006) listed for overview (SFBox). The tracks of Charly 4CD "digibook" CD DIG 5 "The Boogie Man" are marked (DIG) for overview.
John Lee Hooker, vcl/gtr plus accomp as shown. For pseudonym credits - see singles discography. For CD track listings, see Ultimate CD Collection

John Lee Hooker's Rosebud session discography
1981 - 2003 compiled by Gary Hearn

Rock These Blues Away (on pdf)
- please note there are some dates wrong in that disco (to be revised later)

 Part One:
John Lee Hooker 1948 - 1955   Johnnie Lee´s Definitive Detroit
With tracks - not in order of Body & Soul chronological CD issues - but based on the Les Fancourt discography - revised by Claus Röhnisch.
This means the tracks are not in the playing order of the Body&Soul CDs, but in a revised and more accurate chrono-order. The Body&Soul double CDs are packed in nice traditional 2CD-sets with extensive inlay booklets including comments and discography by Neil Slaven (and in track order based on the Leadbitter/Slaven "Blues Records" discography).
Each session starts with producer and date of recording - with original vinyl issues and representative CDs.  aoa = alternate of above. The tracks on Bernie Besman´s DCC LP/CD DZL 042 "40th Anniversary Album" (reissued on Demon FIEND LP and CD 154 "The Detroit Lion") are all indicated due to the retitlings (that album also includes "Blues For Abraham Lincoln" from Besman´s 1961 California session). The 33 tracks of Krazy Kat KK LP 200 "Boogie Awhile" are noted with the tracks not on the later KrazyKat CD 05 marked (not CD). All tracks on United Artists LPs 127-J3 and 5512 also on Capitol 3-CD 33912-2 "Alternative Boogie: Early Studio Recordings".  The tracks on the Proper 4CD box PROPERBOX 111 "The Boogie Man" are indicated  #  for overview.
Original master numbers are given after track title (when known). Master/matrix numbers, which lack sufficient discographical significance, are not noted.
All tracks recorded in Detroit, unless otherwise indicated. Besman's sessions done in United Sound Studios with Joe Siracuse, engineer.
Yellow titles indicate original 78 issues (1948 - 1955 issues).

The Greatest Blues:  Detroit 1948
The original Crown LP 5157  "The  Blues" reissued on Kent as "The Greatest Hits of".  "The Complete John Lee Hooker - Vol. 1 Detroit 1948-49". 
(almost equal to Body & Soul 3057012, 2-set CD)


John Lee Hooker 1948-1949 2CD (Fremeaux) featuring his 36 approx. first Detroit recordings).
A "public-domain" CD featuring early Modern and King tracks.
"Boogie Awhile" on Krazy kat. the CD contains 20 titles mostly produced by Barbee and Battle and it contains very rare pseudonym recordings of 1948-1950.

"The Collection 1948-52" on Emi-Gold, featuring 16 United Artists Besman tracks.

"Boogie Chillun" 18 bootleg Detroit recordings on Cellecxtors Edition CD015.


Elmer Barbee demo, rec. June 12, 1948
w. unkn,pno; prob J. Scarber,gtr
Rocks  (aka Miss Sassy Mae)
- KK LP 200 (not CD)
Note: "Dupree" with Scarber, vcl also recorded at this session.

Barbee demos, rec. ca August, 1948
Leavin´ Chicago
- KK LP 200 
Wednesday Evening Blues
- KK LP 200 (not CD)
Note: Hooker also recorded demos of "(When) My First Wife Left Me" at the above session, listed as "When My Wife Quit Me" and "When My First Wife Left Me". German 10CD Box-set "Portrait" lists "My First Wife Left Me" and an alternate of "Do The Boogie" from later session (which in fact is the sam track twice) - "My First Wife Left Me" is the Vee-Jay/Prestige recording of 1960 (also issued on several other public domain CDs). "War Is Over" and "She Was in Chicago" below are remakes of the two above.

Barbee "demo", rec. in Toledo, Ohio 1948
James Watkins,pno; Curtis Foster,dms
(Miss Saide Mae) Curl My Baby´s Hair (Miss Sadie Mae*) - Fortune 846, Fortune LP 3002*
This is possibly the "combo" recording Besman "rejected" when Barbee presented it to Besman.The Fortune single was issued in 1958 (with flip "609 Boogie" - see 1954).

Bernie Besman session, ca September 1948 (leased to Modern, issued on November 3)
Sally May (Sally Mae* or There Is A Day Comin´ Baby**) (aka Sallie Mae) (B 7003)
- Modern 627, Crown LP 5353*,
Kent LP 5025*, UA LP 127**, Rhino CD R2 70572*, Ace CD 799*, SFBox*, #*
Sally Mae (aoa - aka Sallie May)
- Modern 4, Crown LP 5157, Ace CDCHD 315, Virgin CD 82741 
War Is Over (Goodbye California) (aka Highway Blues or Highway 51)  (B 7004)
 - Specialty LP 2127,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405, #

See, See Baby (aoa)
- GB LP 3130
She Was In Chicago (aka Wednesday Evening Blues) (B 7005)
- UA LP 5512, #
Crazy ´Bout That Woman (aoa)
- GB LP 3130
Boogie Chillen'  (Boogie Chillen* aka Boogie Children) (B 7006) - Modern 627, Modern 4, Crown LP 5157*, Kent 332*,
LP 5025*,
Mainstream CD MDCD 903*, Ace CDCHD 315*, DCC LP 042*, Ace CDCHD 405*, Virgin CD 82741, SFBox, #*
Henry´s Swing Club (aoa) - Specialty LP 2127, SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
Johnny Lee´s Original Boogie (aoa
- prob the first take)
- UA LP 127

Note: Modern 627 reedited as "New Boogie Chillen" on Grand 109/Modern 893 with "I Tired" by Sylvester Cotton on the flip. The only album issues with the original Boogie Chillen' spelling are the Rhino CDs, the Audio Fidelity AFZ 005 CD, and the "Hooker" CDbox. All eleven tracks on DCC LP/CD 042 also on Audio Fidelity CD AFZ 005 (Boogie Chillen'), which also has a further nine tracks (all on Mainstream CD MDCD 903). All tracks of Kent LP 5025 also on Ace CDCHM 530 (Original Folk Blues, Plus) also including listed bonus tracks below. Mainstream CD (Half A Stranger), SPCD-7018 (Graveyard Blues), CDCHD 315 (The Legendary Modern Recordings), CDCHD 405 (Blues Brother - 24 Vintage Sensation Recordings), CD 799 (House Rent Boogie), Virgin CD (Blues Kingpins-Blues Immortal). Most tracks of Greene Bottle LP GBS 3130 (Johnny Lee) 2-set not issued on any regular US CD.

Same session
Drifting From Door To Door  (
Driftin' From Door To Door* aka When My First Wife Left Me)  (B 7007)
- Modern 714, Crown LP 5232, Kent LP 5025, Ace CDCHD 315, SFBox*, #
Hobo Blues (B 7008-B)
- Modern 663, Crown LP 5157, Mainstream CD MDCD 903, Ace CDCHD 315,
Virgin CD 82741, SFBox, #

Long, Long Way From Home (aoa)
- UA LP 127
Numbers Blues  (aka Playin´ The Numbers) (B 7009)
- Ace CDCHD 799  (not on Body & Soul)
She Ain´t Good For Nothin´ (aoa ) - GB LP 3130
Alberta (B 7010?) - Specialty LP 2125, SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
Howlin´ Wolf 
(I´m A Howling Wolf*)  (B 7011)
- Modern 730, Crown LP 5353*, Modern 52,
Ace CDCHD 315,
Virgin CD 82741, #
Crawlin' King Snake (Crawling Kingsnake*
or Crawling King Snake** aka Crawling King Snake Blues) (B 7012)
- Modern 714, Crown LP 5157**, Kent LP 5025,
Mainstream CD MDCD 903**, Ace CDCHD 315*, Virgin CD 82741,
SFBox, #
I Rule My Den (aoa)
- UA LP 127
Note: "Drifting.." and "Hobo Blues" may be Barbee recordings from mid 1948 handed over to Besman. When Besman handed his first tapes to Modern in November, 1948 he offered the "Boogie Chillen´"-session plus the tracks above. Some evidence point to the fact that the alternate of "Numbers Blues", "Well I Got To Leave" (see session from ca. December 1949) is actually the alternate of the above and the alternate listed here is from the 1949 session. The CDCHD405 lists James Taylor as lead gtr on "Alberta". The nine recordings listed here often reported as recorded February 18, 1949 - see below. The sound quality on Mainstream CD MDCD 903 is superb (mostly mastered from original acetates).

Barbee, rec. ca November 1948 (sold to Joe Von Battle, resold to Savoy in December)
Mercy Blues (D 1100)
- KK LP 200
Boogie Woogie (D 1101)
- KK LP 200
Helpless Blues (D 1102) 
- Regent 1001, RL LP 003, #
Good Business (D 1103)
- KK LP 200
Goin´ Mad Blues (D 1104)
- Regent 1001, RL LP 003, #, DIG
Grievin´ Blues  (D 1105)
- Savoy LP 2255
Low Down-Midnite Boogie (Lowdown Midnight Boogie* aka Talking Boogie) (D 1106)
- Savoy 5558, LP 2255*, #, DIG
Landing Blues (D 1107)
- Savoy 5558, Savoy LP 2255, #
Twister Blues (D 1108)
- Savoy LP 2255
Shady Grove Blues  (D 1109)
- Savoy LP 2255
Goin´ Home Blues  (aka Goin´ Down Slow) (D 1110)
- Savoy LP 2255
Like A Woman (aka Just Like A Woman) (D 1111) 
- Savoy LP 2255
Note: Hooker calls himself "Poor Slim". All twelve tracks issued on SavoyJazz-Atlantic
CD 92910 and Savoy 17078 (Savoy Blues Legends),
and on Metro Doubles CD METRDCD532 (Early Years - The Classic Savoy Sessions), which also features Hooker's circa 1961 recordings for Savoy.

, rec. ca November 1948 (sold to Battle and resold to King)
Stomp Boogie (Flub*) (K 5590 / K 5594)
- King 4283, King 4504, LP 859*, Polydor LP 2310 256, #
Who´s Been Jiving You (K 5591)
- King LP 885, Pol LP 2310 256, #
Black Man Blues (K 5592)
- King 4283, Pol LP 2310 256, SFBox, #
Poor Joe (K 5593)
- King LP 885, Pol LP 2310 256
Note: King 4283 was the first JLH pseudonym recording (issued around December, 1948 – as by “Texas Slim”). Originally planned to be issued as by "Poor Joe & His Boys" and later intended for King LP 727 (the "Texas Slim" recordings). The American original LP lists three of above (plus “Race Track” instead of K 5592) together with the other 12 "Texas Slim" recordings, although 4 Earl Hooker recordings appear instead. "Flub" credited to Memphis Slim on LP 859 and titled "Unissued, Untitled Instrumental" (as K 5594 on Collectables CD 2877). That CD lists "Black Man Blues" as "Black Man's Blues" and the CD suggests the King 4504 issue actually has "Slim's Stomp" from the Battle session below, re-titled "Stomp Boogie". LP 885 credited “Memphis Slim”. All 16 King tracks on Varèse Sarabande CD 302066597-2 (I'm A Boogie Man). Other tracks “confusions” appear on the public domain issues on Real Gone and Soul Jam in 2014.

Same session

Shake Your Boogie
- KK LP 200 
Poor Slim
- KK LP 200 (not CD)
Poor Slim (aoa)
- KK LP 200
Down So Long
- KK LP 200 (not CD)
Note: The last track includes conversation with Barbee (and the first track below features a Barbee speech). The first track above originally issued on a French bootleg album (v.a.) in the '70s.


Johnnie Sings Blues:  Detroit 1949
King LP 727 including Texas Slim recordings.  "The Complete John Lee Hooker, Vol. 2 - Detroit 1949"  The British Ember LP "Sings Blues", featuring 12 Texas Slim recordings.
(almost equal to Body & Soul 3063142, 2-set CD)

"Moanin´ & Stompin´ The Blues" with the Texas Slim r recordings.

British Ace CDCHD 405 covering 24 Bernie Besman Sensation titles 1948-1951 (all of which are to be found on the two listed Specialty CDs).

The Charly issue of the original King tracks (also issued on Castle as "John Lee Hooker") titled "Don´t You Remember Me", featuring all the 16 King tracks of 1948-1950.ut

A bootleg CD covering Hookers´s  "Texas Slim" recordings".



Barbee, rec. ca December 1948 or poss February 1949  
Miss Pearl Boogie (JB 1402)
- KK LP 200
Morning Blues (JB 1403) (aka
Sittin´ And Thinkin´ JB 1408) - Acorn 308, KK LP 200, Charly CD GR176, #, DIG
Boogie Awhile (JB 1407) (aka Boogie Baby  JB 1460)
- KK LP 200, #
Tuesday Evening (
Tuesday Evening Blues* aka Miss Lorraine version 1) (JB 1461) - KK LP 200, #*
Note: Hooker calls himself "Slim". All four tracks also on Savoy and Metro Doubles CDs. The alternate titles are unissued speeded-up versions. Charly CD GR 176 (Rare Hooker). JB 1403 unedited on KK LP.

Barbee, rec. ca December 1948 or poss February 1949  
w. James Watkins,pno; Curtis Foster,dms

Do The Boogie (JB 1404) - Acorn 308, KK LP 200, Charly CD GR 176, #
Christmas Time Blues (aka Hard Luck Blues JB 1406) - KK LP 200
609 Boogie  (Six O' Nine Boogie*)
(U 2060) (aka Alabama Boogie and After Hour Blues  1405) - Chance 1122, Constellation LP 6, #, Pointblank CD 40116*, DIG
Road Trouble
(U 2061) (aka In My Father´s House 1401?) - Chance 1122, Constellation LP 6, #, DIG
Notes: Hooker calls himself "Slim" - tracks planned to be issued as "Alabama Slim". Elmer Barbee is featured with vocal comments on a couple of the above. All titles also on Savoy and Metro Doubles CDs (with unedited versions of 2060/2061). "Six 0´Nine Boogie (take 1)" and (take 2) on Pointblank CD 40116 are identical. An alternate version of "Do The Boogie" is listed together with the above on the 10CD box set "Portrait" (Past Perfect 10CD 205565 - German bootleg).

Barbee demos, rec. early 1949

w. James Watkins,pno

Cotton´ Pickin´ Boogie
- KK LP 200, Pointblank CD 40116
Low Down Boogie
- KK LP 200 (not CD)
We Gonna Make Everything Alright - KK LP 200 (not CD)
Must I Wait Til Your Man Is Gone
(Must I Wait Ti Your Man Has Gone -KKCD05) - KK LP 200
Roll Me Baby
- KK LP 200 (not CD)
Note: "Cotton..." found on an Audiodisc demo record. Hooker calls himself "Poor Tony".

Idessa Malone - Prize session, early 1949
Miss Rosie Mae
- Prize 704, Staff 704, KK LP 200 (not CD), #
Miss Rosie Mae (aoa)
- Prize 704 (repressing), KK LP 200
Highway Blues
- Prize 704, Staff 704, KK LP 200, #

Besman session, prob. February 16 or 18, 1949
Whistlin´ And Moanin´ Blues (Whistling And Moaning* or Hummin´ The Blues**)  (B 7033)

- Modern 688, Crown LP 5157*, Kent LP 5025, UA LP 127**, #

Hoogie Boogie  (B 7036-A)
- Modern 663, Crown LP 5157,
Ace CDCHD 315, Virgin CD 82741, SFBox, #
Hastings Street Boogie (aoa) - Specialty LP 2127,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
My Own Boogie (aoa) - GB LP 3130
Snap Them Fingers Boogie (
aka Rhythm No. 2) (aoa)
- UA LP 127
Build Myself A Cave - Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7018
Build Myself A Cave (aoa) - Ace CD 799 (not on Body&Soul)
Momma Poppa Boogie - Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
Graveyard Blues - Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405

Besman session, poss as above - or March/April 1949
w. Eddie Burns,hca-1, Andrew Dunham, JamesTaylor or John T. Smith,gtr-2

Miss Eloise (Miss Eloise, Miss Eloise*) 
-1  (B 7039B) - Regal 3295, Sensation 34, UA LP 5512*, #
Burnin´ Hell -1 (B 7040)
- Sensation 21, Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405, #
Sailing Blues
- Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
Black Cat Blues -1/2 
- Specialty LP 2125, SPCD 7018
I Had A Dream  -2
  (aoa)  - UA LP 127
Note: Last three titles poss. April 2, 1951 recordings. John T. Smith or Sylvester Cotton are listed as guitarists on some Besman reissues (although the latest information is James Taylor).

Barbee, rec. ca February/March 1949

Wayne County Ramblin´ Blues
- Danceland 403, KK LP 200, Pointblank CD 40116
w. James Watkins,pno, Curtis Foster,dms and prob Elmer Barbee, vcl

Grievin´ Blues
- Danceland 403, KK LP 200 (not CD), Pointblank CD 40116
Note: The Danceland issues are speeded-up.

Barbee - Chance recordings, early 1949
Miss Lorraine
(U 1948, label: U 1943) - Chance 1108, Advent LP 2801, Charly CD GR176, #
Talkin´ Boogie (aka Slappin´ The Boogie) (U 1949)
- Chance 1108, Advent LP 2801, Charly CD GR176, #
I Love To Boogie (aka Boogie Baby) (U 1986) -
Chance 1110, Advent LP 2801, Charly CD GR176, #
I Love To Boogie (aoa)
- KK LP 200
Graveyard Blues  (U 1987) - Chance 1110, Advent LP 2801, Charly CD GR176, #
Note: Hooker calls himself "Poor John". All Chance tracks appear on Charly LP 1067 "Chicago Blues Masters Vol. 3".
First track listed as an alternate of "
Tuesday Evening Blues" by Fancourt (recorded c. February, 1949).


Besman session, ca July 1949
w. Bernie Besman, alternate percussions -1
Weeping Willow Boogie (Weeping Willow*)  -1 (B 7053B) - Modern 688, Crown LP 5157*,
Modern 24*, Kent LP 5025,
Ace CDCHD 315
, Virgin CD 82741, SFBox, #
My Baby She´s Long And Tall (aoa) -1 
- UA LP 127
Miss Sadie Mae  (B 7054) - Sensation 21, Specialty LP 2127,
SPCD 7018
Forgive Me
- UA LP 5512, #
- UA LP 127, #
Sail On Little Girl (Sail On Little Girl Sail On*) - Specialty LP 2127,
SPCD 7018*, Ace CDCHD 405
Alberta Part 2
  - Specialty LP 2127,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
Note: Modern 688 issued in July, 1949.
"Alberta Part 2" noted as recorded February 18, 1949 or February 27 on some Specialty issues.
"Sail On Little Girl Sail On" also listed as recorded February 27, 1950.

Joe Von Battle - King session, ca August 1949

Nightmare Blues (K 5769)
- King 4323, LP 727, #
Late Last Night (aoa) (K 5770) - King 4366, LP 727, Federal 12377, #
Wandering Blues (K 5771)
- King 4334, LP 727, SFBox, #
Don´t Go Baby (K 5772)
- King 4334, King 6298, LP 727, #
Devil´s Jump (K 5773)
- King 4315, LP 727, #
I`m Gonna Kill That Woman  (K 5774)
- King 4323, LP 727, #
Moaning Blues (Moaning And Stomping Blues*) (K 5775)
- King 4377, King 4504, King 6298*, LP 727, LP 1004*, #
The Numbers (K 5776)
- King 4315, LP 727, #
Drums dubbed on Federal and several later issues. The dubbed version is featured on Pulse  PLS CD 349, which has all 16 Texas Slim recordings. All 16 King tracks on Varèse Sarabande CD 302066597-2 (I'm A Boogie Man).

Battle - King session, ca September 1949
Heart Trouble Blues (K 5790)
- King 4329, LP 727, #
Slim´s Stomp (K 5791)
- King 4329, LP 727, #
Note: Hooker calls himself "Poor Slim". Fancourt notes all of the King sessions may be Barbee recordings, sold to Battle.

Besman session, ca December 1949
No Friend Around (TB´s Killing Me*)  (B 8010)
- Modern 746, UA LP 127*, #
Wednesday Evening  (She Left Me* or  She Left Me On My Bended Knee**) (B 8011)
- Modern 746, Crown LP 5232**, Crown LP 5353*, UA LP 127(see note), Ace CDCHD 315, #
Canal Street Blues (B 8012) - Sensation 26, Specialty LP 2127,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
Playing The Races  (Dream A Number*) (B 8013)
- Modern 730, Kent LP 9006, GB LP 3130*,
Ace CDCHD 315, #
Well I Got To Leave (aoa)  - UA LP 127
Huckle Up Baby (B 8014) - Sensation 26, Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405, SFBox, #
B 8011 issued in two edited versions on UA LP 127 as "Baby Please Don´t Go" and "I Was Beggin´ My Baby". Above session definately late 1949, since "Huckle Up Baby" was released in December, 1949. "Huckle Up Baby" and "Canal Street Blues" noted as recorded February 8, 1950 (and February 27, 1950) on Specialty issues. Greene Bottle LP 3130 (Johnny Lee, 2-set, never issued on CD).


Johnny Lee Sings the Blues:  Detroit 1950
The original "John Lee Hooker Sings The Blues" on Crown LP 5232.  "The Complete John Lee Hooker - Vol. 3 Detroit 1949-1950".
(almost equal to Body & Soul 3067872, 2-set CD)
Please note that the discography below is
not identical to the Body & Soul issue.
This is a revised and more accurate discography! Tracks listed also with representative CDs for overview.

United Artists LP 5512 "Coast to Coast Blues Band", featuring Early Besman tracks.

"No Friend Around" - originally an Advent bootleg - and alter on RedLightnin´ (this image is of a later CD date).

The Legends Collection (DressedtoKill) with 42 tracks - early Battle plus lots of Vee-Jay).

"Gold Collection" 2CD - featuring some Modern and mostly Vee-Jay tracks.

"Graveyard Blues" on Specialty CD covering early Besman material.



Besman session, poss. February 8 or 27, 1950
w. James Watkins,pno-1
Let Your Daddy Ride  (Slow Down Your Chatter Baby*)
 -1 (B 8017) - Sensation 30, UA LP 127*,
Ace CDCHM 530, SFBox, #
Let Your Daddy Ride  -1 (aoa, B 8017)
- Modern 790, Crown LP 5232,
Kent LP 5025, Ace CDCHD 315
Goin´ On Highway 51  (Goin´ Down Highway 51*)  (B 8018) - Sensation 30, Specialty LP 2127*, SPCD 7018*,
Ace CDCHD 405

The Moon Above - GB LP 3130

She Left Me By Myself
- UA LP 127, #
No Mortgage On My Soul
 -1  - UA LP 127, #

All tracks of Kent LP 5025 (except the Modern single version of above) also on Ace CDCHM 530 including listed bonus tracks below. "The Moon Above" poss a recording from c. Sept -49 or even 1952/53.  "Goin' Down Highway 51" listed as recorded February 27, 1950 on Specialty issues.
Malone - King recordings, ca March 1950 (sold from Staff to King in August)
Thinking Blues
(K 5890-2) - King 4377, LP 727, #
Don´t You Remember Me
(K 5891-1)- King 4366, LP 727, Federal 12377, SFBox, #
Note: Drums dubbed on Federal and several later issues
including Pulse  PLS CD 349. John calls himself "Johnny" (prob intended to be issued as by Johnny Williams).

Battle - Gone recordings, prob. early-mid 1950
Mad Man Blues - Gone 60/61, Chess 1462, LP 1454,
Chess MCD 09391, #
Boogie Now (Hey Boogie*) - Gone 60/61, Chess 1462, LP 1454
*, Chess MCD 09391*, #*
Note: Hooker calls himself "Sam". Echo added on Chess LPs.


Besman session, prob. April 28, 1950
My Baby´s Got Somethin´  (B 8035) - Sensation 33, Specialty LP 2127, SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405,
Decoration Day Blues (Lord Taketh My Baby Away*)  (B 8036)
- Sensation 33, UA LP 5512*, #
Boogie Chillen
' #2  (I Gotta Be Comin´ Back* aka Boogie Chillen 2) (B 8037) - Regal 3295, Sensation 34,
Specialty LP 2125, UA LP 127*,
Ace CDCHD 405, #*
21 Boogie (aoa)
- Specialty LP 2127,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
Jump Chillun  (aoa)
- GB LP 3130
Roll ´n´ Roll (I Cried The Whole Night Long*) (B 8040) - Modern 767, GB LP 3130*, Ace CD 799
Rollin´ Blues (aoa)
- Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7018, Ace CDCHD 405
Crying All Night (aoa)
- UA LP 5512, #
One More Time (Lets Talk It Over* or Come Back Baby** aka Let´s Think It Over) (B 8042)
- Modern 790,
Crown LP 5353*, UA LP 5512**, #**

Three Long Years Today
- Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7035, Ace CDCHD 405, #
Strike Blues
- Specialty LP 2127,
SPCD 7035, #
Welfare Blues (aoa)
- UA LP 5512
Lord What More Can I Do (aoa)
- UA LP 127
Turnin´ Gray Blues
- UA LP 5512, #
Note: "Do My Baby Think Of Me" and its alternate listed at April 2, 1951 session below.
Session date on Body & Soul incorrect. "My Baby's Got Something" noted as recorded February 8, 1950 and as April 28, 1950 on different Specialty issues.

Besman session, April 28, 1950
Give Me Your Phone Number  (It´s A Crime And A Shame*) (B 8047)
- Modern 767, UA LP 127*, #* 
You Sure Look Good To Me (aoa)
- GB LP 3130
Notoriety Woman (No Place To Stay*) (B 8048)
- Regal 3304, GB LP 3130*, SFBox
Throw This Old Dog A Bone (aoa)
- UA LP 5512, #
Never Satisfied (Just Like A Woman*) (B 8049)
- Regal 3304, UA LP5512*, #*

The Story Of A Married Woman (aoa)
- UA LP 127, #
Moon Is Rising
- UA LP 5512, #
Please Have Mercy
- GB LP 3130

Note: Session date on Body & Soul incorrect; several of the B8035-B8049 masters issued between May-August 1950.

Malone - Staff recordings, October or November, 1950
Wandering Blues
- Staff 710, Gotham 506, RLP 003, Collectables LP/CD 5151, DIG
House Rent Boogie
- Staff 710, Gotham 506, RLP 003, Collectables LP/CD 5151
, #, DIG
Note: Gotham 506 issued in December, 1950. There is a Johnny Williams single on Staff 711 with
Sunnyland / Bull Headed Woman rumoured to be John Lee Hooker recordings.

Besman session, November 16, 1950
John L´s House Rent Boogie (House Rent Boogie* or
Out The Door I Went** or John Lee's House Rent Boogie***)
(B 9001) 
- Modern 814, CLP 5157*, Modern 52***, UA LP 127**, SFBox

House Rent Boogie  
(Hey,´S The House Rent Boogie**) (aoa) - Mainstream MDCD 903, DCC LP 042**, Ace CDCHD 799  (the alternate not on Body & Soul)
Queen Bee  (B 9002)
- Modern 814, Crown LP 5157, Kent LP 5025,
Mainstream MDCD 903, Ace CDCHD 315,
Virgin CD 82741,
Don´t You Remember Me (Can I Say Hello*) - Crown LP 5232
, UA LP 127*, #*
You´ve Got Another Man (Hello Baby*)  (aoa)
- GB LP 3130, DCC LP 042*
Grinder Man
- Specialty LP 2127, SPCD 7035, Ace CDCHD 405, #
If You Need My Lovin´ Baby (aoa)
- GB LP 3130
I Met The Grindin´ Man (aoa)
- UA LP 127
Nobody To Talk To Me (aka Mean Old Train) 
- UA LP 127, Ace CD 799
Walkin´ This Highway -
Specialty LP 2125, SPCD 7035
Note. "
Grinder Man" noted as recorded on February 8, 1950 on the Specialty issues. Last title may be of sligthly diff. date. Specialty SPCD 7035 (Everybody's Blues).

Original House of the Blues:  Detroit 1951
"House of The Blues" on Chess LP 1438.   "The Complete John Lee Hooker - Vol. 4 Detroit 1950-51"  "Original Folk Blues" on Kent LP 5025 ("stereo" 525).
(almost equal to Body & Soul 3074242, 2-set CD)
Please note that the discography below is
not identical to the Body & Soul issue.
This is a revised and more accurate discography!
Tracks listed also with representative CDs for overview.

"His Best Chess Sides" - a CD on Chess/MCA  50th Anniversdary series with 11 tracks of 1951-54 plus 4 tracks from the 1966 session.

"Black Man Blues" has the "No Friend Around" bootleg tracks.

"Too Much Boogie" on Indigo, featuring Modern Detroit tracks.

"Original Folk Blues" on Kent LP 5025 (this image is the CD which has the same cover except for " PLUS bonus tracks").

Chess double LP  "Mad Man Blues".

"The EP Collection - plus" with 24 Chess titles.


Detroit, for Gotham , ca March 1951 (probably Battle recordings)
Questionnaire Blues
- Gotham 509, #
Real Gone Gal
- Gotham 509, #
Little Boy Blue
- Gotham 513
My Daddy Was A Jockey
- Gotham 513, #
Mean Old Train
- Gotham 515
Catfish (aka Cat Fish)
- Gotham 515, #
Feed Her All Night
- KK LP 816
Feed Her All Night (aoa)
- unissued
How Long Must I Be Your Slave
- KK LP 816
Ground Hog
- KK LP 816
Union Station
- unissued
Jail House Blues
- unissued

Looking For My Baby -
Gotham 509 issued in early 1951 and 515 in March, 1952. All the 9 issued titles (plus the earlier Gotham single) on Collectables LP/CD 5151
(Gotham Golden Classics) and CD 5316 (Detroit Blues, also featuring Eddie Burns). KK LP 816 is the British Krazy Kat album identical to Collectables 5316.

w. Eddie Burns, vcl/gtr, 1951
Where Did You Stay Last Night  - KK LP 816 (Body & Soul Vol 5)
Note: This track was sold to Gotham from Battle in July, 1951.

Besman recordings, prob. April 2, 1951
Do My Baby Think Of Me?
- Specialty LP 2125, DCC LP 042, Specialty SPCD 7035, Ace CDCHD 405, #
I Don´t Be Welcome Here (aoa)
- UA LP 127, #
Note: Date above given on Besman´s DCC LP - and probably correct, although Slaven, Sax and Fancourt list the tracks together with the
"Strike Blues" session of 1950. "Do My Baby Think Of Me" wrongly noted as recorded April 2 (and April 28), 1950 on some Specialty issues.

Besman session, April 2, 1951
w. Little Eddie Kirkland,gtr-1

Women In My Life  (Four Women In My Life*) 
-1  (MM 1560) - Modern 829, Kent LP 9006, Specialty LP 2127*,
SPCD 7035*, Ace CDCHD 315, Ace CDCHD 405, #*
I´m Going Away (Four Women In My Life*) 
-1  (aoa) - UA LP 127, DCC LP 042*
Tease Me Baby (Tease Your Daddy*)  (MM 1561) - Modern 829, Crown LP 5353*,
Ace CDCHD 315
I Need Lovin´ (aoa)
- Specialty LP 2125,
SPCD 7035, Ace CDCHD 405,
Tease Me Baby (aoa)
- GB LP 3130
Looking For Romance (Movin´ On Down The Line*) -1 - Kent LP 9006, GB LP 3130*
Streets Is Filled With Women (aoa) -1 
- UA LP 5512

Reach My Goal (Find Me A Woman*)
- Kent LP 9006, Specialty LP 2127*, SPCD 7035*, Ace CDCHD 405*
Me And A Woman (I´m Gonna Get Me A Woman*) (aoa)
- UA LP 127, DCC LP 042*
Whistle Done Blown  -1  - UA LP 5512
Note: The Specialty edition of the first track has an intro not on the earlier issues; and the last track
may be of slightly diff. date.
Chess session, Chicago April 26, 1951
w. Little Eddie Kirkland,gtr-1

Louise  -1 (U 7326)
- Chess 1482, Modern 842, Chess LP 1438, #, DIG
High Priced Woman (U 7327)
- Chess 1505, LP 1438, #, DIG
Union Station Blues (U 7328)
- Chess 1505, LP 1438, #, DIG
Just Me And My Telephone  (aka Me And My Phone) 
-1  (U 7329) - Chess LP 1454, DIG, SFBox
Ground Hog Blues (U 7330) 
- Chess 1482, Modern 842,  Chess LP 1438, #, DIG
Leave My Wife Alone (U 7331) 
- Chess 1467, LP 1438, #, DIG, SFBox
Ramblin´ By Myself (U 7333)
- Chess 1467, LP 1438, #, DIG
Dreamin´ Blues (U 7334)
- Chess LP 1454, DIG
Note: All Chess recordings issued on MCA/Chess CD MCD 09391
(The Complete 50's Chess Recordings).

Malone - Staff recordings, ca 1951
w. Vernon "Boogie Woogie Red" Harrison,pno; Curtis Foster,dms

Prison Bound
- Staff 718, SwingTime 266, KK LP 200 (not CD), Charly CD GR176
Bumble Bee Blues - Staff 718, SwingTime 266, KK LP 200
(not CD), Charly CD GR176, SFBox
Note: There is a Polydor LP, "All Star Blues", which mistakenly credits two West Texas Slim recordings as by John Lee Hooker.

Besman session, August 7, 1951
w. Little Eddie Kirkland,gtr (plus vcls on -1)

How Can You Do It (MM 1635) - Modern 835, Crown LP 5353, Ace CD 799, Virgin CD 82741
I Work For Her Every Day (Baby How Can You Do It?*) (aoa)
- GB LP 3130, DCC LP 042*
Throw My Money Around
(undubbed version of above) - UA LP 127 (not on Body & Soul)
Johnny Lee´s Mood (Original One Voice aka I´m In The Mood)
- UA LP 5512
Two Voiced Original Mood
- UA LP 127
I´m In The Mood (Three Voiced Original Mood*) (MM 1636)
- Modern 835, Crown LP 5157, Kent 332, Modern 24,
UA LP 127*,
Ace CDCHD 315, Virgin CD 82741, SFBox, #
I´m In The Mood (aoa)
- DCC LP 042, Mainstream CD MDCD 903
I´m In The Mood (w hca dub)
- Ace CDCHD 799 (not on Body & Soul)
Anybody Seen My Baby (Johnny Says Come Back*) (MM 1637) - Modern 847, Crown LP 5157, UA LP 127*,

Ace CD 799,
Virgin CD 82741
I Did Everything (aoa)
- UA LP 127
Turn Over A New Leaf (This Is 19 and 52, Babe* aka 1952 Blues) (MM 1638)
- Modern 847, Crown LP 5232,
DCC LP 042*
, Ace CDCHD 315, #
Let´s Talk It Over -1 - Modern 935, Crown LP 5259, Kent LP 5025,
DCC LP 042, Ace CD 799
Note: Dbl track vcl on original 78 issue of Modern 935 - July, 1954; this title often listed as a 1952 recording together with the
"Rock House Boogie" session or as May 22, 1952; but listed as being recorded as above on DCC LP.

Note: Around August, 1951 Hooker made his private recordings for Gene Deitch - two sessions in Detroit - the last with 4 recordings - one of them listed as August 16 (the original statement was October 18, 1949) (issued on Flyright FLYCD57 - "The Unknown" - and reissued on Eagle CD 20024 as "Jack O' Diamonds"). The first session also includes four unissued tracks.
"Catfish Blues" and "Moses Smote The Water" from that CD issued on SFBox.   tracks

John L. Plays & Sings Folk Blues:  Detroit 1952
The "Folk Blues" Crown LP 5295.  "The Complete John Lee Hooker - Vol. 5 Detroit 1951-53"  "John Lee Hooker plays and sings the Blues" (Chess LP 1454).
(almost equal to Body & Soul, 2-set CD BS2500, The Complete JLH Vol. 5)
Please note that the discography below is
not identical to the Body & Soul issue.
This is a revised and more accurate discography!
Tracks listed also with representative CDs for overview.

MCA´s 50 years celibration 2-set CD "The Complete Chess Recordings" (1950-1954).

"The 40th Anniversary Album" featuring early and late Berne Besman-produced recordings (Modern tracks).

A CD on Blues Collection including 22 early Detroit tracks (Besman and Battle).

"King of the Boogie" - one of several bootleg Hooker CDs.


Besman session, early 1952
w. Bernie Besman,org; and dubbed extra vocals and instruments

Cold Chills All Over Me  (Cold Chills* or I Got Drunk**)
- Modern 862, Crown LP 5157*, GB LP 3130**
Cold Chills (aoa)
- Ace CDHCD 530
Rock Me Mama (Good Rockin´ Mama*) - Modern 862, Crown LP 5232*, GB LP 3130
I Came To You Baby
- UA LP 127
Someone To Love
- UA LP 127 (w. dubbed gtr)

Note: "
Cold Chills" and "Rock Me Mama" issued in three editions each on GB LP 3130
(titled  take 1,2,3
) and "Someone To Love" issued in alternate editions on UA LP 127 - take 1 and 2. Body & Soul Vol 5 has all versions.

Chess session, (prob. Detroit) April 24, 1952

Dbl track vcl and extra dubbed (speeded-up) gtr on -1

Walkin´ The Boogie 
-1 (U 7432) - Chess 1513, LP 1438, #
Walkin´ The Boogie (unedited)
- Chess LP 8203, LP 9102, DIG
Sugar Mama (U 7433)
- Chess 1513, LP 1438, #, DIG
I Don´t Want Your Money
- Chess LP 1454, #, DIG
Hey, Baby
- Chess LP 1454, DIG
The Journey (aka Sentimental Journey)
- Chess LP 1454, DIG
- Chess LP 1454, #, DIG
Love Blues
- Chess LP 1438
- Chess LP 1454, DIG
Lonely Boy Boogie (aka New Boogie)
- Chess LP 1454, DIG
Please Don´t Go (aka Baby Please Don't Go)
- Chess LP 1454, DIG
Worried Life Blues
- Chess LP 1454, #, DIG
Down At The Landing
- Chess LP 1438, DIG
Note: All Chess recordings issued on MCA/Chess CD MCD 09391. "
Lonely Boy Boogie" has a slightly longer ending - and "The Journey" a longer intro on that CD.

Besman session, May 22, 1952
w. Little Eddie Kirkland,gtr (and vcl-1); Bernie Besman,org-2

It Hurts Me So -1/2 - Modern 876, Crown LP 5353, DCC LP 042
I Got Eyes For You (Yes, Baby, Baby, Baby* or Yes, Baby, Baby**)
- Modern 876, Crown LP 5353, DCC LP 042*,
Audio Fidelity CD AFX005**
, Ace CD 799, Virgin CD 82741
I Got Eyes For You  (aoa) 
- Ace CDCHD 799 (not on Body & Soul)
Key To The Highway -1/2
- Modern 886, Crown LP 5353
I Got The Key (aoa)  (Key To The Highway*) -1/2
- DCC LP 042, Ace CDCHD 799*
Bluebird Blues  (Bluebird, Bluebird Taka A Letter Down South*  or Bluebird, Take A Letter Down South**
Blue Bird Blues***)
- Modern 886, DCC LP 042*, Audio Fidelity CD AFX005**,
Ace CD 799***
Note: Double-track voice on several issues of the above titles.

It´s Time For My Lovin´ To Be Done
- RPM 367, Kent LP 9006
That´s All Right
- RPM 367, Kent LP 9006
Note: The last two are by
"Little" Eddie Kirkland, vcl/gtr with Hooker guitar.

Besman recordings, 1952
w. Bob Thurman,pno; Eddie Burns, unkn bs on*; dbd hca-1.

It´s My Own Fault
(aka It's My Fault) - Chess 1562*, LP 1438, MCA CD 09391

It´s My Own Fault  -1   (edited version of above master)
- Fortune LP 3002
Baby I Prove My Love To You
 (unedited version of above) - GB LP 3130
Blues For Big Town
- Fortune LP 3002, MCA CD 09391, #, DIG, SFBox
Juke Bug  -1  (instrumental)
- Fortune LP 3002
You Have Two Hearts
  -  MCA CD 09391
"It's My Own Fault" has dbl track vcl on Chess/MCA issues; hca dubbed on Fortune issue; GB issue no double track and no hca (unedited original recording) - the alternate versions not on Body & Soul. Last track (no pno - no hca - but celeste) not on Body & Soul.

Fortune Records, ca 1952

w. Bob Thurman or Boogie Woogie Red,pno; unknown,gtr (poss overdubbed or Eddie Kirkland); prob Tom Whiteheead,dms

Women And Money 
(aka Money And Women) - Chess 1562, LP 1438, MCA CD 09391

Joe Bihari - Joe Siracuse productions, December 3, 1952
w. Johnny Hooks,tens; Boogie Woogie Red,pno; Jimmy Turner,dms

It´s Been A Long Time Baby
- Modern 897, Ace CD 799, Virgin CD 82741
Ride ´Til I Die
- Modern 907, Ace LP 37,
Ace CDCHM 530
I Tried Hard
- Modern 935, Ace CD 799,
Virgin CD 82741

Bihari - Siracuse productions, 1952
w. Eddie Kirkland,gtr

Rock House Boogie
- Modern 897, Crown LP 5295,
Mainstream CD MDCD 903, Ace CDCHD 315, #
It´s Stormin´ And Rainin´
- Modern 901, Ace CD799
Cool Little Car
- Modern 942, Ace LP 37, Ace CDCHM 530
Lookin´ For A Woman (dbl track) - Modern 978, Crown LP 5295,
Mainstrean CD MDCD 903, Ace CDCHM 530
Note: Double-track voice on
last track - although Mainstream CD has the original unedited master.

The Great JLH Sings His Blues:  Detroit 1953 - 1955
"The Great John Lee Hooker" on Crown LP 5353.
  "The Complete John Lee Hooker Vol 6 - Detroit - Miami 1953-54"  Atco LP 151 - sama cover as Atlantic CD "Don´t Turn Me From Your Door" including the Henry Stone recordings of 1953.
(almost equal to Body & Soul, 2-set CD BS2653 The Complete JLH Vol. 6, issued January 31, 2005)
Please note that the discography below is
not identical to the Body & Soul issue.
This is a revised and more accurate discography!
Tracks listed also with representative CDs for overview.

Fortune LP 3002.

Specialty´s "Everybody´s Blues"

"Shake It Baby" on Charly (with rare tracks).

Specialty Profiles (issued 2006)  with 9 tracks from Sensation/Besman and 5 from Specialty.

"Boom Boom" - another of the endless Charly issues.


Bihari - Siracuse productions, June 26, 1953
w. Boogie Woogie Red,pno; Eddie Kirkland,gtr; Tom Whitehead,dms

Love Money Can´t Buy - Modern 908, Ace CD 799,
Virgin CD 82741
Please Take Me Back - Modern 908,
Ace CDCHD 315

Henry Stone session, prob. Cincinnati (or poss Miami), July 1953

w. Eddie Kirkland,gtr-1 (and sec.vcl-2)

Please Say You
' re Mine  (GR 15117) - unissued (poss. not Hooker)
My Baby Don´t Love Me (15118) - DeLuxe 6046, Atco LP 151, Collectables CD 2877
Blue Monday  (I Ain´t Got Nobody*) -1 (15119)  - DeLuxe 6004, Rockin 524, Chart 614*, Atlantic LP 7228,
Collectables CD 2877*

Misbelieving Baby (My Baby Put Me Down*) (15120) - Chart 614, Atlantic LP 7228*
Love My Baby (aoa) (15121)
- Atco LP 151
Wobbling Baby -1 (15122)  - Chart 609, Atlantic LP 7228
Pouring Down Rain (Wobblin´ Baby*)  -1 (aoa) (15123) - DeLuxe 6032, Rockin 525, Atco LP 151*
Goin´ South (15124) - Chart 609, Atlantic LP 7228
Real, Real Gone (aoa) (15125) - DeLuxe 6046, Atco LP 151, Collectables CD 2877
Lovin´ Guitar Man (Guitar Lovin´ Man*) -1/2 (15126) - DeLuxe 6004, Rockin 524, Atco LP 151*, Collectables CD 2877
Stuttering Blues (Stutterin'  Blues*) (15127) - DeLuxe 6032, Rockin 525, Atco LP 151, Collectables CD 2877*, SFBox
Hook´s Boogie (I Ain´t Got Nobody*) (A 5626)
- Atco LP 151*
Sleepy Blues (Misbelieving Baby*) (A 5627)
- Atco LP 151*
Note: DeLuxe matrix prefix GR-, Chart-prefix C-. Last two tracks are instrumentals most certainly recorded in 1961. All 12 tracks above issued on Atco CD 7567-82365-2 (Don't Turn Me From Your Door). Collectables COL CD 2877 (I'm The Boogie Man), which has 15 of the 16 Texas Slim recordings, also has the three DeLuxe recordings from below plus the tracks listed above.

Bihari - Siracuse productions, poss. August 1953
w. Eddie Kirkland,gtr

Too Much Boogie
- Modern 916, Ace CDCHD 315
Need Somebody - Modern 916,
Ace CDCHD 315, #

Battle recordings, September 1953
w. Eddie Kirkland,gtr

I Came To See You Baby (GV-2-113) - DeLuxe 6009, CD COL2877
I´m A Boogie Man (I'm The Boogie Man*) (GV-2-114) - DeLuxe 6009,
CD COL2877*
My Baby Left Me (GV-2-115)
- originally unissued, CD COL2877, Varèse Sarabande CD 301066597-2
Note: Last track only issued on Collectables and Varèse Sarabande. Varèse (I'm A Boogie Man) has all the original 16 Texas Slim recordings plus the three recordings above. Last track not on Body & Soul.

Bihari - Siracuse productions,
late 1953
w. Eddie Kirkland,gtr

Down Child - Modern 923, Crown LP 5295, Mainstream CD MDCD 903, Ace CDCHD 315, SFBox, #
Gotta Boogie (Gonna Boogie*) - Modern 923, Crown LP 5295*, Mainstream CD MDCD 903*, Ace CDCHD 315
Bad Boy - Modern 942, Crown LP 5295,
Mainstream CD MDCD 903, Ace CDCHD 315, #
Note: Louisiana Red reported to be present on
"Down Child"
according to (early) Les Fancourt. "Boogie Woogie All Night Long" on Crown LP 5232 is by Louisiana Red (calling himself Rockin' Red on that track).

Bihari - Siracuse productions, February 6, 1954
w. Eddie Kirkland,gtr -1
I Wonder Little Darling - Modern 931, Ace CDCHM 530
Jump Me (One More Time) -1  - Modern 931,
Ace CDCHD 315, Ace CDCHM 530

Johnny Vincent session (Esquire Rec. Studios) - Specialty, May 12/13, 1954

w. Johnny Hooks,tens; John Griffith,pno; Theophilus Roosevelt,b; Tom Whitehead,dms
I´m Mad - Specialty 528, SPCD 7035
I Been Done So Wrong (tk 1) - Specialty LP 5013
I Been Done So Wrong (tk 2) - PeaVine (J) PCD1854/55
I Been Done So Wrong (aoa) - Specialty SPCD 7035
Boogie Rambler - Specialty SPCD 7035, SFBox
I Keep The Blues
- Specialty SPCD 7035

No More Doggin´ aka No More Foolin´ - Specialty SPCD 7035
I Do Like I Please
- Specialty LP 5013
(not on Specialty CD, only on Body&Soul)
w. Tom Whitehead,dms
Anybody´s Blues (I Love You Baby)
- Specialty SPCD 7035
Everybody´s Blues - Specialty 528, LP 5013, SPCD 7035
Locked Up In Jail (aka Prison Blues)
- Specialty LP 5013, SPCD 7035
Note: The two alternates not on Body & Soul.

Siracuse session (United Sound Studios) - Specialty, October 18, 1954
Don´t Trust Nobody (I Had A Good Girl*)
- Specialty LP 2117, Ace LP 232*, Specialty SPCD 7035
Nothin´ But Trouble* (Don´t Take Your Wife´s Family In)
- Specialty LP 2149
*, SPCD 7035
I Need Love So Bad
- Specialty LP 2149
, SPCD 7035
Odds Against Me (aka Backbiters and Syndicaters)
- Specialty LP 5013
, SPCD 7035
Bihari recordings, late 1954

w. Eddie Kirkland,gtr;leadgtr-1

Half A Stranger - Modern 948, Crown LP 5295, Mainstream CD MDCD 903, Ace CD 799
Baby, You Ain´t No Good (Baby, You Ain´t No Ugly Good*)
- Crown LP 5295, Mainstream CD MDCD 903,
Ace CD 799, Audio Fidelity CD AFZ005*
, SFBox
Baby I´m Gonna Miss You
- Crown LP 5295, Kent LP 5025, Mainstream CD MDCD 903
You Receive Me
 -1  - Modern 958, Ace CD 799

Bihari recordings, prob. late 1954
w. Otis Finch,tens; Bob Thurman or
John Griffith,pno; Eddie Kirkland,gtr;leadgtr-1;
prob. unknown bs; Tom Whitehead,dms. Add on -2: Johnny Hooks,tens plus prob. unknown baritone sax

Shake, Holler And Run (aka Shake Holler & Run) -2 - Modern 948, Crown LP 5295
, Mainstream MDCD903
I Need Love So Bad - Crown LP 5353, Kent LP 5025
Taxi Driver  -1  - Modern 958, Ace CD 799
I´m Ready - Modern 978, Ace CD 799,
Virgin CD 82741, SFBox

Note: Above titles prob rec. at more than one session. "Shake Holler And Run" listed on Body & Soul but instead "Boogie Chillen'" appears on early pressings. "Shake, Holler And Run" appears on the French "public-domain! CD of 2009, "From Detroit to Chicago 1954-1958" (Sagablues 46 - 532 122-3) together with "Taxi Driver", "Hug And Squeeze You" and "
I'm Ready" (the last four Modern A-sides) plus the JVB single 30 and the first eight Vee-Jay singles (22 tracks total).

Fortune recordings, ca 1954
w. Johnny Hooks,tensax -1, poss. James Watkins,pno; poss. Curtis Foster,dms    
609 Boogie  
- Fortune 846, HiQ 5018X
(Body & Soul Vol 3)

w. Jimmy Miller,tpt; Johnny Hooks,tens; Bob Thurman,pno; Tom Whitehead,dms

Big Fine Woman -
HiQ 5018, Elmor 303, Fortune LP 3002, Chess MCD 09391, DIG
Cry Baby (Cry Baby Cry*)
- Fortune 853, Chess MCD 09391*, DIG
Love You Baby (Tell Me, Baby*)
- Fortune 853, Chess MCD 09391*, DIG
Blues For Christmas
- HiQ 5018, Elmor 303, Chess MCD 09391      check this

Note: Last four not on Body & Soul. “Big Fine Woman” unedited on Chess. “609 Boogie” may be of an earlier date; and was reissued as flip of some Hi-Q 5018 “Blues For Christmas” releases (see Singles Discography).

Battle recordings, ca May, 1955
w. Jimmy Miller,tpt; Johnny Hooks,tens; Joe Woods,pno;Tom Whitehead,dms

Boogie Rambler - JVB 30, KK LP 200
No More Doggin´ - JVB 30, KK LP 200

Bihari recordings, prob. early  1955
w. Otis Finch,tens; Bob Thurman,pno; unknown,b; Tom Whitehead,dms

Hug And Squeeze (
Hug And Squeeze You* or Hug & Squeeze**) - Modern 966, Crown LP 5232*,
Mainstream CD MDCD 903**, Ace CD 799,
Virgin CD 82741
I Love You Baby (I Love Ya Baby*) (aoa)
- Crown LP 5232, Mainstream CD MDCD 903*
The Syndicator (The Syndicate* aka Backbiters And Syndicators) - Modern 966, Crown LP 5232*,
Kent LP 5025, Mainstream CD MDCD 903,
Virgin CD 82741

Tracks and reviews of the Body & Soul CDs

Part Two:
The Complete 1955 - 1964 Vee-Jay Sessions   
Johnnie Lee Hooker in Chicago
- compiled by Claus Röhnisch (based on Les Fancourt's entry in "The Blues Discography 1943-1970" (totally revised edition of 2012), and on my own record collection).
Original title followed by master # and original vinyl issues.
Please note that the discography not has the completely identical track order of the Charly 6-set CD RED Box 6 "The Vee-Jay Years 1955-1964", although most of the tracks are included in that CD-box (126 titles). Unless otherwise indicated all recordings done in Chicago (mostly Universal Studios), produced by Jimmy Bracken, poss Ewert Abner; also produced by Calvin Carter and Al Smith. The first four Vee-Jay LPs (1007, 1023, 1033 and 1043) reissued on Charly CDs GR 281, 284, 300 and 298 - stereo - and with bonus tracks as noted, (the four Charly CDs reissued with SNAP catalogue numbers in 2003). All Vee-Jay LPs also reissued on Collectables CDs.
All tracks on Charly 3-set SNAJ 705 CD "Testament" are listed for overview, marked "Te".  For other representative CD issues - see Ultimate CD Collection.
(Note: Starting in 1959 Hooker also recorded several "folk sessions" for other labels - listed separately after the Vee-Jay sessions)
Click on heading images to listen to all the tracks on the original Vee-Jay albums (ctsy Vee-Jay Records)


I´m John Lee Hooker - On Vee-Jay

I´m John Lee Hooker (CD from Collectables).   John Lee Hooker on Vee-Jay 1955-1958 (featuring 22 super tracks).
October 19, 1955
w. Jimmy Reed,hca; Eddie Taylor,gtr; George Washington,b; Tom Whitehead,dms

Unfriendly Woman (aka Stop Now) (336)
- VJ 265, DJM LP 28026, Charly CDGR281, Te
Wheel And Deal (337)
- TopRank EP 136, DJM LP 28026
Mambo Chillun (338) - VJ 164, DJM LP 28026
Time Is Marching (339) - VJ 164, LP 1007, LP 8502, Properbox111, Te, DIG

March 27, 1956
w. Taylor, Washington, Whitehead

I´m So Worried Baby  (443)
- VJ 233, VJCD 713, Charly CDGR176 (not on RED 6)
I´m So Worried Baby (aoa)
- DJM LP 28026, VJ Japan Box, CDGR281, Te
Baby Lee (444)
- VJ 205, LP 1007, Te, DIG
Dimples (445)
- VJ 205, LP 1007, LP 1049, Trip 169, Chameleon LP 74794, Te
, DIG, SFBox
Every Night (446) - VJ 188, LP 1007, Te, DIG, SFBox  
The Road Is So Rough (aka When I Started Hoboing) (447)
- VJ 233, TopRank EP 136, DJM LP 28026, Te
Trouble Blues (448)
- VJ 188, DJM LP 28026, Charly CDGR281, Te
Note: There are two alternates of "Dimples" listed (a piano and an instrumental version) on a JLH 22 track bootleg CD on Members Edition issued in 2002.

June 7, 1956
w. Otis Finch,tens; plus unknown pno; Taylor, Washington, Whitehead
Done Got Tired (479)
- unissued
Stop Talking (480)
- DJM LP 28026
Time And A Half (481)
- unissued
Lonely Blues (482)
- unissued

March 1, 1957
w. Taylor, Quinn Wilson,b; Whitehead

Everybody Rockin´ (633)
- TopRank EP 136, DJM LP 28026, Te
I´m So Excited (634)
- VJ 245, LP 1007, Te, DIG, SFBox  
I See You When You´re Weak (635)
- VJ 245, VeeJay CD 713, Charly CDGR176 (not on RED 6)
I See You When You´re Weak (aka I Can See You When You're Weak) (aoa)
- DJM LP 28026, VJ Japan Box,
Crawlin´ Black Spider (aka Mean Old Snake) (636)
- TopRank EP 136, DJM LP 28026, Te

June 23, 1957
w. Frankie Bradford,pno; Taylor,gtr; Everett McCrary,b; Richard Johnson,dms

Little Wheel (717)
- VJ 255, LP 1007, LP 1049, Te
Little Fine Woman (718)
- DJM LP 28026, Te
Rosie Mae (aka Nothing But Trouble) (719)
- VJ 255, DJM LP 28026, Te
You Can Lead Me Baby (aka Lead Me On) (720)
- VJ 265, DJM LP 28026, Charly CDGR281, Te

"rehearsal" session for Vee-Jay June 10, 1958 (no master numbers)
Everett McCrary,b; Richard Johnson,dms
Mama, You´ve Got A Daughter (Mama You Got A Daughter*)
(compl alt)
- DJM LP 28026, Chameleon LP 74794*
(wrongly listed as master 929 on RED 6)

- Charly LP 1029, Chameleon LP 74794, Charly CDGR284, Te
House Rent Boogie
- Charly LP 1004, Chameleon LP 74794, Te
Trying To Find A Woman
- Charly CD RED 6
Drive Me Away
- Charly LP 1029, CDGR284, Te
I´m Goin´ Home
(I'm Going Home*) - Instant LP 5009
Love Me All The Time
- Charly LP 1029, CDGR284
Lou Della
- Instant LP 5009
Bundle Up And Go
- Charly CD RED 6, CDGR284
Wrong Doin´ Woman - Charly LP 1029
Note: All ten tracks issued on The Devil's Tunes LP/CD002 with two bonus tracks from below on CD (with track credits as on *).
Les Fancourt lists the above as recorded circa 1959/60.

June 10, 1958
w. Joe (Edward) Hunter or poss. Bob Porter, pno; Taylor, McCrary, Johnson

I Love You Honey (927)
- VJ 293, LP 1007, Te, DIG
, SFBox
You´ve Taken My Woman (928)
- VJ 293, DJM LP 28026, Te
Mama You Got A Daughter (929)
- VJ CD 713, (not RED 6), Charly CDGR176, Te, DIG
I´m Gonna Love You (930)
- unissued
Note: 22 original tracks (with the single versions of the alternates; and none of the rehearsal tracks) of the above issued on Vee-Jay CD NVD2-713 in 1993.

January 22, 1959

w. Eddie Taylor,gtr-1; Earl Phillips,dms-2

Maudie  -1,2  (1067)
- VJ 308, LP 1007, Te
Tennessee Blues  -1,2  (1068)
- VJ 319, Charly LP 1029
I´m In The Mood  -1  (1069)
- VJ 308, LP 1007, LP 1049, Trip 167, Te, DIG
Boogie Chillun (1070)
- VJ 319, LP 1007, LP 1049, Trip 167,
Chameleon LP 74794, Te, DIG
Hobo Blues
(1071) - VJ 331, LP 1007, LP 1049, Te, DIG
Crawlin Kingsnake (Crawlin´ King Snake* or
Crawlin' Kingsnake** ) (1072)  - VJ 331, LP 1007*, LP 1049**,
LP 8502*,
Chameleon LP 74794**, Te**, DIG**


The Best of JLH. ol 1" ootleg featuring 10 Vee-Jay classics.
"This Is Hip - (The Best of)" on UK Charly.
"Shades of Blue" with 13 VeeJay tracks.


"Travelin´" CD from Colectables.


March 1, 1960   (prob. Al Smith, producer)
w. William "Lefty" Bates,gtr; Sylvester Hickman,b; Jimmy Turner,dms

I Wanna Walk (aka I Want To Walk) (1373)
- VJ LP 1023, Chameleon LP 74794
Canal Street Blues (1374)
- VJ LP 1023
I´ll Know Tonight (1375)
- VJ LP 1023
I Can´t Believe (1376)
- VJ LP 1023, Te
Goin´ To California (1377)
- VJ LP 1023
Whiskey And Wimmen (Whiskey & Women*) (1378)
- VJ LP 1023, LP 1049, LP 8502, Oldies45 2451,
Chameleon LP 74794*, Te
, SFBox    Note: some later issues have a slightly longer ending.
Run On (1379)
- VJ LP 1023
Solid Sender (1380)
- VJ 349, LP 1023, Te
Sunny Land (aka Notoriety Woman) (1381)
- VJ LP 1023, Te
Dusty Road (1382)
- VJ 366, LP 1023, LP 1049, Te, DIG
I´m A Stranger (1383)
- VJ LP 1023, Te
No Shoes (1384)
- VJ 349, LP 1023, LP 1049, Chameleon LP 74794, Te, DIG, SFBox
Note: VJLP 1023 issued in stereo with SR-prefix.
The Folk Lore of JLH - The World's Greatest
"The Folk Lore of John Lee Hooker" CD from Collectables.
   "Is He The World´s Greatest Blues Singer" CD from Collectables. 
Purchased from Prestige
, rec. NYC April 29, 1960; remastered by Vee-Jay in 1961

JLH vcl/gtr
Sally Mae
(aka Sadie Mae*) - Charly LP 1029, LP 1081*, Te
I Like To See You Walk
- VJ LP 1033
Take Me As I Am
- VJ 397, LP 1033
You´re Looking Good Tonight
- VJ LP 1033
Moanin´ Blues
- Charly LP 1029,
DIG, Charly CDGR300, Te
Wednesday Evening Blues
- VJ LP 1033, LP 8502, Te
You´re Gonna Miss Me When I´m Gone
- Charly LP 1029, CDGR300
Dirty Ground Hog
- Instant LP 5009, Charly CDGR300, Te
Blues Walkin'  (aka untited instrumental)
- unissued
Five Long Years
- VJ LP 1033, Te
My First Wife Left Me
- VJ LP 1033, Te, DIG
She Loves My Best Friend 
- Charly CD RED Box 6
Come And Ride With Me (aka Automobile Blues)
- unissued
My Heart´s In Misery (aka My Heart In Memory)
- unissued
Note: There is an acetate on United Artists Music Group, featuring the unissued tracksplus Sallie Mae (not identical to above).
Info on the unissued and audio samples, ctsy Scot Pell:
unissued Prestige acetates

Purchased from Vanguard, rec. Newport, June 25, 1960
w. Bill Lee,b

The Hobo (Hobo Blues* aka Dusty Road)
- VJ LP 1033, Vanguard LP 2087*, Vanguard CD 79703*
- Vanguard LP 2087, VJ LP 8502, Vanguard CD 79703, Charly CDGR300
Tupelo (aka Backwater Blues)
- VJ 366, LP 1033, LP 1049, Vanguard LP 2087, Te

Bootleg recordings, live Newport, July 3, 1960
w. the Muddy Waters band: James Cotton,hca; Otis Spann,pno, Pat Hare,gtr;
Andrew Stephens,b; Francis Clay,dms 
My Own Fault
- Charly DIG 5
- Charly DIG 5
I Wanna Walk
- Charly DIG 5
- Charly DIG 5
I Wish You Were Here
- Charly DIG 5
Note: Above not on Charly CD RED Box 6.

Detroit, ca July, 1960  (Fortune Records)
Vernon "Boogie Woogie Red" Harrison,pno; Little Eddie Kirkland or poss. Roy Hooker?,gtr;
Tom Whitehead,dms

Crazy About That Walk 
 - Fortune 855, Charly GR176, DIG 5
We´re All God´s Chillun   - Fortune 855, Charly GR176, DIG 5
, SFBox
Have Mercy On Poor Me  - Fortune LP 3012, Charly DIG
Note: Above not on Charly CD RED Box 6.
Hooker only vcl/gtr   
I'm Mad Again     - unissued

January 4, 1961
w. William "Lefty" Bates,hca-1/gtr; Quinn Wilson,b; Earl Phillips,dms; poss. Pops Staples,gtr.

Want Ad Blues (1715)
- VJ 397, LP 1033, LP 8502,
Chameleon LP 74794, Te, DIG
Will The Circle Be Unbroken (1716)
- Dynasty DST 4501, LP 7301
I´m Going Upstairs (1717)
- VJ 379, LP 1033, Te
, SFBox
I Left My Baby  -1  (1718)
- Charly LP 1081
Hard Headed Woman  -1  (1719)
- VJ LP 1033
I´m Mad Again (1720)
- VJ 379, LP 1033, Te, DIG
Note: Jimmy Reed definately not on any of the above (Hooker sings "blow Lefty blow" on 1718).


"Boogie Chillun" (and by the spelling you know it is Vee-Jay tracks - actually 22)
"Millenium Edition" - one of several late compilations.

This one titled "Boom Boom" (on Legacy featuring 10 VJ tracks)
"Blues Gold - Whiskey And Wimmen" including Vee-jay titles.
This one titled "Boom Boom and other Classics" (ten VJ tracks).
"Forever Gold" featuring 20 Vee-Jay tracks.
"The Definitive Collection" (although it is not) featuring 24 still great Vee-Jay tracks.
"Blues Is My Favourite Colour" (A 20 Vee-Jay -tracks European CD issue).
"High Profile" with ten Vee-Jay tracks.

"Burnin´" CD from Collectables.

Late, 1961 (ca December)
w. Joe (Edward) Hunter,pno; Hank (Henry) Cosby,tens; Andrew "Mike" Terry,bars;
Larry Veeder,gtr;
James Jamerson,b; Benny Benjamin,dms
Process (2201)
- VJ LP 1043, Collectables CD COL7107, Te

(above track listed on LP 8502 but does only appear on later reissues)

Thelma (2202)
- VJ LP 1043
What Do You Say (2203)
- VJ LP 1043
Boom Boom (2204)
- VJ 438, LP 1043, LP 1049, LP 8502, Trip 168, Oldies45 2451,
Chameleon LP 74794, Te, DIG, SFBox
Blues Before Sunrise (2205)
- VJ LP 1043, LP 8502, Te
Lost A Good Girl (2206) (I Lost A Good Girl -RED 6)
- VJ LP 1043
She´s Mine (Keep Your Hands To Yourself*) (2207)
- VJ 453, LP 1043*
, SFBox
Keep Your Hands To Yourself (slightly aoa) - VJ SRLP 1043, Charly CD GR298
I Got A Letter (I Got A Letter This Morning - RED 6) (2208) - VJ LP 1043, Te
A New Leaf (aka 1962 Blues) (2209)
- VJ 453, LP 1043
Let´s Make It (2210)
- VJ LP 1043,
Chameleon LP 74794, Te
Drug Store Woman (2211)
- VJ 438, LP 1043, LP 1049, Trip 168, Te, DIG
Note: VJLP 1043 issued in stereo with SR-prefix in 1967. Both a mono version and the slightly alternate stereo version of "She's Mine" exist on the Japan Vee-Jay Box.

The Big Soul of JLH - On Campus
"The Big Soul Of John Lee Hooker" CD from Collectables.   "John Lee Hooker On Campus"CD from Collectables.
c:a early, 1962
w. accomp as above

Old Time Shimmy (2651)
- VJ LP 1058, Charly CDGR298
Onions (2652)
- VJ LP 1058,
Charly CDGR298
You Know I Love You (2653)
- VJ LP 1058
, Charly CDGR298
Send Me Your Pillow (2654)
- VJ 575, LP 1058, DIG,
Charly CDGR298, Te

poss. January 28, 1962
w. Joe (Edward) Hunter, pno/org; Hank Cosby,tens, unknown tpt; plus accomp. similar to above; and
Mary Wilson plus The Andantes,vcls (feat. Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow and Louvain Demps)
Big Soul (2798)
- VJ LP 1058
Frisco Blues (San Francisco* or Frisco**) (2799)
- VJ 493  (on later pressings),
LP 1058*
, Trip 169, Chameleon LP 74794**, SFBox
She Shot Me Down (aka Boom Boom Boom) (2800)
- VJ LP 1058
Take A Look At Yourself (2801)
- VJ 493, LP 1058,
Charly CDGR298, Te
Good Rockin´ Mama (2802)
- VJ LP 1058,
Chameleon LP 74794
I Love Her (2803)
- VJ 493 (on early pressings), VJ LP 1058
No One Told Me (2804)
- VJ LP 1058

w. unknown,dms

Don´t Look Back (3104)
- unissued (listed on Charly CD RED 6 box, but does not appear)
I Had A Friend (3105)
- unissued
One Way Ticket (3106)
- VJ LP 1066, Te, DIG
Half A Stranger (3107)
- VJ LP 1066, Te, DIG
Bottle Up And Go (3108)
- VJ LP 1066
My Grinding Mill (3109)
- VJ LP 1066
I Want To Ramble (3110)
- VJ LP 1066
Sadie Mae (3111)
- Charly CD RED 6 (listed on Charly LP 1081, but does not appear)
This Is Hip (3112)
- Charly LP 1004, Te, DIG

Mid, 1963
w. accomp. similar to "Frisco"-session, although poss. Martha Reeves & the Vandellas,vcls
and Memphis Slim,pno.

Poor Me (3306)
- VJ LP 1066
I Want To Shout (3307)
- VJ LP 1066
Love Is A Burning Thing (3308)
- VJ LP 1066
I Want To Hug You (3309)
- VJ LP 1066
I´m Leaving (3310) (I´m Leaving Baby* -RED 6)
- VJ 538, LP 1066, Oldies45 324, Te*
Birmingham Blues (3311)
- VJ 538, LP 1066, Oldies45 324, Te, DIG
, SFBox
Don´t Look Back (3312)
- VJ 575, LP 1066, Te, DIG
Note: Mono edition of last track on Charly CD Vee-Jay RED 6 box plus stereo version.





At Concert - In Person
"Concert at Newport" (John Lee Hookers live CD (from Collectables) - not to be mixed-up with his 1964 recordings issue on Dynasty, "In Person".   "In Person" - issued during the resurrection years of Vee-Jay Records (click to listen to audio clips at 
"The Hook - 20 Years of Hits and Hot Boogie" with 16 Vee-Jay tracks (Chameleon LP issued 1989).
Purchased from Vanguard; rec. Newport, July 26/28, 1963
JLH vcl/gtr; unknown,b-1

I Can´t Quit You Now Blues (3822) (I Can´t Quit You Baby)
- VJ LP 1078
Stop Baby Don´t Hold Me That Way (3823) (Stop Now Baby)
- VJ LP 1078
Tupelo  (3824)
- VJ LP 1078 (titled Tuplo on original pressings)
Bus Station Blues (3825)
- VJ LP 1078
Freight Train Be My Friend (Freight Train To My Friend -RED 6) (3826) (aka Hobo Blues)
- VJ LP 1078
Boom Boom Boom (3827) (Boom Boom)
- VJ LP 1078
Boom Boom (alternate)
- Vanguard CD 79703-2 (not on RED 6)
Talk That Talk Baby (3828)
- VJ LP 1078, LP 8502
Sometime Baby  You Make Me Feel So Bad (3829+3830)
   (aka Sometimes You Make Me Feel So Bad)
- VJ LP 1078
(On original VJ LP the above track issued as being two tracks)
You´ve Got To Walk Yourself (You´re Gonna Need Another Favor*)  -1
- VJ LP 1078, Dynasty LP 7301*
Let´s Make It  -1  (3832)
- VJ LP 1078
The Mighty Fire  -1  (3933) (aka Great Fire Of Natchez)
- VJ LP 1078, LP 8502
Note: The retitlings appear on the Vanguard CD 79703 "Live At Newport", issued in 2002 (also including
two of the three titles from Vanguard/Vee-Jay 1960 -
of 1960 not on that CD, although mentioned as such).

Chicago, mid 1964

w. unknown gtr (poss. Wayne Bennett); b; dms

Big Legs, Tight Skirt (4427)
- VJ 670, Charly LP 1004,
Chameleon LP 74794, Te, SFBox
Flowers On The Hour (4428)
- VJ 708, Dynasty LP 7301
It Serves Me Right (It Serves Me Right To Suffer*)  (4429)
- VJ 708, Dynasty LP 7301*, Te*, DIG
*, SFBox*
Ain´t No Big Thing Baby (You Ain' t No Big Thing*) (4430)
- Dynasty LP 7301
, Chameleon LP 74794*
She Left Me One Wednesday (4431)
- Charly LP 1029
You Can Run Baby (You Can Run -RED 6) (4432)
- Dynasty LP 7301
New Sally Mae (4433)
- Dynasty LP 7301
Your Baby Ain´t Sweet Like Mine (4434)
- VJ 670, Dynasty KST 4501, LP 7301, Te
She´s Long, She´s Tall (4435)
- Dynasty LP 7301
You´re Mellow (4436)
- Dynasty LP 7301
Note: All tracks above reissued on RPM CD 208 "The Complete 1964 Recordings" (also featuring the 1964 London session).

The Tomato album "The Early Years" (featuring Vee-Jay tracks) has
"1 Bourbon, 1 Scotch, 1 Beer" included (a live recording from Chicago in 1977 - also issued on Albert King's CD "I'll Play The Blues For You" - Tomato 96142).

Part Three:
Sir John Lee Hooker´s Album Sessions  
The Sixties: Coast-To-Coast

The Atco LP "Don´t Turn Me From Your Door".   Stax LP "That´s Where It´s At".   Live at the café au go-go
Listed are all other John Lee Hooker sessions up to and including 1969, not presented earlier.
Note: Several albums have been reissued on diff. labels thruout the years, only the notable reissues are mentioned.
For representative CD issues - see Ultimate CD Collection.

Riversides´s "Burning Hell"
"The Country Blues of John Lee Hooker" (one of several alt. covers.
"That´s My Story"
The Fantasy album of 1972 comprising The Country Blues and Thats My Story
"Sad And Lonesome" on Muse.
The rare Savoy cirka 1961, repackaged US issue of the Muse LP, the CD including "When My Wife Quit Me".
Stax LP "That´s Where It´s At".
The Atco LP "Don´t Turn Me From Your Door".
The "Sugar Hill" sessions - here on a compilation titled "Boogie Chillun" (also issued on Ace UK as "Live at Sugar Hill Vol 1&2")-
"On The Waterfront" - original Wand LP.
"John Lee Hooker with The Groundhogs - Hooker & The Hogs" - 15 London, England tracks of November 1964 (originally issued as "...And Seven Nights").
"The 1965 London Sessions" on Sequel has the 11 tracks from his sesion with the Groundhogs (of November 1964 - and with brass/horns dub from the USA of 1969).
"It Serves You Right To Suffer"
Chess´ famous "The Real Folk Blues".
"More Real Folk Blues - The Missing Album"
"Live at the café au go-go"
BluesWay´s "Urban Bues" of 1967.
"Simply The Truth"
"If You Miss ´Im ... I Got ´Im"
Carson LP 3662 (also on US Jewel 5005).
"Get Back Home" on Black & Blue and Evidance.

A Travelin Blues Giant

Detroit, April, 1959  (Bill Grauer, prod)
JLH, vcl/acgtr
"Burning Hell" (Riverside LP RM 008; reissued on Fantasy/OBC 555 - 12 tracks)  check details
"The Country Blues of .."
(Riverside LP 12-838, reissued as "The Folk Blues of .."
on Ace CH 282; also on Battle LP 6114 "How Long Blues" - 13 tracks)  check details
"Tupelo Blues" from this session issued on SFBox.

New York City, February 9, 1960
(Orrin Keepnews, prod)
Sam Jones,b; Louis Hayes,dm
"That´s My Story - JLH Sings The Blues"
(Riverside LP 12-321: reissued on Ace LP CH 298;
also on Battle LP 6113
"Blues Man" - 12 tracks)  check details
Note: LP 12-838 and 12-321 reissued on Fantasy 2-set LP 24722
"Black Snake". All three albums reissued on Fantasy OBC CDs.
Three tracks from this session issued on SFBox.

Culver City, California, March 9, 1961  
(Bernie Besman, prod)

"John Lee Hooker"  ("Lost My Job"
12 tracks(Galaxy LP 201 / stereo 8201)  check details

Note: The single Galazy 715 has dubbed brass, b, dms. All twelve tracks from this LP have been reissued and retitled on UnitedArtists or GreeneBottle LPs (no comparative CD issue - although seven of the tracks are on the Capitol 3CD "Alternative Boogie...")

Florida, ca July, 1961  (Henry Stone, prod)
Earl (Hooker?),bsg (14 tracks); Steve Alaimo,vcl/gtr on 1 track, prob rec. ca 1968

"Don´t Turn Me From Your Door - John Lee Hooker Sings His Blues
(Atco LP 33-151, 4 tracks+2 instr) check details
"That´s Where It´s At"  
(Stax LP 2013 and reissued LP 4134, 10 tracks) check details
"Teachin´ The Blues
(Guest Star LP 1902 - "Talkin´ ´Bout My Baby" not on above) check details
15 total tracks   (session details)
At this session the instrumentals from Atco LP 151 prob were recorded (listed in 1953 Stone session). The tracks of Atco reissued on Atlantic LP SD 7228, retitled "Detroit Special" with extra bonus tracks from 1953 (reissued as "Don't Turn Me From Your Door" on Atco/Atlantic CD 82365). Unissued from this session (intended for a withdrawn Ace CD): an unedited version of Teachin The Blues; She Do The Shimmy (unedited version of Talkin' 'Bout My Baby), Meat Shakes On Her Bone (alternate of Talk About Your Baby), You Got To Reap What You Saw (alt of You Lost A Good Man), and the instrumental Stoned Blues. All these may or may not be identical to the Atlantic/Guest Star tracks. The original Atco and Stax LPs reissued on CDs Collectables COL 7703 and Stax 4134.
Three tracks from this session issued on SFBox.

Newark, New Jersey, ca late 1961 (Savoy Records, Fred Mendelsohn, prod)
(Fancourt notes these recordings as ca 1959)

Eddie Kirkland,gtr; unknown b, dms

"Sittin´ Here Thinkin´"
(Muse LP MR 5205)  check details
"When My Wife Quit Me" (issued and titled "When My First Wife Quit Me" on the SFBox);
reissued as "Sad And Lonesome" on Muse CD including "When..." and
"Sittin´ Here Thinkin´" on 32Blues CD 32134 - 12 total tracks.  (session details)

All 12 tracks also reissued on “Early Years – The Classic Savoy Sessions” on MetroDoubles 2CD
METRDCD 532 together with 20 early 1949 Barbee/Savoy recordings.

Hamburg, Germany, October 18, 1962
  (for Brunswick)
T-Bone Walker,pno; Willie Dixon,b; Jump Jackson,dms

"The Original American Folk Blues Festival"
(Excello LP 8029, 4 tracks)
"Let´s Make It (Baby)", "The Right Time" (aka Night Time Is The Right Time), "Shake It Baby", "Need Your Love So Bad".
Tracks issued on Charly DIG 5.
"Let's Make It" issued on SFBox.

San Francisco, November 2-3/8-10, 1962  
  (Bernie Besman?, and Sol Weiss & Jim Easton,prods)

"Live At Sugar Hill"
(Galaxy LP 8205/Ace 287); plus Vol 2 (Ace LP 298)
- 20 total tracks
"Boogie Chillun"
(Fantasy 2-set LP 24706 and CD 24706 of the two above - 19 tracks, not 20) check details
"Live at Sugar Hill vol. 2" (Fantasy FCD-7714-2) 19 new tracks, complete diff tracks

London, England, mid-November, 1964

Tom Parker,pno/org; Tony McPhee,gtr; Pete Cruickshank,b; Dave Boorman,dms

"... And Seven Nights"
Verve-Forecast (Folkways) LP FT 3003,
   check details
reissued with brass/horns as
"On The Waterfront" on Wand LP 689;  details
"The London 1965 Sessions" on Sequel CD NEBCD657 (also with brass/horns dub) - 11 tracks;
and on Ckeve and other labels as "Hooker & The Hogs".
Note: The Cleve issue wrongly states John Mayall is on this. All tracks reissued on RPM CD 208 "
The Complete 1964 Recordings" (also featuring Hooker's last Vee-Jay session). 4 tracks from this album on Charly DIG 5.
"I'm Losin' You" (undubbed) and "I Cover The Waterfrnt" (dubbed) issued on SFBox.

London, England, May 1965  (James Potts for EBB film)
JLH vcl/gtr; 17 tracks
published on the Internet

Hamburg, Germany, October 8, 1965

Buddy Guy,gtr; Fred Below,dms

"The American Folk Blues Festival 1965"
(Fontana LP 681529)
(featuring 2 tracks:
"King Of The World" and "Della May").
"King Of The World" issued on SFBox. There are two alternates of "Della May", both titled "Della Mae" issued on a German ACT CD 9204.

New York City, November 23, 1965
    (Bob Thiele, prod)
Dickie Wells,tbn; Barry Galbraith,gtr; Milt Hinton,b; Panama Francis,dm
"It Serve(s) You Right To Suffer
(Impulse LP 9103 - 8 tracks) check details
Reissued on MCA CD 12025. "Sometimes I Wonder" unissued from this session. "Bottle Up and Go" issued on SFBox.

Los Angeles live, February 17, 1966

unissued session

Chicago, May, 1966
   (Ralph Bass, prod)
Lafayette Leake,pno/org; Eddie Burns,gtr; unkn,b and tamb; S.P. Leary or
poss. Fred Below,dms
"The Real Folk Blues
(Chess LP 1508 - 9 tracks, several reissues - even one as "More Real Folk Blues")
check details

"More Real Folk Blues - The Missing Album (MCA/Chess CD CHD9329 - 9 tracks)  tracks

Note: These two albums reissued on one CD titled "The Complete Chess Folk Blues Sessions"
in Europe on MCA MCD-18335 and "
The Real Folk Blues / More Real Folk Blues" in US on MCA/Chess 112821 - 18 tracks.
"One Bourbon..." issued on DIG 5 and on SFBox. "Let's Go Out Tonight" issued on SFBox.

New York City, August 20, 1966
   (Bob Thiele, prod)
(recorded in studio with audience present)
Otis Spann,pno, Muddy Waters, Sammy Lawhorn, Luther "Snake" Johnson,gtrs;
Mac Arnold,b; Francis Clay,dm
"Live at the Cafe Au Go-Go
(Bluesway LP 6002 - 8 tracks) check details
Reissued on Universal CD11537 with bonus tracks from "Live At Soledad Prison"). "I'm Bad Like Jesse James" issued on SFBox.

Chicago, September 26, and November 27, 1967 
(Al Smith, prod)
session one: Wayne Bennett and prob. Buddy Guy,gtrs; Phil Upchurch and Eddie Taylor,bsgtrs; Al Duncan,dms
session two: Louis Meyers,hca; Eddie Kirkland and Eddie Taylor,gtrs; Phil Upchurch,bsgtr; Al Duncan,dms
"Urban Blues
(Bluesway LP 6012) plus "Want Ad Blues" single track (included in a BGO reissue) - 12 total tracks. check details
Reissued on MCA CD 10760. "Think Twice Before You Go" issued on SFBox.

New York City, September 17-18, 1968
  (Bob Thiele, prod)
Hele Rosenthal,hca; Ernie Hayes,pno/org; Wally Richardson,gtr; William Folwell,b; Bernard "Pretty" Purdie,dm
"Simply The Truth
(Bluesway LP 6023 - 8 tracks) check details
Reissued on MCA CD 22136. "Mean Mean Woman" issued on SFBox.

Cologne, Germany, live October 14, 1968
Big Walter Horton,hca; T-Bone Walker,pno; Eddie Taylor,gtr; Jerome Arnold,b; Jessie Lewis,dms
4 unissued tracks
Note: JLH recorded several sessions in Cologne (Germany), and Europe during late 1968-early 1969,
which were not issued at the time but are available today on a couple of bootleg CDs.

Prob. Miami, Florida - live; with the Chicago Blues Band, ca 1969   (LRC CD 2-9077)
Sunnyland Slim,pno; Johnny Shines,gtr; Willie Dixon,bs; Clifton James,dms 
(5 tracks)
"Crawling King Snake", "Dimples (Love The Way You Walk)", "It Serves Me Right To Suffer", "Maudie" (I MIss You So Bad Baby), "Boom Boom"

Montauban, France, March 26-28, 1969 (Jazz Odyssey LP 005 and LP 014)

3 tracks: "When My First Wife Quit Me"
, "Boogie Chillun" and "Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive"
Note: First two tracks reissued on Jazz Odyssey CD JOCD02 and the third track is also planned to be issued on CD later.

Los Angeles, May 29, 1969
(Ed Michel, prod)
Jeff Carp,hca; Johnny "Big Moose" Walker,pno; Earl Hooker, Paul Asbell,gtrs;

Gino Skaggs,b; Roosevelt Shaw,dm
"If You Miss ´Im...I Got ´Im
(Bluesway LP 6038
- 9 tracks; reissued on MCA CD 13561)
plus 4 originally unissued tracks, which have been issued as bonus on Universal CD MCA 10760  "Urban Blues".

check details
Paris, France, October, 1969
Lowell Fulson,gtr; Carey Bell,b; S.P. Leary,dms
"I Feel Good
(Carson LP 3662, Jewel LP 5005 - 9 tracks; | tracks |
plus with some alternate tracks on Blue Moon CD 070
"Nothing But The Blues"
- 12 tracks recorded
"I Wanna Dance All Night"

(America LP 6101 - 10 tracks; and
"Boom Boom" from Black And Blue LP 950500) | tracks |
The two LPs above reissued on Festival 2LP-set 186 "Black Rhythm 'n' Blues"

Pau, France, November 30, 1969
"Get Back Home In the USA
| tracks on Get Back Home LP |

(Black And Blue LP 333023 - 9 tracks); reissued with 7 extra tracks on B&B CD 59023;

and as "Get Back Home" on Black & Blue and Evidance - also all 16 tracks)

General Note - See also The Original Vinyl Albums

Details on some of the "folk blues" sessions

The Country Blues of JLH

Black Snake
How Long Blues
Wobblin´ Baby
She´s Long She´s Tall She

  Weeps Like A Willow Tree
Pea Vine Special
Tupelo Blues
I´m Prison Bound
I Rowed A Little Boat
Water Boy
Church Bell Tone
Bundle Up And Go
Good Mornin´ Lil´ School Girl
Behind The Plow

Note: recorded at same session as "Burning Hell".


Sittin´ Here Thinkin´
When My Wife Quit Me
I Bought You A Brand New Home
I Believe I´ll Lose My Mind

Teasin´ Me
My Cryin´ Days Are Over
Sittin´ Here Thinkin´
Mean Mistreatin´
How Long?
How Many More Years
CC Rider
Sad And Lonesome
Can´t You See What

  You´re Doin´ To Me

Note: First track originally not on Muse LP but on Savoy LP 1600 - later added as bonus.

Lost My Job
Ballad To Abraham Lincoln

(He Got Assassinated aka Blues For Abraham Lincoln)
Mojo Hand (Risin´Sun/Louisiana Voo Doo aka Louisana Blues For You)
(I) Lost My Job (Tell You A Story)
Deep Down In My Heart

(How Long Can This Go On)
(We) Might As Well Say We´re Through
Left My Wife And Baby

(The Widing Highway)
Travelin´ Day And Night (She Quit Me)
Shake It Up And Go (Johnny Lee And The Thing aka You Gotta Shake It)
Fire At Natchez

(The Great Disaster of 1936)
The Sweetest Girl I Know
Mad With You Baby

(I´m Gonna Whip Ya Baby)
My Mother in Law Moved In

(Troubles In My Home)
Note: retitlings as later Besman reissues.

Henry Stone prod. 1961

You Lost A Good Man
Drifting Blues
Don´t Turn Me (Away) From Your Door
Talk About Your Baby
Teachin´ the Blues
Stand By Me Baby (I Need You)
(Baby) Please Don´t Go
Two White Horses
Talkin´ ´Bout My Baby
Goin´ To Louisiana
My Love Comes Down For You
I Just Don´t Know
Slow And Easy
Grinder Man
Feel So Bad

(the last track may be from a later session and features Alaimo vcl/gtr
- all others Hooker gtr and unkn bassguitar)

Note: First 4 tracks Atco, the remaning issued on GuestStar, Storyville and Stax. Two extra instrumentals are listed in the Detroit disocgraphy, although they prob. were made at this session.

Impulse LP "It Serve You Right To Suffer".

Find full track listings
on all of Hooker' s original albums at
Jarlvik's Super Hooker Discography
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... and then came "Hooker ´n Heat", "Endless Boogie" and all them other things - see below!

Part Four:
Hooker´s Session details from 1970 - on
are not included on this web site, but here are
the original albums 1970 - 2003  
"Frisco Blues"

"Endless Boogie". "Alone - The Second Concert" on Blues Alliance with live recordings from New York´s Hunter College on February 6, 1976 (with several tracks retitled). Hooker live in Tulsa, Oklahoma May 4, 1984.

"The Best of Hooker ´N´ Heat" including ten of the original double-LP-set´s tracks.

"Rising Sun Collection" with 6 rare live recordings of 1977 on JustAMemory label originally from Tomato´s joint Albert King/Hooker LP.

"The Real Blues" featuring lead gtr, bs, dms.

"Face To Face" Vol. 1 - New JLH recordings issued 2003.








Hooker ´N Heat - Liberty 2LP 35002  (rec L.A. May, 1970)   (reissued on Rhino 2LP RNDA 71105 as "Infinite Boogie") check details
Endless Boogie - ABC 2LP 720 (rec S.F. November 10-12, 1970)
  check details
Kabuki Wuki - Bluesway LP 6052 (rec live S.F. August 14, 1971) - reissued on BGO CD 1129 in 2013 c/w ABC 768
Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive - ABC LP 736 (rec S.F. September 28-29, 1971)   tracks |
Live at Soledad Prison - ABC LP 761 (rec Calif., June 11, 1972)
Born In Mississippi, Raised Up in Tennessee - ABC LP 768 (rec as LP 736 w. overdubs March 5-7, 1973)   tracks
- reissued on BGO CD 1129 c/w Bluesway 6052

Free Beer And Chicken - ABC LP 838  (rec May 14-23, 1974)   correct details |
Alone Volume 1 - Labor LP 4 (aka "Solo") (rec Hunter College, N.Y.C. February 6, 1976)
(reissued together with the next as
"Alone" on Tomato 2LP 2696601) 
check details
Alone - Live in New York Vol Two  - MMG LP 64005  (rec as above) 
check details
Live + Well (in Cologne, Germany) - Ornament LP CH 7.104  (rec Cologne, June 18. 1976)
   (reissued on bootleg CD as
"JLH & The Coast To Coast Blues Band"), featuring Jim Kahr, gtr)

Cream  - Tomato 2LP 7009 (rec Palo Alto, Calif. September, 1977) 
check details
Albert King/John Lee Hooker: Live  - Tomato CD 96142 (rec Chicago, October, 1977)
Live in 1978 (at 1978 Telluride Blues and Jazz Festival)  - Lunar2 L2S LP 2008  (rec Colorado, August 26, 1978)
   (reissued on JSP LP 1059 as
"Hookered On Blues") .. and reissued on JSP CD in 2001
"The Real Blues - John Lee Hooker Live in Houston 1979"

Canned Heat and John Lee Hooker - Live at the Fox Venice Theatre - Rhino LP 801 (3 tracks) (rec Calif. 1981)
Hank Williams Jnr Live: Major Moves - Warner Bros LP 25088 (Hooker 5 tracks) (rec Nashville, 1984)
Jealous - Pausa LP 7197 (reissued on Virgin/Pointblank CD in 1996)
(rec Vancouver, Canada, 1982 plus "We´ll Meet Again" Redwood City, Calif. 1986)

The Healer - Chameleon LP 74808  (also on Silvertone ORE LP 508 and CD and reissued on Audio Fidelity)
   (rec at Russian Hill Studios, S.F. Calif. & at Plant, Sausolito and Len Heywood Studios, L.A.
  several sessions incl. January 2, 1987; October, 1987 and April/May, 1988)

The Hot Spot (soundtrack) - Antilles CD 8752 (also on CD 261140)  (rec Hollywood May 7-10, 1990)
Mr. Lucky - Virgin/Pointblank CD / Silvertone ORE CD 519 (rec betw April, 1990 & January-May, 1991)
reissued on Classic Records 24/96 DAD DAD 107 (not playable on CD)

The Best of John Lee Hooker 1965 to 1974 - MCA  MCAD-10539 (the best compilation of late recordings)

Boom Boom - Virgin/Pointblank CDVPBCD 12 (rec betw 1990 and August, 1992)
It´s A Sin To Be Rich - w. Lightnin´ Hopkins - Gitanez Jazz (rec Los Angeles, May 1972 by Ed Michel)
Chill Out - Virgin/Pointblank VPBCD 22  (rec betw April 1991 and July 1993 plus prob. 1995)
Don´t Look Back - Virgin/Pointblank  VPBCD 39  (rec betw April and September 1996 and poss. 1997)
The Best Of Friends - Virgin/Pointblank VPBCD 49 (rec between October 1987 and June 1998)
Face To Face - Eagle ER 20023-2 (EAGCD 265) (rec between 1987 and 2001)

The Virgin/Pointblank albums | track details |

"Alone vol 1"Tomato's  Alone Vol 2
The two volumes of "Alone" (Tomato CDs).

.. click below and you´ll find the contents of all the original albums!
Jarlvik´s Super Hooker Disco | the CDs | vinyl LPs |

The JLH CD results of the New Rose Sessions
1982 - 2001

The original "Healer" cover."Mr. Lucky""Boom Boom""Chill Out"
The CD reissue of "Jealous" (originally different vinyl cover 1986)."Don´t Look Back" ."The Best of Friends" Virgin/Pointblank CD with the best from al his 90´s albums and "The Healer" plus 3 new ones."Face To Face" Vol. 1 - New JLH recordings issued 2003.

John Lee Hooker's Rosebud session discography
1981 - 2003 compiled by Gary Hearn

Rock These Blues Away
(on pdf)

Bootleg on label Immortal featuring live recordings of the 1990s.
check it at AMG

The Bootleg Live Recordings of later years
Hard Times
(recorded 1973) - CarltonSound CD 30360 00962 (issued in 1997); also on
Bluesman - Collector's Edition
- Fuel2000 (3CD - unkn.

Black Night Is Falling (recorded 1977) - Just A Memory (issued June, 2004)
In Chicago 1976 - unkn label  - (Budweiser Sunday Night, Chicago Radio)
In Montreux 1983 - unkn label - (recorded July 15, 1983 with Willie Dixon, John Hammond, Luther Allison)

John Lee Hooker Alive (Arkansas River Blues Festival 1988)
Tulsa Hook - unkn label - (May 4, 1984 in Tulsa, Oklahoma - issued in 2000)

The Night of The Hook
-  PARA1060 (live Manchester, WY, USA April 30, 1986 with the Nighthawks)
The Montreux Album - The Swingin´ Pig TSP-CD-167 (July 11, 1990, feat Bowen Brown, dms)
Don´t Loose The Blues
- MagicMushrooms MMR-CD 9303 (reissue of above)

Ride, Johnny Ride -
Not Guilty Records NG360993 (feat Ry Cooder, Randy California, Bonnie Raitt, Booker T)
Mill Valley ´92 - The Swingin´ Pig TSP-CD-146  (June 1, 1992)
Hook Line And SInker - Blue Knight Records BKR 011 - from various gigs in USA-no dates given
- 15 tracks
(thanks to Phil Wight)
check some bootlegs
And there is a DVD - prob not bootleg with Hooker in Montreal, Canada  in 1980

JLH Live in Montreal, 1980 - DVD (recorded in 1980 in the Montreal Jazz Series)

"Bluesman" on Fuel2000 issued in June, 2005 (3CD) including the "Cream" tracks plus "Hard Times" tracks."Black Night Is Falling"

Hard Times, 1973
Sally Mae, Rock With Me, Hobo Blues, Should´ve Been Gone, Hard Times, Hooker´s Shuffle, I Hate The Day I Was Born
Note: Album reissued on Acrobat CD ACRCG701 as Rock With Me in 2004
with extended track times and tracks from France 1969 and Germany. Tracks:
Baby Baby, Crawlin' Kingsnake, Dazie-Mae, I Feel So Good, Goin'  To California, Hard Times, Hobo Blues, I Feel Good, I Hate The Day I Was Born, Rock With Me, Sally May.
BluesMan - Collector's Edition (3CD)
has the following tracks from above (with poss renamed titles or "extras")

plus the full tracks of "The Cream" Tomato album:

West Texas Blues, I Hate I Got Married, Little Boy Blue, Jailhouse Blues, Katie Mae, Pneumonia Blues, Sally Mae, Rock With Me, Hobo Blues, Should've Been Gone, Hard Times, I Hate the Day I Was Born.

Black Night Is Falling
(live 1977)

Chicken And Gravey, It Serves Me Right To Suffer, Boom Boom, Black Night Is Falling, One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer, One Room Country Shack.

In Montreux 1983
Serves Me Right To Suffer / I Didn´t Know / High Heel Sneakers - I´ll Take Care Of You - Boom Boom - I´m Jealous - Crawlin´ Kingsnake - Little Girl - Boogie Chillen
The Night Of The Hook
, 1986
Introducing The Blues / House Rent Boogie / Boom, Boom, Boom / Boogie With The Hook / Got My Mojo Working / Bring It On Home (all with Robert Cray) / Bring It On Home / Back To The City / Black Night / Back Seat Boogie / Yeah Man / Sweet Home Chicago / Pretty Thing (the last two with John Hammond)

The Montreux Album
, 1990
with rhythm and sax - has the following tracks:
I´m So Lonely - Mable - I´m In The Mood - Crawlin´ Kingsnake - Baby Lee - It Serves Me Right To Suffer - Boom Boom - Boogie Chillun I - The Healer - Boogie Chillun II

(thanks Franz Herzog for details)
Don´t Loose the Blues
, 1990
reissue of above with retitlings as follows:
So Lonely, Mable, I´m In The Mood, Crawlin´ King Snake, Baby Lee, Serve Me Right, Boom Boom, Doin´ The Boogie, The Healer, Boogie Improvisation

(thanks Max Sievert and Franz Herzog for details)

Mill Valley
, 1992
Father Was A Jockey (feat John Hammond) - Crawlin´ Kingsnake (feat Ray Cooder) - I´m In the Mood (feat Bonnie Raitt) - I Want To Hug You (feat Johnny Johnson) - Mr. Lucky (feat Robert Cray) - Boogie Chillun (feat Albert Collins)   check it!
Live in Montreal, 1980
(DVD in the Montreal Jazz Series, issued in 2001). Songs:
It Serves Me Right to Suffer, One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer, I'll Never Get Out of These Blues Alive, Roll Me Like You Roll a Wagon Wheel, Boom Boom, I'm in the Mood, Look at What You Did to My Life, Chicken and Gravy, We're Gonna Do the Shout

Live In Montreal DVD
Live In Montreal DVD

In Chicago 1976
(JLH vcl/gtr, gtr, bsg, dms). Tracks:
1. Boom Boom
2. Serve Me Right To Suffer
3. It Ain´t Right
4. Hobo Blues
5. One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer
6. Whiskey And Wimmen
7. Crawlin´ King Snake
8. Spoken Budweiser announcement
(next four feat. Eddie Taylor,gtr):
9. Feel Good
10. It´s Allright
11. Maudi
12. Wild About You Baby
13. spoken epilogue (announcer)
14. spoken German intro to acoustic tracks
John Lee Hooker vcl/acgtr (solo):
15. Money (Thats´What I Want)
16. Bottle Up And Go
17. Spoken introduction plus
American Blues Festival All-Star Greats - Jam

(thanks Heidi Fischer for getting me one of this

extremely wonderful "bootleg"
- simply terrific stuff - Hooker in perfect shape)


John Lee Hooker Alive -

Recorded Live at Arkansas River Blues Festival 1988
Oklahoma Country Girl
Beer Drinking WOman
Dont You Lie to Me
(the three above by Elvin Bishop and his band
- John Lee Hooker joins for the rest)
Rock Me Babe
That Ain't Right
I Didn't KnowCrawlin' King Snake
Boom Boom Boom
You Know it Ain't Right
You're So Fine
Stormy Monday
Ain't Gonna Drink No More
You're Lovin's All Right
(thanks Sean McClenahan for the info)

"The Wonderful Music of John Lee Hooker" (prob bootleg unknown tracks)."Don´t Look Back" CD - Hooker´s last full album."Live In Concert" a CD featuring tracks from the German recorded Ornamnet LP (with Jim Kahr, lead gtr).
Note: Hooker also did o lot of "cameo" recordings with several famous artists during the ´90s
and issued a couple of "single" CDs featuring tracks not on his albums.
Below you´ll find track listings on some of Hooker´s "rare" albums.

The Unknown John Lee Hooker
Flyright CD "The Unknown John Lee Hooker"
Flyright FLYCD 57 (Note: 1951 recordings; not 1949 ) reissued as
Jack O' Diamonds
Eagle EAGCD 279 (US CD 20024-2)
(last three tracks prob. a second session)

The Eagle EAGCD279, issued in April, 2004 (originally titled "The Unknown John Lee Hooker" on a Flyright CD of 2000).

1. Guitar Blues Instrumental
2. Two White Horses
3. Trouble In Mind
4. Catfish Blues
5. John Henry
6. How Long Blues
7. Ezekiel Saw The Wheel
8. Jack O' Diamonds
9. Water Boy
10. Six Little Puppies And Twelve Shaggy Hounds
11. In The Evenin' When The Sun Goes Down
12. Old Blind Barnabus
13. Moses Smote The Water
14. Spoken Interlude
15. Rabbit On The Log
16. Come And See About Me
17. 33 Blues
18. She's Real Gone
19. I Wonder
20. Untitled Slow Blues

"John Lee Hooker - The Boogie Man"
CHaarly CD DIG 5John Lee Hooker at his prime.
(4-set CD Box digi-pac:   Charly CD DIG 5) contents
Year of recording and original label after title (first listed valid).

Low Down Midnite Boogie (48 Savoy)
Goin´ Mad Blues  (48 Regent)
Morning Blues  (48-49 Acorn)
Do The Boogie  (49 Acorn)
Miss Lorraine  (49 Chance)
Talkin´ Boogie
Graveyard Blues
I Love To Boogie
Road Trouble
609 Boogie
Wanderng Blues  (50 Staff)
House Rent Boogie
Mad Man Blues (50 Gone/Chess)
Leave My Wife Alone (51 Chess)
Ramblin´ By Myself
Ground Hog Blues
Union Station Blues
Dreamin´ Blues

CD 2:

High Priced Woman  (51 Chess)
Just Me And My Telephone
Walkin´ The Boogie (alt) (52 Chess)
Sugar Mama
I Don´t Want Your Money
Hey Baby
The Journey
Lonely Boy Boogie
Please Don´t Go
Worried Life Blues
Down At The Landing
Blues For Big Town (52 Fortune)
Boogie Rambler  (53 JVB)
Big Fine Woman  (54 Fortune)
Cry Baby
Love You Baby
CD 3: 
Time Is Marching  (55 Vee-Jay)
Dimples  (56)
Every Night  (56)
Baby Lee  (56)
I´m So Excited  (57)
I Love You Honey  (58)
Mama, You Got A Daughter (58 alt)
I´m In the Mood  (59)
Boogie Chillun  (59)
Hobo Blues  (59)
Crawlin´ Kingsnake  (59)
Dusty Road  (60)
No Shoes  (60)
My First Wife Left Me  (60)
Moanin´ Blues  (60)
My Own Fault (60 Newport w. band)
I Wanna Walk
I Wish You Were Here
CD 4: 
Have Mercy On Poor Me (60 Fortune)
Crazy About That Walk
We´re All God´s Chillun
I´m Mad Again  (61 Vee-Jay)
Want Ad Blues  (61)
Boom Boom  (61)
Drug Store Woman  (61)
Send Me Your Pillow  (62)
Let´s Make It Baby (62 live Brunswick)
The Right Time
Shake It Baby
Need Your Love So Bad (ditto Excello)
This Is Hip  (63  Vee-Jay)
One Way Ticket
Half A Stranger
Birmingham Blues
Don´t Look Back
It Serve Me Right To Suffer (64 Vee-Jay)
Mai Lee  (64 London, Verve)
I´m Losin´ You
Don´t Be Messing Around With My Bread

I´ll Never Trust Your Love Again  (66 Chess)
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer


"Trilogy" (3-set CD Box: Dressed to Kill 90) contents

"Trilogy" 3-set CD of April, 1999 with 64 tracks covering 1948-1964 (including several really rare Joe Von Battle productions).
Click for Best Buys
to order and for audio clips!

Tower Records - California, USA
Click to find records
to order and for audio clips!

Disc 1:  featuring early, rare Detroit plus alternate VeeJay and bootleg recordings
                      (Disc 1 has also been issued separately on Charly CD "The Rare Hooker")

1. House Rent Boogie  (Staff 1950)   
2. Wandering Blues  (Staff 1950)              
3. Low Down Midnite Boogie  (Savoy 1948)
4. Goin' Mad Blues  (Regent 1948)
5. Miss Lorraine (Chance 1948-49)
6. Morning Blues  (Acorn 1949)
7. Talkin' Boogie (Chance 1949)
8. Graveyard Blues  (Chance 1949)
9. I Love To Boogie (Chance 1949)
10. Do The Boogie  (Acorn 1949)
11. Prison Bound  (Staff 1950-51)

12. Bumble Bee Blues (Staff 1950-51)
13. I'm So Worried, Baby  (altern. VJ 1956)
14. I See You When You're Weak  (altern. VJ 1957)
15. Mama, You Got A Daughter  (altern. VJ 1958)
16. Crazy About That Walk  (Fortune 1960)
17. We're All God's Chillun (Fortune 1960)
18. My Own Fault (live 1960)
19. Maudie  (live 1960)
20. Tupelo  (live 1960)
21. I Wanna Walk (live 1960)
22. I Wish You Were Here  (live 1960)

Disc 2:  featuring classic Vee-Jay tracks

1. Mambo Chillun (1955)
2. Time Is Marching (1955)
3. Unfriendly Woman (1955)
4. I'm So Worried Baby (1956)
5. Baby Lee (1956)
6. The Road Is So Rough (1956)
7. Trouble Blues (1956)
8. Everybody Rockin' (1957)
9. I'm So Excited (1957)
10. Crawlin' Black Spider (1957)
11. Little Fine Woman (1957)

12. Rosie Mae (1957)
13. You've Taken My Woman (1958)
14. Mama You've Got A Daughter (1958 unacc)
15. House Rent Boogie (1958)
16. I'm A Stranger (1960)
17. I'm Mad Again (1961)
18. Hard Hearted Woman (1961)
19. I Wanna Walk (1960)
20. Run On (1960)
21. Blues Before Sunrise (1961)
22. Onions (1962)

Disc 3:  featuring classic Vee-Jay tracks

1. Dimples (1956)
2. Boom, Boom (1961)
3. This Is Hip (1963)
4. I'm In The Mood (1959)
5. I Love You Honey (1958)
6. Crawlin' Kingsnake (1959)
7. Boogie Chillun (1959)
8. I'm Mad Again (1961)
9. Big Legs, Tight Skirt (1964)
10. I'm Going Upstairs (1961)

11. Onions (1962)
12. It Serves Me Right (To Suffer) (1964)
13. Send Me Your Pillow (1962)
14. No Shoes (1960)
15. I'm So Excited (1957)
16. Hobo Blues (1959)
17. Maudie (1959)
18. What Do You Say (1961)
19. She's Mine (1961)
20. Don't Look Back (1963)


"Free Beer And Chicken" of 1974. ABC ABCD-838 (LP)
BeatGoesOn BGOCD 123 (CD)

Complete session details,
compiled by the album´s producer Ed Michel.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; GREG ADAMS, trumpet; MIC GILLETTE, trumpet and trombone; EMILIO CASTILLO and LENNY PICKETT, tenor saxophone; STEVE KUPKA, baritone saxophone [NOTE: this was the TOWER OF POWER horn section--Ed]; ROBERT HOOKER, Fender Rhodes electric piano; CHARLIE GRIMES and WA-WA WATSON [Melvin Ragin], guitar; CLIFFORD COULTER, Fender bass; KEN SWANK, drums; KENNETH NASH, balafon, conga drum, and griot bells.
Recorded May 23, 1974, at The Record Plant, Sausalito.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; JOE COCKER, vocal and tambourine; SAM RIVERS, flute; CLIFFORD COULTER, piano and Fender bass; JIM KAHN and WA-WA WATSON, guitar; RON BECK, drums.
Recorded May 15, 1974, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, guitar; SUGARCANE HARRIS, violins; CLIFFORD COULTER, Hohner Clavinet; HOWARD ROBERTS and HOLLYWOOD FATS, guitar; SKIP OLSON, Fender bass; KEN SWANK, drums; RON BECK, bass drum.
Recorded May 14, 1974, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; SUGARCANE HARRIS, violins; CLIFFORD COULTER, Hohner Clavinet; HOWARD ROBERTS and HOLLYWOOD FATS, guitar; SKIP OLSON, Fender bass; KEN SWANK, drums; RON BECK, bass drum.
Recorded May 14, 1974, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; CLIFFORD COULTER, Hohner Clavinet, Moog synthesizer, and Fender basses; HOLLYWOOD FATS and WA-WA WATSON, guitar; RON BECK, drums; KEN SWANK, bass drum; JOE COCKER, tambourine.
Recorded May 14, 1974, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; CLIFFORD COULTER, Moog and Arp synthesizers and Fender bass; HOWARD ROBERTS and WA-WA WATSON, guitar; RON BECK, drums. Arranged by WA-WA WATSON.
Recorded May 14, 1974, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; GREG ADAMS, trumpet; MIC GILLETTE, trumpet and trombone; EMILIO CASTILLO and LENNY PICKETT, tenor saxophone; STEVE KUPKA, baritone saxophone; CLIFFORD COULTER, Hohner Clavinet, Fender Rhodes electric piano, and Moog bass; HOLLYWOOD FATS and JIM KAHR, guitar; KEN SWANK, drums.
Recorded May 15, 1974, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; MICHAEL WHITE, electric violin; PETER BERG, coconut banjo; FATZ WESS, tom-tom and Moog synthesizers; KENNETH NASH, kalimba (thumb piano), balafon, Chinese hand cymbals, Ganquok bell, and shaker
 Recorded May 22, 1974, at The Record Plant, Sausalito.

(You'll Never Amount to Anything if You Don't Go to) COLLAGE (A Fortuitous Concatenation of Events)
JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; MICHAEL WHITE, electric violin; ROBERT HOOKER, piano; CHARLIE GRIMES and JIM THORSON, guitar; SKIP OLSON, Fender bass; KEN SWANK, drums.
Recorded May 22, 1974, at The Record Plant, Sausalito.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; GREG ADAMS, trumpet; MIC GILLETTE, trumpet and trombone; EMILIO CASTILLO and LENNY PICKETT, tenor saxophone; STEVE KUPKA, baritone saxophone; ROBERT HOOKER, Hammond organ; CHARLIE GRIMES and LUTHER TUCKER, guitar; SKIP OLSON, Fender Bass; KEN SWANK, drums.
Recorded May 23, 1974, at The Record Plant, Sausalito.

JOE COCKER, vocal; CLIFFORD COULTER, Fender Rhodes electric piano and Hohner Clavinet; HOLLYWOOD FATS and WA-WA WATSON, guitar; SKIP OLSON, Fender bass; KEN SWANK, drums.
Recorded May 15, 1974, at The Village Recorder, Los Angeles.

JOHN LEE HOOKER, vocal and guitar; GREG ADAMS, trumpet; MIC GILLETTE, trumpet and trombone; EMILIO CASTILLO and LENNY PICKETT, tenor saxophone; STEVE KUPKA, baritone saxophone; ROBERT HOOKER, Fender Rhodes electric piano; BOYD ALBRITTON, slide guitar; JIM CAROOMPAS, guitar; SKIP OLSON, bass; KEN SWANK, drums.
Recorded May 23, 1974, at The Record Plant, Sausalito.

(For the benefit of any remaining purists, there are no overdubs involved in any of the tracks heard in the COLLAGE. No other claims valid.)
Engineering by Baker Bigsby, with the assistance of Gil Fortis (Village Recorder), Tom Anderson (Record Plant), and Dominic Lumetta . All original sessions were recorded as indicated above, and subsequently sweetened at The Record Plant, Sausalito, and Regal
- formerly Royal - Hidley Hall, Los Angeles. Mixed at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles.
Producer: ED MICHEL.

The Complete John Lee Hooker
1948 - 1954
on Body & Soul
Roots & Rhythm, USA
Order ´em at Roots & Rhythm
(plus 1955 - 1958 chronology)

Body & Soul 3057012 The Complete John Lee Hooker,
Vol. 1 Detroit 1948-49
"The Complete John Lee Hooker - Vol. 1 Detroit 1948-49".Two CDs, 46 tracks, 146 mins, essential. The first in what promises to be an extensive and invaluable series featuring all the recordings by one of the all time great blues singers, in chronological order. This double set features 46 tracks recorded between June 1948 and February 1949 including his #1 R&B hit Boogie Chillen´ and a whole lot more. Of these incredible tracks only 13 were originally issued on 78 - the rest have turned up over the years and were reissued on various LPs. Although all these tracks have been reissued on LP some are making their first appearance on CD and having them all together in chronological order is invaluable. For pure intensity, no other blues artist can match John Lee Hooker at his best and the recordings here feature him at his best with his foot pounding, his guitar rumbling relentlessly and his voice full of overwhelming and, at times, threatening, emotion. His repertoire was amazing - effortlessly shifting between traditional elements he no doubt picked up when he was growing up in Mississippi to the rigors of urban life. And luckily for us he would record for anyone who could come up with some money and the range of his repertoire meant that he never repeated himself, even when he sang the same song - the two alternate takes of Boogie Chillen´ are so different that they are given different titles. The recordings here were primarily recorded for his early manager Elmer Barbee, Detroit entrepreneur Joe Von Battle (who sold Hooker's masters to different labels using pseudonyms like Birmingham Sam, Alabama Slim and Texas Slim) and record distributor Bernard Besman who recorded him for Modern. Except for a few cuts with some bizarre piano playing the rest is all Hooker alone with his guitar. Sound quality is generally excellent and there are informative notes by Neil Slaven. I'm looking forward to the next half a dozen volumes in this series! (Frank Scott) Tracks in alphabetic order:
Alberta/ Black Man Blues/ Boogie Awhile/ Boogie Chillen/ Boogie Woogie/ Christmas Time Blues/ Crawling King Snake/ Crazy 'bout That Woman/ Do The Boogie/ Down So Long/ Drifting From Door To Door/ Goin' Home Blues/ Goin' Mad Blues/ Good Business/ Grievin' Blues/ Helpless Blues/ Henry's Swing Club/ Hobo Blues/ Howlin' Wolf/ I Rule My Den/ Johnny Lee's Original Boogie/ Landing Blues/ Leavin' Chicago/ Like A Woman/ Long, Long Way From Home/ Low Down-midnight Boogie/ Mercy Blues/ Miss Pearl Boogie/ Morning Blues/ Poor Joe/ Poor Slim/ Poor Slim/ Rocks/ Sally Mae/ Sally Mae/ See, See Baby/ Shady Grove Blues/ Shake Your Bougie/ She Ain't Good For Nothin'/ She Was In Chicago/ Stomp Boogie/ Tuesday Evening/ Twister Blues/ War Is Over/ Wednesday Evening Blues/ Who's Been Jiving You

Body & Soul 3063142 The Complete John Lee Hooker,
Vol. 2 Detroit 1949
"The Complete John Lee Hooker, Vol. 2 - Detroit 1949"Two CDs, 46 tracks, 140 mins, essential. The second volume in what promises to be an essential series covering the complete early recordings of John Lee Hooker features 46 tracks recorded in 1949. It includes tracks that were issued as 78s at the time as well as 19 sides not originally issued. Because he was under contract to Modern at the time some of the recordings were issued under pseudonyms - Little Pork Chops, Johnny Williams, Texas Slim and a very thinly disguised John Lee Booker! It's mostly Hooker at his best, by himself, accompanied by his intense electric guitar work. A few cuts feature the bizarre piano work of James Watkins whose playing doesn't quite seem to jell with Hooker's music though he was a regular member of Hooker's group at the time. One session of five songs features some delightfully effective harmonica work by Eddie Burns including the powerful Burnin' Hell. This set also includes the two sides issued on the tiny Danceland label as Little Pork Chops that was unknown until about ten years ago. There is an eight track session that was recorded for Joe Von Battle in 1949 and issued on King that includes some of his most intense work including the ferocious Nightmare Blues/ Devil's Jump/ I'm Gonna Kill That Woman and The Numbers - by comparison his subsequent session for Modern seems almost sedate - I said "almost". A later session issued on Chance is almost as intense with a version of Graveyard Blues where the violence in the lyrics becomes almost palpable. Again, sound is generally very good and there are informative notes by Neil Slaven. (Frank Scott) Tracks:
609 Boogie/ Black Cat Blues/ Build Myself A Cave/ Burnin' Hell/ Cotton Pickin' Boogie/ Curl My Baby's Hair (Miss Sadie Mae)/ Devil's Jump/ Don't Go Baby/ Forgive Me/ Graveyard Blues/ Graveyard Blues/ Grievin' Blues/ Hastings Street Boogie (alternate take)/ Heart Trouble Blues/ Highway Blues/ Hoogie Boogie/ I Had A Dream/ I Love To Boogie/ I Love To Boogie (alternate take)/ I'm Gonna Kill That Woman/ Late Last Night/ Low Down Boogie/ Miss Eloise/ Miss Lorraine/ Miss Rosie Mae/ Miss Rosie Mae/ Miss Sadie Mae/ Moaning Blues/ Momma Poppa Boogie/ Must I Wait Til Your Man Is Gone/ My Baby She's Long And Tall (alternate take)/ My Own Boogie (alternate take)/ Nightmare Blues/ Numbers, The/ Road Trouble/ Roll My Baby/ Sailin' Blues/ Slim's Stomp/ Snap Them Fingers Boogie (alternate take)/ Sometime/ Talkin' Boogie/ Wandering Blues/ Wayne Country Ramblin' Blues/ We Gonna Make Everything Alright/ Weeping Willow/ Whistlin' And Moanin'

Body & Soul 3067872 The Complete John Lee Hooker,
Vol. 3 Detroit 1949-1950
"The Complete John Lee Hooker - Vol. 3 Detroit 1949-1950".46 tracks, 131 mins, essential. The third volume in this wonderful series features one side recorded in 1949 and 45 in 1950. One of the joys of having the recordings in (as best as can be determined) chronological order is that one can trace the developments and changes in John's music over the years. By the time of these recordings John had already had several big R&B hits and was no doubt a bit more comfortable than when he first started and was settling into being a professional musician. A few of the rough edges have gone and while this is still truly powerful and intense music there is nothing here with quite the ferocity of his earlier Graveyard Blues or I'm Gonna Kill That Woman. Most of the tracks here were recorded in professional studios with a much better sound on John's voice, guitar and pounding foot. John is a little more adventurous in his guitar playing with more single string runs. He is also coming up with less original material - often revamping previously recorded songs or doing his own very unique versions of older or current blues favorites. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm complaining since the music here is still consistently powerful, inventive and imaginative - it's just a bit more polished than it had been. (Frank Scott). Tracks:
21 Boogie/ 609 Boogie/ Alberta - Part 2-/ Boogie Chillen 2/ Boogie Now/ Canal Street Blues/ Crying All Night/ Decoration Day Blues/ Do My Baby Think Of Me/ Don't You Remember Me/ Don't You Remember Me/ Give Me Your Phone Number/ Goin' On High Way 51/ Huckle Up Baby/ I Don't Be Welcome Here/ John L's House Rent Boogie/ Jump Chillun/ Let Your Daddy Ride/ Let Your Daddy Ride/ Lord What More Can I Do/ Mad Man Blues/ Moon Is Rising/ My Baby's Got Somethin'/ Never Satisfied/ No Friend Around/ No Mortgage On My Soul/ Notoriety Woman/ One More Time/ Playin' The Races/ Please Have Mercy/ Queen Bee/ Roll' N 'roll/ Rollin' Blues/ Sail On Little Girl/ She Let Me By Myself/ Strike Blues/ The Moon Above/ The Story Of A Married Woman/ Thinking Blues/ Three Long Years Today/ Throw This Old Dog A Bone/ Turnin' Gray Blues/ Wednesday Evening/ Welfare Blues/ Well I Got To Leave/ You Sure Look Good To Me

Body & Soul 3074242 The Complete John Lee Hooker,
Vol. 4 Detroit 1950-51

"The Complete John Lee Hooker - Vol. 4 Detroit 1950-51"46 tracks, essential. The fourth volume in this great series is now available featuring 46 tracks recorded by John Lee in 1950 and 1951. To the great pleasure of blues fans many years later John Lee was willing to record for anyone who had the money to pay him and the sides here recorded for Bernie Besman, Joe Von Battle and others were released on a number of different labels and includes sides not originally issued. The majority of the songs here are just John Lee, his guitar and stomping foot but by April, 1951 there was a a second guitar added on some tracks - that of Eddie Kirkland whose playing was some of the most sympathetic of Hooker's early years though, as always, it is Hooker on his own that is the most compelling. Among the highlights here are several different "takes" of the song Tease Me Baby based on a song by bluesman Tony Hollins - as always a Hooker alternate is a very different performance and always fabulous.(Frank Scott) Tracks:
Anybody Seen My Baby/ Bumble Bee Blues/ Cat Fish/ Dreamin' Blues/ Feed Her All Night/ Four Women In My Life/ Grinder Man/ Ground Hog/ Ground Hog Blues/ High Priced Woman/ House Rent Boogie/ How Can You Do It/ How Long Must I Be Your Slave/ I Did Everything/ I Met The Grindin' Man/ I Need Lovin'/ I Work For Her Everyday/ I'm Going Away/ I'm In The Mood/ I'm In The Mood/ If You Need My Lovin' Baby/ Johnny Lee's Mood/ Just Me And My Telephone/ Leave My Wife Alone/ Little Boy Blue/ Looking For Romance/ Louise/ Me And A Woman/ Mean Old Train/ My Daddy Was A Jockey/ Nobody To Talk To Me/ Prison Bound/ Questionnaire Blues/ Ramblin' By Myself/ Reach My Goal/ Real Gone Gal/ Streets Is Filled With Women/ Tease Me Baby/ Tease Me Baby/ Turn Over A New Leaf/ Two Voice Original Mood/ Union Station Blues/ Walkin' This Highway/ Wandering Blues/ Whistle Done Blown/ You've Got Another Man

Body & Soul BS 2500 The Complete John Lee Hooker,
Vol. 5 Detroit 1951-53

"The Complete John Lee Hooker - Vol. 5 Detroit 1951-53"Issued in January, 2004. The long awaited fifth volume in this series (again 46 tracks) presenting the complete recordings in chronological order of one of the greatest of all bluesmen. Two CDs covering John Lee's recordings from early 1952 to late 1953. Solo tracks as well as tracks with Eddie Kirkland, Bernie Besman, Johnny Hooks and others. (Frank Scott - slightly edited). This issue covers the period right after the success of "I'm In The Mood" starting with some lesser known late Besman tracks and covering the second Chess session plus the very first Joe Bihari-produced Detroit recordings of 1952 and 1953, and the very last Besman recordings of "It's My Own Fault" and "Blues For Big Town" (leased to Fortune and later to Chess). The are also couple of interesting Joe Von Battle recordings - the original versions of Hooker´s combo 'signature' "Booogie Rambler" and his first rendition of Roscoe Gordon's "No More Doggin' ". The set ends with two very fine lesser-known Modern tracks of early 1953. (Claus Röhnisch) Tracks in order of appearance:

Disc 1:
Where Did You Stay Last Night

I Got Drunk
I Got Drunk
Cold Chills All Over Me
Rock Me Mama
Rock Me Mama

Rock Me Mama
I Come To You Baby
Someone To Love
Someone To Love
Walking The Boogie
Walking The Boogie
Sugar Mama
I Don't Want Your Money
Hey Baby
The Journey
Love Blues
Lonely Boy Boogie
Please Don't Go
Worried Life Blues
Down At The Landing
Disc 2:
It Hurts Me So
I Got Eyes For You
Key To The Highway
I Got The Key
Bluebird Blues

It's Time For Lovin' To Be Done
That's All Right
It's Been A Long Time Baby
Ride 'til I Die
I Tried Hard
Rock House Boogie
It's Stormin' And Rainin'
Let's Talk It Over
Cool Little Car
Lookin' For A Woman
It's My Own Fault
Juke Bug
Blues For Big Town

Women And Money
Boogie Rambler
No More Doggin'
Love Money Can't Buy
Please Take Me Back

Body & Soul BS 2653 The Complete John Lee Hooker,
Vol. 6 Detroit-Miami 1953-54

"The Complete John Lee Hooker Vol 6 - Detroit - Miami 1953-54"Issued on January 31, 2005. The sixth volume in this series includes all of the last Hooker Detroit recordings (45 tracks - the four Fortune recordings of ca 1954 - see disco above - are not included). Many of these songs rare and of high quality - most with a full combo. Get it! It is the best of all six volumes in my opinion. Different moods all the way and includes around ten completely different sessions; and Hooker has turned into a mature blues professional. The Specialty recording of "I Do Like I Please" you'll find for the first time on CD. The CDs include the two Henry Stone instrumentals "Hook's Blues" and "Sleepy Blues" (titled "I Ain´t Got Nobody" and "Misbelieving Baby" on Atco). The CD-set lists the ten Henry Stone DeLuxe tracks as recorded in Miami. The original "Boogie Chillen'" appears instead of the listed "Shake Holler And Run" by mistake. When you've got all these six volumes you have all (except for a very few) recordings Hooker has done up to October 1955 (the last Modern recordings probably recorded in 1955 and Hooker made no more   - except the Fortune tracks before his contract with Vee-Jay). Well - here you have an almost complete catalogue except for the "unknown" tracks of the recently issued "The Unknown" / "Jack O' Diamonds" CD of private 1951 recordings - originally thought to be recorded in 1949. (Claus Röhnisch). Of what I think of as the Four Seasons of John Lee Hooker (the "Firecracker" period; his sojourn at Vee Jay;"Free Beer & Endless Boogie" and his last flowering as "Mr. Lucky"), I lean towards this one as my favourite and Body & Soul have done me and those of a similar inclination proud..." (Keith Briggs, "Blues & Rhythm" magazine). Tracks:

Disc One:
Too Much Boogie
Need Somebody
I Wonder Little Darling
Jump Me

My Baby Don´t Love Me
Blue Monday
Misbelieving Baby
Love My Baby
Wobbling Baby
Pouring Down Rain
Goin´ South
Real, Real Gone
Lovin´ Guitar Man
Stuttering Blues

Hook's Boogie
Sleepy Blues
I Came To See You Baby
I´m A Boogie Man

Down Child
Gotta Boogie
Bad Boy
Half A Stranger
You Receive Me
Disc Two:
Baby, You Ain´t No Good
Baby I´m Gonna Miss You
Shake Holler And Run
Taxi Driver
I´m Ready
I Need Love So Bad
Hug And Squeeze
I Love You Baby
The Syndicator
I´m Mad
Everybody´s Blues
Anybody´s Blues
Boogie Rambler
Looked Up In Jail
I Keep The Blues
I Been Done So Wrong
No More Doggin´
I Do Like I Please
Don´t Trust Nobody
Nothin´ But Trouble
I Need Love So Bad
Odds Against Me

If you wanna continue your chronological collection of Hooker recordings - this is the next to get!
(John Lee did not record again until his contract with Vee-Jay)
John Lee Hooker on Vee-Jay 1955-1958
- Vee-Jay NVD2-713 (July, 1993)
The CD covers the Complete JLH Chicago recordings 1955-1958 in chronological order
(the alternates of tracks 5 and 14 not included - they can be found on several Charly issues)
  Click on track to listen to full-length audios (ctsy Vee-Jay Records).

The great Vee-Jay Ltd Partnershop site
seems to have been shut down.
Take a look at this for now!

"John Lee Hooker on Vee-Jay 1955-1958", featuring the first 22 JLH VJ recordings in chronological order.

Read more!
and listen to clips


  1. unfriendly woman


vee-jay 265

  2.  wheel and deal not issued
  3.  mambo chillun vee-Jay 164
  4.  time is marching vee-jay 164
  5.  i'm so worried baby vee-jay 233
  6.  baby Lee vee-jay 205
  7.  dimples vee-jay 205
  8.  every night vee-jay 188
  9.  the road is so rough vee-jay 233
  10  trouble blues vee-jay 188
  11  stop talking not issued
  12  everybody's rockin' not issued
  13  I' M SO Excited vee-jay 245
  14  i see you when you're weak vee-jay 245
  15  crawlin' black spider not issued
  16  little wheel vee-jay 255
  17  little fine woman not issued
  18  rosie mae vee-jay 255
  19  you can lead me baby vee-jay 265
  20  i love you honey vee-jay 293
  21  you've taken my woman vee-jay 293
  22  mama you got a daughter not issued

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Endless Booogie
- The never ending stream of Hooker CDs (bootlegs and not ...)
The classic Vee-Jay recordings have been issued on a uncountable numbers of labels ever since Vee-Jay went overboard in 1965.
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is compiled, edited and provided by Claus Röhnisch, Sweden.

I´d like to thank the following persons for all the information they have shared with the John Lee Hooker fans:
Dave Sax, Mike Leadbitter, Neil Slaven, Mike Rowe, Ray Topping, Les Fancourt, Kurt Mohr, Frank Scott, Alan Balfour, Cliff White, Barrett Hansen, Ted Carroll, Darryl Stolper,  Billy Vera, Colin Escott,
Chartles Shaar Murray, Thomas Jarlvik, Bill Dahl, Robert Pruter, Joop Visser, Gary Hearn,  Scot Pell, Chris Strachwitz, Zakiya Hooker, Jacues Demêtre, Gilles Pétard, Roger Armstrong, Andy McKaie, and Pete Welding.

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