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It Serve You Right to Suffer (BGO)

John Lee Hooker
It Serve You Right to Suffer

Current: Beat Goes On CD 335 (BGOCD335, 1998, U.K.)
Deleted?: MCA/Impulse CD 18186 (MCAD18186)
Deleted?: CD 3127 (PCD 3127, Japan)
Original Issue: Impulse AS 9103 (1966)
Specifications: 1 disc, 8 tracks, duration approx. 33 minutes
Stereo, AAD
Recorded: New York City, November 23rd, 1965
Tracks: 01. Shake It Baby [04:23]
Impulse 242, Impulse LP 9103
02. Country Boy [05:40]
Impulse 242, Impulse LP 9103
03. Bottle Up and Go [02:29]
Impulse LP 9103
04. You're Wrong [04:23]
Impulse LP 9103
05. Sugar Mama [03:16]
Impulse LP 9103
06. Decoration Day [05:08]
Impulse LP 9103
07. Money [02:26]
Impulse LP 9103
08. It Serve You Right to Suffer [05:10]
Impulse LP 9103
References: Impulse LP 9103 It Serve You Right to Suffer (Impulse AS 9103, 1966)
Personnel: John Lee Hooker vocals; guitar
Barry Galbraith guitar (except 06)
Milt Hinton bass
Dickie Wells tambourine on 07
Panama Francis drums

Produced by Bob Thiele
Bob Arnold

Cover design Robert Flynn / Viceroy
Cover photograph
Ray Ross

Includes original liner notes by Stanley Dance and reissue notes by Alan Balfour (latter not on MCA issue)

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JOHN LEE HOOKER - The World's Greatest Blues Singer - with Session Discography

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Cover: Scanned myself.
Release Details: Original issue number from Boogie Chillen book.  Other details from the CD's and online sources.
Specifications: From my MCA CD.
Recorded: Boogie Chillen book.
Tracks: Names and durations from MCA CD.  Issues from Boogie Chillen book.
Personnel: Musician credits from Boogie Chillen book.  Other stuff mostly from CD.