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- the original albums

presented by Claus Röhnisch

John Lee Hooker

The Definitive JOHN LEE HOOKER
1948-1955 Detroit
Session Discography


1955-1964 Vee-Jay
Session Discography


John Lee Hooker´s Original Vinyl Albums
(... and I got ´em all ..., .. Original European issues marked *)
Track listings on several albums reissued on CD are to be found at
Ultimate CD Collection

The Crown LP "The Great John Lee Hooker" on LP 5353.

"No Friend Around" - originally an Advent bootleg 2804.
The two British Advent LPs (2801 and 2804) featuring rare early singles from Chance, Sensation, Gotham,
and King, Regent, Savoy, Acorn, Staff and Modern.
Advent site

Find full track listings
on most of the albums listed below at
Jarlvik's Super Hooker Discography
LPs | CDs

King LP 727."Moanin´ & Stompin´ The Blues"."House of The Blues" Chess.John Lee Hooker plays and sings the Blues (Chess).
The British Ember LP "Sings Blues", featuring Texas Slim recordings.Chess double LP  "Mad Man Blues".United Artists LP 5512 "Coast to Coast Blues Band".Fortune LP 3002.

The Detroit Years: 1948 - 1955
Want to find out track listings of the below?: then check   Thomas Jarlvik´s    albums discography.

Chess 1438   (1959)
Crown CLP 5157   (1960)

King 727  (late 1960)

Crown CLP 5232   (1961)
Chess 1454   (1961)
Crown CLP 5295
Crown CLP 5353   (1963)
Atco 33-151  (1963)

Fortune 3002  (ca 1963)
Advent 2801* 
Kent LP 5025 (KST525)   (1967)
Red Lightnin´ RL003* 
Audio Lab 1520
  (ca 1969)
Specialty SPS 2125
Specialty SPS 2127
United Artists 5512
GreeneBottle GBS 3130  (1972)
United Artists UA-LA-127 
Chess 2-60011
Polydor 2310 256*
Specialty SNFT 5013* 
Savoy 2-2255 
Chess PLP 6061*
  (ca 1981)
Ace CH 37* 
Official 6029*   (ca 1985)
Collectables 5151  
Krazy Kat 816* 
DCC DZL 042   (1989)
Krazy Kat KK 200*  (1990)
Flyright FLY CD57
House Of the Blues (1951-52; several re-issues incl 9258)  tracks
The Blues
(early Modern sides also on United 7725 in ca 1970;
reissued as
The Greatest Hits of.. on Kent 559 in 1971 and United 7769 in ca 1974)
Sings Blues (Battle rec. 1948-50, also on British Ember 3356 in 1964 - reissued 1970 on King 1085
and on Gusto 5032 in 1976 as
Moanin´ and Stompin´ Blues;
also on Bellaphon 8021 as
Moanin' & Stompin'; later on Charly CD 245 plus SeeForMiles
and King Masters as
Don´t You Remember Me)

Sings The Blues (Modern - also  on Custom 1048 and Ember 3371*; and on United 7710 in 1969; all as Driftin´ Thru The Blues)
Plays And Sings The Blues (1950-52; several re-issues incl 9199) tracks
Folk Blues
(fine 1952-54 Moderns, United 7729 in ca 1971)
The Great
(United 7731 in ca 1971 The Great Blues Sounds of)
Don´t Turn Me From Your Door - John Lee Hooker Sings His Blues  tracks

Driftin´ Blues on Atlantic 590003; Henry Stone prod. DeLuxe 1953, plus 1961)
John Lee & Big Maceo
(feat. Elmer Barbee rec.)
John Lee Hooker & his Guitar
(British bootleg Sensation
Original Folk Blues (United 7746 in ca 1972, comp of Crown rec above)
No Friend Around (originally Advent 2804; early sides bootleg, also on Charly 30170)
Highway of Blues
(feat King sides plus Brownie McGhee)
(Bernie Besman, Sensation prod.)
Goin´ Down Highway 51
Coast To Coast Blues Band
- Any where Any time Any place
(Besman, reissued on BGOCD363)  tracks
Johnny Lee
(2-set Besman alternates)  tracks
John Lee Hooker´s Detroit
(3LP-set Besman)
Mad Man Blues
(2-set of Chess + 1966 rec, reissued on 9214)
Slim´s Stomp
(all 16 "Texas Slim" tracks from King; no dubbed drums) alternate bootleg CD
Hooker, Hopkins & Hogg
(Hooker´s 1954)
Southern Blues
(v.a. - Barbee - Battle 1948 rec. on one side)
Blues For Big Town
(also on GCH 8119, Chess/Fortune) tracks
John Lee Hooker volume one
(British Modern reissues)
Boogie Chillen
(Modern recordings, Danish bootleg)
Gotham Golden Classics - Rare Recordings
(rec. 1951)
Detroit Blues, 1950-51
(Collectables tracks + Eddie Burns, 1951; reiss. on Collectables CD 5316)
40th Anniversary Album
(Besman; also on Demon F154 The Detroit Lion - 1990)
Boogie Awhile (
British 2-set Elmer Barbee plus, 1948-53)
The Unknown
(private recordings of 1951 - not 1949 - and reissued as Jack O' Diamonds on Eagle 20024 in 2004)

Vee-Jay (from Collectables).Vee-Jay from Colectables.Vee-Jay from Collectables.Vee-Jay from Collectables.
Vee-Jay from Collectables.Vee-Jay from Collectables.Vee-Jay from Collectables.Vee-Jay from Collectables.
click on images for full track audios with realplayer.
Listen to clips of all the tracks on the original Vee-Jay albums at the
blues section
  on Vee-Jay Music Official Website

The Chicago Years: 1955 - 1964
Want to find out track listings of the below?: then check   Thomas Jarlvik´s    albums discography.
Note: Uncountable numbers of reissues on different labels from the ´70s and on (especially Vee-Jay tracks).
Several of the original Vee-Jay LPs reissued onm British Joy in 1968-69.

VeeJay 1007  (1959)
Riverside 12-838

Riverside 12-321

VeeJay 1023 
VeeJay 1033 
VeeJay 1043
  (early 1962)
VeeJay 1049 
Galaxy 8201 (201)

VeeJay 1058 
(early 1963)
Galaxy 8205   (1963)
VeeJay 1066   (1963)

VeeJay 1078   (1964)
Riverside RM 008*

VeeJay 8502
Guest Star 1902   (1966)
Up Front UPF-104  (1966)
Stax ST 2013   (1969)
Atlantic SD 7228   (1972)
Ace LP 298*  (1972)

Fantasy 24706
Fantasy 24722  (1972)
Trip 9504    (1973)
Dynasty DY 7301  (1974)
VeeJay 2-1004  (1977)
DJM DJD 28026* 
Muse MR 5205

Charly CRB 1004*
Charly CRB 1014* 
Charly CRB 1029* 
Charly CRB 1081* 

Instant LP 5009* (ca 1985)
Chameleon LP 74794 (1989)
VeeJay CD 713  (1993)
Fantasy FCD 47714
The Devil's Tunes LP/CD002 (2014)
I´m John Lee Hooker (compilation 1955-59)
The Country Blues of
(1959; Battle 6114 How Long Blues 1963, also Prestige;
reissued on Riverside 673020
Tupelo Blues;

Fontana 688.700
and Ace CH 282 as The Folk Blues of)
That´s My Story
- JLH Sings The Blues
(1960; also on Battle 6113 The Blues Man 1963;
reissued on Fontana 683.269
Blue!, and Riverside 673005 You´re Leavin´ Me Baby;
also on Ace CH 259 as
That's My Story) tracks
("No Shoes" LP 1960)
The Folk Lore of
("I´m Mad Again" LP, 1960-61)
("Boom Boom" LP, late 1961; also on Topline 176)
The Best of
(comp, also on Buddah 4002 The Very Best of)
John Lee Hooker
("Lost My Job" LP, Besman rec 1961, titled The King of Folk Blues on America 6074)

The Big Soul of
("Frisco Blues" LP 1962, also on Stateside 11053 Preachin´the Blues)
Live At Sugar Hill (titled Live At Sugarhill on Ace LP 287, 1968 - rec. in San Francisco 1962)
On Campus
(1963; I Want To Shout The Blues on Stateside 10074;

reissued on Buddah 7506
Big Band Blues)
Concert At Newport
Burning Hell
(1959; reiss. on Original Blues Classics CD 555)  tracks

Is He The World´s Greatest Blues Singer?
(comp. of Vee-Jay tracks, also on Exodus 325)
Teachin´ The Blues
(Henry Stone 1961, plus Joel Carrol)

I´m In The Mood   (VeeJay compilation, lowprice)
That´s Where It´s At (Stone 1961, also issued in 1979 on Stax 4134) tracks
Detroit Special
(The 1953/1961 Atco LP reissued with several bonus tracks)
Live At Sugar Hill Vol 2
(Extra tracks from Sugar Hill session)
Boogie Chillun (2-set of  the "Sugar Hill" LPs above) tracks
Black Snake 
 (2-set reissue of the two first Riverside LPs)
Whiskey & Wimmen   (2-set VeeJay compilation low-price)

In Person (VeeJay recordings not on above LPs, mostly recorded 1964)
"Gold"  (2-set reissue of VeeJay 1007 and 1058)
(VeeJay 2-set; early sessions incl unissued tracks)
Sittin´ Here Thinkin´
(Savoy rec 1961, later reissued as Sad And Lonesome)

This Is Hip
- As I Am 
(British VeeJay comp incl unissued)
Everybody Rockin´
(British VeeJay comp incl unissued)
Moanin´ The Blues
(British VeeJay comp incl unissued)
Solid Sender
(Travelin´+ unissued bonus tracks)
The Boogie Man (British Charly VeeJay comp incl unissued)

The Hook - 20 years of Hits (Vee-jay compilation)
John Lee Hooker on Vee-Jay  1955-1958
(1990s issue, some not on LP before)
Live At Sugar Hill Vol. 2 
(unissued tracks from Sugar Hill sessions above)
I'm Going Home (the ten June 10, 1958 rehearsal tracks plus two bonus tracks on CD)

Chess´ famous "The Real Folk Blues".BluesWay´s "Urban Bues" of 1967.The 1969 album "If You Miss ' Im...I Got 'Im"."Never Get Out of These Blues Alive" on ABC.
ABC album "Born In Mississippi...."Carson LP 3662 (also on US Jewel 5005)."Get Back Home" is the CD alternate of the French LP "Get Back Home In The USA" - The Evidance CD covers 16 tracks.This is the Tomato verison of "Alone" covering 17 tracks from his 1976 live sessions.

Coast to Coast: 1965 - 1974
Want to find out track listings of the below?: then check   Thomas Jarlvik´s    albums discography.

Verve-Forecast FT 3003   (1965)

Impulse AS 9013 (1966)
Chess LP 1508
Chess CHD 9329
Bluesway BLS 6002 
Bluesway BLS 6012 
Bluesway BLS 6023 
Bluesway BLS 6038 
Carson 3662*
America 61001*
Festival 2-186*
Black And Blue 333023*
(ca 1971)
Liberty 2-35002 (1971)
ABC 2-720
Bluesway BLS 6052  (1972)
ABC 736
ABC 768
ABC 761 
ABC 838
MCA 1686*  (1982)

2696141  (1989)
Tomato 269660 (2-set) (1989)

Tomato 2-7009 (2-set) 

... And Seven Nights (rec Nov. 1964; issued on US Cleve LP 82871
Hooker and The Hogs; and as John Lee Hooker on British New World 6003

and Extra 1115; also on US Wand 689 (1969) as
On The Waterfront - with brass/horns added;
and on Sequel CD NEBCD657 as
The 1965 London Sessions  tracks
It Serve(s) You Right To Suffer
(rec 1965) tracks
The Real Folk Blues
("One Bourbon" LP rec 1966, reissued on 9271) tracks
More Real Folk Blues - The Missing Album
(rec 1966, compl new tracks)
Live At the Café Au Go-Go
(rec 1966, reissued on BGOCD39) tracks
Urban Blues
(Al Smith prod, Chicago, rec 1967) tracks
Simply The Truth
(rec September 17-18, 1968 - reissued on BGOCD40) tracks
If You Miss ´Im ...  I Got ´Im (
rec 1969) tracks
I Feel Good
(French rec 1969 also on US Jewel 5005)
I Wanna Dance All Night
(from same session as above, reissued on Musidisc 1361)
Black Rhythm 'n' Blues
(reissue of the two above)
Get Back Home In The USA
(French late 1969, also on 335553, and reissued with bonus tracks on CD 59023)
Hooker ´N´ Heat
(2-set May, 1970; reissued as Crawlin´ King on Trip 3501; and on BGO CD694) tracks
Endless Boogie
(2-set November, 1970) tracks
Kabuki Wuki (rec live 1971)
Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive
(rec 1971) tracks
Live At Soledad Prison
(rec 1972) tracks
Born In Mississippi, Raised Up In Tennessee
(rec 1971/72) tracks | details
Free Beer And Chicken
("Homework" and more, rec 1974 - reissued on BGOCD123) tracks

Tantalizing with the Blues (British ABC/Bluesway comp (1965-1971) tracks

I'll Play The Blues For You
 (5 tracks live Chicago 1977- the others by Albert King)
(live solo, 1976; reissue of Labor and MMG LPs, see JLH page 3;
reissued on single CDs on Tomato as
Alone Vol 1 and Vol 2) tracks

The Cream
(live rec 1977; reissued on German Tomato 269021
The Father of the Blues
, with longer track time; also on Charly CD SNAD 542) tracks

Great John Lee Hooker vinyl site
with images of most of Hooker's vinyl albums
( by Scot A Pell

Note: Almost all albums reissued on CDs in later years (some with alternate titles and bonus tracks).
Want to find out track listings of above?:
Then find most of the LPs above at Jarlvik's Super Hooker Discography
with full LP track listings!
    | Jarlvik's main page |

SoftShoe Slim's album page on Hooker.
Richard W. Rinn´s superb Hooker discography is now hosted by Claus´ The Coasters Web Site site; check the disco!
The list above is not complete, but covers all of Hooker´s original albums ... there are several Modern,VeeJay and ABC compilations issued in the US and the World on different labels, not listed above, which contain recordings issued on the albums listed above, and an uncountable number of reissues in Europe, Japan and U.S. .... and there´s more with all the interesting live-albums of 1975+ and his studio come-back from 1989. (The Tomato 2-sets above are recorded 1976 and 1977 and reissud on Rhino).


Complete Session Discography
- compiled by Claus Röhnisch
John Lee Hooker at his prime.

JLH 1948 - 1955
The Detroit Sessions
Johnnie Lee´s Definitive Blues

The Prime Years 1955 - 1964
Vee-Jay Sessions

Johnnie Lee Hooker in Chicago

Sir John Lee Hooker´s
Sixties Recordings

The Album Sessions: Coast-To-Coast

A Travelin´ Blues Giant
Frisco Blues

The Albums 1970 - 1999

7 Essential Vee-Jay Albums
Track contents as on original Vee-Jay LPs

Check Hooker CDs at Collectables, also featuring a fine Biography
- all of these seven albums have been reissued in the US on Collectables CDs
- with covers identical to original Vee-Jay albums (although no longer in catalogue).
The first four of them are also reissued on Charly Records with bonus tracks
(Charly covers illustrated on those).

I´m John Lee Hooker
I´m John Lee Hooker (image on the Carly CD with bonus tracks).
Vee-Jay LP 1007  (1959)

Recorded at 5 sessions in Chicago between
October, 1955 and June, 1958 plus
on January 22, 1959 *
featuring Eddie Taylor, gtr; George Washington-55/56,
Quinn Wilson-57 and Everett McCrary-57*/58,bs;
Tom Whitehead-55/56/57, Richard Johnson-57*/58,dms,
Frankie Bradford-57* and Joe Hunter-58,pno; Jimmy Reed,hca-55.
Only Eddie Taylor on "Maudie" and "I´m In The Mood"
plus Earl Phillips,dms on "Maudie"
| Listen to all the tracks | ctsy Vee-Jay Official Website

1.  Dimples  (56)
2.  Hobo Blues  *
3.  I´m So Excited  (57)
4.  I Love You Honey  (58)
5.  Boogie Chillun  *
6.  Little Wheel  (57*)
1.  I´m In The Mood *
2.  Maudie *
3.  Crawlin´ King Snake *
4.  Every Night  (56)
5.  Time Is Marching  (55)
6.  Baby Lee  (56)

Travelin´ (here the Charly CD with bonus tracks).
Vee Jay LP 1023  (1960)

Recorded in Chicago, March 1, 1960
featuring William "Lefty" Bates,gtr; Sylvester Hickman,bs;
Jimmy Turner,dms
| Listen to all the tracks | ctsy Vee-Jay Official Website
1.  No Shoes
2.  I Wanna Walk
3.  Canal Street Blues
4.  Run On
5.  I´m A Stranger
6.  Whiskey And Wimmen
1.  Solid Sender
2.  Sunny Land
3.  Goin´ To California
4.  I Can´t Believe
5.  I´ll Know Tonight
6.  Dusty Road

The Folk Lore of ...
The Folk Lore of... (this is the Charly CD with bonus tracks).
Vee Jay LP 1033  (1961)

Recorded in New York April 29* (Newport) and June 25**, 1960
- plus in Chicago January 4, 1961
Chicago tracks featuring William "Lefty" Bates,gtr/hca-1;
Quinn Wilson,bs; Earl Phillips,dms and poss. Pops Staples,gtr
| Listen to all the tracks | ctsy Vee-Jay Official Website

1.  Tupelo  *
2.  I´m Mad Again
3.  I´m Going Upstairs
4.  Want Ad Blues
5.  Five Long Years  **
6.  I Like To see You Walk  **
1.  The Hobo  *
2.  Hard-Headed Woman  (-1)
3.  Wednesday Evening Blues  **
4.  Take Me As I Am  **
5.  My First Wife Left Me  **
6.  You´re Looking Good Tonight   **

Burnin´ (this is the Charly CD with bonus tracks).
Vee Jay LP-1043  (1962)

Recorded in Chicago late 1961
featuring Ivy Joe Hunter, pno/dir; Hank Cosby,tensax/arr;
Mike Terry,barsax; Larry Veeder,gtr; James Jamerson,bs;
Benny Benjamin,dms
| Listen to all the tracks | ctsy Vee-Jay Official Website

1.  Boom Boom
2.  Process
3.  Lost A Good Girl
4.  A New Leaf
5.  Blues Before Sunrise
6.  Let´s Make It
1.  I Got A Letter
2.  Thelma
3.  Drug Store Woman
4.  Keep Your Hands To Yourself
5.  What Do You Say
note: only eleven tracks
- track 4 titled "She´s Mine" on single.

The Big Soul of ...
The Big Soul of JLH (original VeeJay LP).
VJLP 1058  (1963)

Recorded in Chicago 1962 (two sessions)
featuring Ivy Joe Hunter, pno/dir; plus accomp. similar
to above including one trumpet and organ
with Mary Wilson & the Andantes (Jackie Hicks,
Marlene Barrow and LaVain Demps, vocals second session*)
| Listen to all the tracks | ctsy Vee-Jay Official Website

1.  San Francisco  *
2.  Take A Look At Yourself  *
3.  Send Me Your Pillow
4.  She Shot Me Down  *
5.  I Love Her  *
6.  Old Time Shimmy
1.  You Know I Love You
2.  Big Soul  (instr) *
3.  Good Rocking Mama

     (second session)
4.  Onions
5.  No One Told Me 
(second session)
note: only eleven tracks
- track 1 side 1 titled "Frsico Blues" on single.

On Campus
John Lee Hooker On Campus (original VeeJay LP).
VJLP 1066  (1963)

Recorded in Chicago 1963 (two sessions)
first session featuring only Hooker´s guitar plus drums*
- second session with accomp. similar to above
incl. poss. Memphis Slim,pno
and possibly Martha Reeves & the Vandellas,vocals
| Listen to all the tracks | ctsy Vee-Jay Official Website
1.  I´m Leaving
     (second session, no reeds, no grp)
2.  Love Is A Burning Thing
3.  Birmingham Blues 
(no vcl group)
4.  I Want To Shout
5.  Don´t Look Back
6.  I Want To Hug You
1.  Poor Me
2.  I Want To Ramble  *
3.  Half A Stranger  *
4.  My Grinding Mill  *
5.  Bottle Up And Go  *
6.  One Way Ticket  *

In Person
"In Person" on Dynasty vinyl and Collectables CD.
Vee-Jay VJS (Dynasty) 7301 (1974)

Recorded in Chicago mid 1964 (issued in 1974, after Vee-Jay´s resurrection)
featuring unknown lead gtr; bs; dms
In Person mp3 dowload

Note: the eight 1964 titles are also featured on the RPM CD 208
"The Complete 1964 Recordings" (also including his London tracks)

1.  You´re Gonna Need Another Favor  *
2.  New Sally Mae
3.  Your Baby Ain´t Sweet Like Mine
4.  She´s Long, She´s Tall
5.  You´re Mellow

*  from Hooker´s VJLP-1078 "Concert At Newport" (1965, recorded in 1963)
1.  Will The Circle Be Unbroken   **
2.  Flowers On The Hour
3.  It Serves Me Right To Suffer
4.  Ain´t No Big Thing Baby
5.  You Can Run Baby

** recorded January 4, 1961
"Folk Lore"-session (prev. unissued)

"The Legend The Man" a 10CD box-set on Collectables.

Three early Vee-Jay compilations

The Best of John Lee Hooker
The Best of John Lee Hooker (original Vee-Jay LP).
Vee Jay LP 1049
Boogie Chillun
Little Wheel
Crawlin´ King Snake
No Shoes
Drug Store Woman
Boom Boom
Hobo Blues
I´m In The Mood
Whiskey And Wimmen
Dusty Road

| Vee-Jay Records Music |

Vee-Jay 2-set vinyl album "Gold".
VeeJay LP 2-1004 (1974)
(LPs l007 and 1058 on a 2-set LP)
Vee-Jay "International" reissued
LP 1049 (The Best of) and LP 1058 (Burnin´)
on 2-set album LP 2-1004 "Gold".

Check Hooker CDs
at Collectables

Note: The first four Vee-Jay album images

of above arr from the British Charly CD series
(they include several bonus tracks
The Collectables CD re-issue series

(with images at heading)
only have the original LP tracks
(with the Dynasty LP issued on CD in 2001).


Is He The World´s Greatest Blues Singer?
The original VeeJay LP 8502.
Vee-Jay LP 8502
Crawlin´ King Snake
Blues Before Sunrise
Want Ad Blues
Whiskey And Wimmen
The Mighty Fire
(Newport 1963)
Talk That Talk Baby
My First Wife Left Me
Wednesday Evening Blues
(live from Newport 1960)
Time Is Marching
Boom Boom
Process is listed but does not appear on original issue
| listen to all the tracks |
Label title: Is He Really The World's Greatest Blues Singer?


  Vee-Jay Records  Official Web Site  blues section -
  Dont miss this link!  Listen to all of Hooker´s tracks on the John Lee Hooker
  Vee-Jay Collectables albums and check all the information!

Vee-Jay from Collectables.   John Lee Hooker Live At Newport.

Concert At Newport
- Vee-Jay LP 1078  (1964)

The CD pictured second left is an American release of April 2002
- titled "Live at Newport" - containing his live Newport Vee-Jay tracks of 1963
(plus the Vanguard recordings of 1960 and two alternates)
Listen to all the tracks on "Concert at Newport"
(the original Vee-Jay album)

Johnnie´s original Crown and Kent LPs
The original Crown LP 5157 "The  Blues" reissued on Kent as "The Greatest Hits of".  The Crown LP 5157 reissued on United 7725.  Kent LP 559, a reissue of the first Crown LP, now titled "The Greatest Hits of".

The original "John Lee Hooker Sings The Blues" on Crown LP.  "Driftin' Thru The Blues" United 7710 (the reissue of "Sings the Blues" - also cover of Custom and Ember). The "Folk Blues" Crown album. "Folk Blues" on United 7729.

 "The Great John Lee Hooker" on Crown.
United´s reissue of Hooker´s Crown LP 5353 (new title: "The Great Blues Sounds"). "Original Folk Blues" on Kent LP 5025 ("stereo" 525).  
Recorded in Detroit for Bernie Besman 1948 - 1952 and for Modern Records 1952 - 1955.

The Blues
(Crown CLP 5157)

Boogie Chillen
I´m In The Mood
Crawling King Snake
Queen Bee
Hobo Blues
Weeping Willow
Cold Chills
Hoogie Boogie
Whistling And Moaning
Sally Mae
House Rent Boogie
Anybody Seen My Baby
Sings The Blues
(Crown CLP 5232)

Driftin´ From Door To Door
She Left Me On My
Bended Knee
Boogie Woogie All Night Long
  (not Hooker - Louisiana Red)
Let Your Daddy Ride
Turn Over A New Leaf
Don´t You Remember Me
Hug And Squeeze You
I Love You Baby
The Syndicate
Good Rockin´ Mama
Folk Blues
(Crown CLP 5295)


Baby I´m Gonna Miss You
Half A Stranger
Shake Holler And Run
Down Child
Gonna Boogie
Bad Boy
Rock House Boogie
Let´s Talk It Over
Baby You Ain´t No Good
Lockin´ For A Woman
The Great
(Crown CLP 5353)

I Need Love So Bad
Sally Mae   (alt)
Key To The Highway
How Can You Do It
It Hurts Me So
She Left Me
I Got Eyes For You
Let´s Talk It Over   (sec version)
I´m A Howling Wolf
Tease Your Daddy
Original Folk Blues
(Kent LP 5025) (KST 525)

Boogie Chillen
Queen Bee
Crawlin'  King Snake
Weeping Willow Boogie
Whistlin' And Moanin' Blues
Sally Mae
I Need Love So Bad
Let´s Talk It Over
The Syndicator
Let Your Daddy Ride
Drifting From Door To Door
Baby I´m Gonna Miss You

Scot Pell's great vinyl site with images of Hooker's vinyl albums (the Crown albums).

Hug & Squeeze (aka I Love You Baby)
God knows I love you, baby, tell the world I do
God knows I love you, darlin', tell the world I do
I'll do anythang, just to be loved by you
Got so much trouble, I. . .don't know what to do
Got so much trouble, I. . .don't know what to do
Yeah, I'll do anything, just to make love to you
I want to hug ya, kiss ya, squeeze ya till my arms fall off
I want to hug ya, kiss ya, squeeze ya till my arms fall off
God knows about that, baby. . .baby, that I love you so
Got so much trouble, I. . .don't know what to do
Got so much trouble, I. . .don't know what to do
Yeah, I'll do anything just to make love to you
I want to hug ya, kiss ya, squeeze ya till my arms fall off
I wants to hug ya, kiss ya, squeeze ya till my arms fall off
You know about that, baby. . .baby that I love you so

Lots and lots of John Lee Hooker Lyrics

The Coasters Web Site
The Coasters Web Site
with 50 Years of R&B History

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