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Urban Blues (BGO)

John Lee Hooker
Urban Blues

Current: MCA CD 10760 (MCAMD10760, 1993)
Current: Beat Goes On CD 122 (BGOCD122, 1994, U.K.)
Original Release: Bluesway LP 6012 (BLS 6012, 1967)
Specifications: 1 disc, 11-14 tracks, duration approx. 28 minutes (excl. bonus tracks)
Stereo, AAD (BGO)/ADD (MCA)
Recorded: Chicago, September 26th (01, 02, 11, 15) and November 27th, 1967
Tracks: 01. Cry Before I Go [02:41] BW 61014, BW LP 6012
(Smith, Jackson)
02. Boom Boom Boom [02:45] BW LP 6012
03. Backbiters & Syndicaters [02:52] BW 61017, BW LP 6012
(Al Smith)
04. Mr. Lucky [02:56] BW 61014, BW LP 6012
(Hooker, Smith)
05. My Own Blues [02:36] BW LP 6012
(J. Oden, Smith)
06. I Can't Stand to Leave You (Baby) [02:34] BW LP 6012
(Al Smith)
07. Think Twice Before You Go [02:06] BW 61017, BW LP 6012
(Al Smith)
08. I'm Standing in Line [02:24] BW LP 6012
(Al Smith)
09. Hot Spring Water Pt. 1 [02:34] BW LP 6012
(J. Oden, Al Smith)
10. Hot Spring Water Pt. 2 [02:02] BW LP 6012
(J. Oden, Al Smith)
11. The Motor City is Burning [02:54] BW 61010, BW LP 6012
(Al Smith)
Bonus Tracks (MCA)
12. I Gotta Go to Vietnam Unissued
13. Messin' 'round with The Blues Unissued
14. Hold On Baby Unissued
Bonus Tracks (BGO)
15. Want Ad Blues [02:23] BW 61010, Charly LP 33
References: BW LP 6012 Urban Blues (Bluesway BLS 6012, 1967)
Charly LP 33 Original Bluesway Sessions (Charly CDX 33, U.K.)
Personnel: John Lee Hooker vocals; guitar
Louis Myers harmonica on 03-10
Buddy Guy guitar on 01, 02, 11, 15
Eddie Taylor bass on 01, 02, 11, 15; guitar on 03-10
Phillip Upchurch bass
Al Duncan drums

Produced by Al Smith (note: online stores/guides additionally credit Ed Michel)
Engineered by
Brian Christain

Front cover painting by Mel Cheren
Front cover design by
Margaret Glogowski and Henry Epstein
(note: the All-Music Guide additionally credits Junie Osaki with design)

MCA issue digitally remastered by Robert Stoughton (MCA Studios, North Hollywood, CA)
MCA reissue producer
Andy McKaie
(note: personnel listings for the MCA bonus tracks are the same as the bulk of the tracks on If You Miss 'Im...I Got 'Im)

BGO issue includes original album liner notes by Sheldon Harris

Notes: The MCA CD issue contains a bonus of three previously unissued tracks from the If You Miss 'Im...I Got 'Im sessions of 1969 (12, 13, 14).  The BGO CD issue has one bonus track: Want Ad Blues, from the (earlier) sessions for this album.
Online: RealAudio 01-14: CDNOW
RealAudio 01 02 03 04 05 13 14:
CD Universe, MacroMusic
RealAudio 01 02 03 04 05:
No audio:
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Cover: Scanned myself.
Release Details: MCA CD details from online stores/guides.

BGO catalogue number from my CD.  Date on my CD is 1991, but various online sources quoted the BGO release as having a 1994 date, so I went with that, assuming it'd been reissued.

Original issue catalogue number from Boogie Chillen book.  Date of issue from BGO CD.

Specifications: Details from my BGO CD.   SPAR for MCA CD verified via online stores/guides (note that they invariably say AAD, but then credit Robert Stoughton with digital remastering (!)).
Recorded: Details from Boogie Chillen book.
Tracks: Names from my BGO CD.   MCA bonus track names from online stores/guides, and verified with Boogie Chillen book.

Track durations arrived at by putting my BGO CD in my CD player and using a combination of powers, namely fingers, buttons and eyes.

Details of other appearances and references taken from Boogie Chillen book.

Songwriting credits lifted from my BGO CD.

Personnel: Musician credits from Boogie Chillen book.

Other credits from my BGO CD, except where indicated (when specifically referring to the MCA CD, the info is from online stores/guides).