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Here are some pictures of my family. Hope you enjoy them. It doesnt take too long to down load..........(I hope)

This is Riker and I at Christmas time..if the picture looks weird, that is it is 2 picture combined into one.....I did that little editing for my picture album.

Notice what gifts we got each other......SOFTWARE! Think we enjoy computer? Of course, he got Star Trek software...

This was our first Christmas together, so it was kinda special.

This is a picture of my 2 daughters. This picture was taken almost a year ago. Neither one of them like this picture, but I told them, "too bad", they have to get together so they can have a new one taken.

They both go to the Star Trek Continuum. Kinda of a family thing.

The blond (sitting) is "One of One". She is my oldest. She is 22 (sorry I had the wrong age down before, and I was rudely told about it.) She lives far away from me, and I miss her a lot from time to time, but that is the way life is, they are not yours to keep, you only borrow them for awhile.

The brunette (standing) is my youngest. She is 19. She goes by the name of "Batrell" in Star Trek and by Aphrodite in a few other chat rooms. She just recently moved here. She is living with Riker and I for a little while. She plans on getting her own place soon. She will live near me, and I take comfort in that. Right now, we even work at the same place, so I see her a lot! It's a good thing she doesn't work the same shift as I do..too much of a good thing, you know.

  • This is our pet "wild" rabbit "Zippy". Riker saved him and a bunch of his siblings from our cat "Punky". Only one bunny survived after days of getting up and feeding them several times a night, and watching over them, and that one is "Zippy". He still has his wild nature, still afraid, and leary of people but he does allow Riker pet him, but won't be picked up...and for all you animal activist out there, Riker had the full intention of placing "Zippy" back in the wild, but he wouldn't survive out there. (Punky would probably get him).

  • ......AND THIS IS PUNKY. She is very important to our household. Riker has a saying..."Love me, Love my cat!" and that is about the way it goes around here. Of course "Punky" is completely spoiled. (Aren't all cats!) She sleeps about 20 hour a day, and of course when it is our bed time, she wants out or in or to be fed or to play....get the message. I do find her amazing though, because at times (When SHE is the mood) She will play catch like a dog and bring the ball for us to throw for her. She is loved in this house. She sleeps where she wants (usually between Rikers legs), get what SHE wants and pays attention to you, when SHE wants. She is an unusual cat, and very smart. This is one cat I can say I do love....So I guess I will love Riker, too........ oh btw, I picked this picture because you don't usually see "Punky" like this..usually she's sleeping