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This is a page of miscellaneous stuff I found while I was doing my searches for gifs, and sounds and backgrounds. Things that I thought were too cute or funny or interesting to ignore, so here it is the odds and ends of it............

    I also collect clowns, and I thought this would be a new way to collect them. I have ceramic, porcelain and cloth ones, and now I even have a "cyber" one....(These clowns may take awhile to download, but please be patient, because they are really worth it.)

this is a banner I made for my links on my web page...I am kinda proud of it because I knew hardly anything about paint when I started it...but I have to give credit to StarfoxSV because he helped me with the doves....Thanks Starfox!

Here are links to some of my friend I know you would enjoy..... please do would be worth your while..

This is my youngest daughters web page.....Good site...please visit....
And her other page:

BaT'aL's Homepage

Here is where I got some of my graphics and buttons, this is a really great site. They allow you choices in what you want your buttons, ect, to say and the way they look.

Cool Archive