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    • my home page.........

    This is a "getting to know you page". This is about me and my family. My likes and interests.. and some links you might like. Also there are some links to other web pages of friends of mine. Get to know me here, and let me know if you have a page, or you can email me then I can get to know you...There is a link to a place that is very special to me, the Star Trek Continuum, there is a page of photos... even some stuff about the greatest band that ever was.....The Beatles (hear the midi? It's "Free as a Bird", by them) and there are things for your amusement.... So here goes and I hope you enjoy............

    This webpage is the biggest undertaking I have ever done in the computer world. I still consider myself a "newbie", I have only had a computer for a year, only been online for about 9 months, 3 of which I have been gone. I didn't use a editor, I learned the HTML myself, as I was doing this page, and of this I am very proud ...It may not be seen by a whole lot of people, but those who know HTML, and those who made a web page from it, will appreciate it more, I think.

    There are alot of people I need to thank for help with this page. One, and the most important, is the love my life, Riker. His patients know no bounds. You would think if heard, "Honey, can you come here a minute again, please?",one more time,he would explode, but he doesn't. He has not only helped me with the physical part of this page, but also without his encouragement and inspiration, I would have never even attempted this.....He is my mentor, my life partner, my friend, my IMZADI.................(can anyone tell how much I love this man?)

    The other person I need to thank is "nosbig". He guided me with my HTML step by step. We transferred so many files back and forth thru ICQ, it shut down on me....LOL...He has been such a great help, and a true friend, because he lets me bug him whenever I want....He deserves a bigger THANK-YOU than just this.