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"I have been...and ever shall be...your friend"

Really, to tell you the truth, Star Trek is the single most inspiration for wanting to do a web page. I was very new on the net at the time, and saw all the neat web pages, so I wanted one myself. I tried, that time the effort failed. I was way too new to the computer world..I didn't even know how to transfer and manager files at the time, much less do a web page.

Now with a year experience under my belt, and learning that it is " 'HTML' ", not 'HMLT' or whatever that 'H' thing is, you know what I mean." (Man, my youngest daughter heard that phrase a lot.) I have decided to try it again. Well........I did, I am doing it, and I am learning html...without the editors. I feel this is quite an accomplishment, for me!

There are so many Star Trek pages out there, that this just seems to be a copy of someone else's. I will put some graphics in here, and a few star trek midis. But really I will show you how big of fans Riker and I are,and this will make it a little more personal.

If you visited my other page, you know Riker and I met in the Star Trek Continuum, in the chat room they have there called the Starfleet Lounge. I have met so many wonderful people there. Friendly and helpful. That is where I got alot of help from alot of people about learning about computers. I learned how to cut and paste from SToran, I learned how to download my first wav from Technotrekkie. I learned how to play wavs, there too. I can't remember who taught me that, but some one must have guided me.

  • This is Riker and I in our Star Trek Uniforms. Notice the colors, his blue, mine red. Does that mean I have a higher rank? No not really, he just likes blue!
  • He had uniform for quite awhile,I just got mine at halloween of '98. One of the fun things we did together, is went into the malls dressed up in our a lot of comments and looks...even from the aliens there. We also wore our uniforms to the opening of Insurrection. Got a lot of looks there too, but that is half the fun!

This is Riker's Shuttle. He has dreamed of it since he was a teenager. He took a Ford Tempo, repainted it, and then put the decals on it, it was alot of hard work. It is named "Surak" after the Father of Vulcan Philosophy. He copied the colors of the NCC-1701 shuttlecraft "Gallileo". This is the car that he and I drive daily. Soon I will have my car done like the shuttlecraft from NCC- 170l-D/16 after the shuttlecraft "Goddard". This is becoming a family tradition...I will post a picture of it when it is done.

This is us with the shuttle, defending it, can you see us hiding there? "Stand there and don't move, or....