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When I was doing my Star Trek page, I was thinking about adding the friends I met at the Continuum, and even began writing some things, when I saw how big that page was going to get, I decided to make a friends page.... I don't have alot of pictures of them, God knows there are enough of those floating around, but I just want to tell you a little about each of them. There is something about the Continuum, and the people there, that is special..I really can't put my finger on it, but there is something there. I have made a lot of friends there. I have old and new alike. I am just coming up on my year anniversary of being a regular, and I can tell you there is alot of special people there.

Syl and BaTaL, are 2 of the hosts at the chat rooms, and are 2 of the most wonderful people I have met there. They both have helped me with problems that I have had throughout the past summer. BaTaL - without your wisdom and advice, I wouldn't be where I am today. And Syl - thanks so much for all your support and words of kindness....(you know what I mean).

There is Soran, from England, (in the entertainment business - sorry private joke) who has transferred many many wavs to me. There are the old friends, ones I don't get to communicate much with, like Tiki-Jo, Caramon (LOCUTUS],Minuet, Prospero, Raistlin, Supo(as I call her), Technotrekkie, Toad, EEngineer, Telusman, Mr.Pink, Mikayla (Kate),Telusman,who has always been a friend of mine, DJB, Blackbird, Vash, we just don't seem to find the time any more...these are some I used to party with in a private room, Man! I had fun that summer. And there's Carolak, an extra special friend, I met him at one of those "parties", and our friendship began. He is one sweet guy, and if any girl catches this one she will be one lucky women. (Hey I got connections girls, let me know if you want to meet this one). Gandalf is another good friend of mine, but I don't see him at all any more..I know he is busy with his classes in college, so maybe that is why....Oh and S'Toran, he has been a friend thru thick and thin, he has also helped me so much with my personal life. he would sit on the phone for hours, and talked to me about my problems. Thanks S'Toran, I appreciate it.I don't see him as much as I would like to, either.

    Hey remind any of you Star Trek fans of anything?

it isn't really a transporter gif, but it looks like one enough, that it could be....

AND I have new friends, ones I have made since I have been gone..I mentioned before one very good one before and that is Nosbig. He has helped me thru and advised me in a few things, and also he has helped me tremendously with this web-page. There is Bria, we have counselled each other when we needed one another. Also we have the same tastes - tight pants!!!!!!! Isn't that right Bria? There is StarFox SV, who is in my prayers right now, and he knows why. There's Hunter and Terri, Capt Jack who I have to make sure I say "hi" to every time I am in chat. Also there is Borg Queen, who I am just getting to know a little better, but I can already tell we are going to become good friends... and Jade, of course Balex 2 of 9. He is another really nice guy....there's Kira, and a few others I know I have missed...and if I did please let me know, I would be more than happy to mention you here.
There are still old friends that I have kept in contact with such as Eight of 9 (Jesse),she has been a big help to me and there is also Marleei, and we still help one another too. Friend like them, I value alot.
Like I said before I have met many people on the internet, and made friends with a lot of them. These friends are just as important as ones in real life, in fact I think you get to know them better because there seems to be less "walls" built around...I value everyone of these peoples friendship.