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Gateway to Carsten Ramcke's Wild Ride

Feel free to wander the hallowed halls of my realm. Just try not to touch anything....


I expanded the info on the Great Lakes chapter of ETE and the modular train layout we had set up at the Greenberg and GATS (Great American Train Show)events. Follow the ETE link...

I have been updating this site on almost a weekly basis (even if I forget to update the "LAST UPDATE" field), so feel free to stop by often!

Carsten is a smiling, happy guy when he thinks about:

His Marklin Trains
His Dodge Omni GLH Turbo
Really, really good cheeseburgers
It's always Christmas on Carsten's website
Carsten's Fatherland - Germany
Formula One Racing ***UPDATED AFTER EVERY F1 RACE***
The Great Lakes Chapter of ETE

Carsten wants to buy a box of grenades (and use 'em all) when he thinks about:

Inconsiderate, poor drivers
The worst show on television is not Moesha
Various examples of human idiocy

When Carsten isn't goofing off on his website he's probably...

...working at a really, really big company
...checking on the latest computer games
...spending money he doesn't have