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CADD: Carsten Against Dumb Drivers

Road Rage is everywhere. I am certainly one of the afflicted, not because of stress from my spouse, my work, or money. No, I get pissed off enough at other drivers to not need outside help.

Since I don't want to be the only loose cannon on the road, I offer up this webpage to allow others to become enraged as well, and join me in turning the freeways of America into boiling, festering cauldrons of hate and anger.

As usual, this is nothing new. The web is full of pages of rants and raves about idiocy. I plan on concentrating on the more discreet nuances of driving, that simply irk most times and are forgotten as soon as some dumb slob is sitting in the left lane going 50 mph or some loser pulls out right in front of you when the road behind you is clear for miles. It is the less obvious, unsung acts of driving selfishness which will adorn these pages...

Ignorance may be bliss, but it's also a $2000 fine!
What's the problem? I can see fine!
Look before you leap, but leap anyway?
How driving a car differs from taking a dump...
Deciding to remortgage while you drive Grandma to the airport
Carsten finally breaks down and goes off on those DAMN MINIVANS, SPORT-UTES, AND PICKUP TRUCKS!