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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a really, really good Cheeseburger...

The Cheeseburger. That staple of Americana. That wonderful conglomeration of all important food groups:

meats (the patty), dairy (the cheese), breads and cereals (the bun), fruits and vegetables (the lettuce and tomato), other (special sauce, pickel)

Nothing feels quite the same as sinking your teeth into a thick, juicy hamburger. Feel the juices run down your throat. Hear the crunch of the lettuce between your teeth. Taste that secret sauce...

I and my best friend Ed, are constantly searching for the ultimate cheeseburger. There are several beauties that I'd like to share, but in case you have any suggestions, please let me know!

The Rocket Restaurant, Pontiac, Michigan

This is it. The cheesburger's yardstick. Break out the benchmarking, boys, because this is the bad boy against which all other burgers are judged. I have been visiting the Rocket since I was 15. In high school I would drive with my friends twenty minutes each way at lunch to pick up one of these beauties every time we had a few bucks in our pockets.

The monstrosity you see before you is the Monster Burger, a mammoth, taste-packed burger capable of causing drool in any warm-blooded male, and a shudder of fear and disgust in every stout vegetarian. The Monster Burger is not just big, you see, but also incredibly tasty. The juices just drip from the hefty three-quarter-pound patty, or in the case of the double-meat version you see here, the full one-and-a-half pounds of artery-hardening bovine flesh. This is definitely not for the weak or those with sensitive constitutions.

The Rocket's menu is huge and varried, and there is something for every discriminating pallette. I personally recommend an order of the fried mushrooms and a lemonade to wash down a monster burger. Pizza lovers can enjoy a monster pizza, but you'd better bring a car with a roof rack to take it home- the monster pizza is a full two feet in diameter!