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The Smurf from Hell

The blue econo-box you see before you is Smurfette. She is a 1986 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo.

I bought this car for the paltry sum of $350.00 in the spring of 1998. Since then, I have done extensive work to the car, and now have a very quick, very tight handling Dodge capable of sub-15 second quarter mile times.
Sitting in the background is my other GLH Turbo, The Rustrocket, Which I also bought dirt-cheap and was able to restore to running condition, although now the car is headed for the crusher because of rust... [UPDATE- THE RUSTROCKET WAS SOLD IN OCTOBER - I'M A ONE-OMNI-MAN NOW]

GLHs are not much to look at, but there are those of us who would pick these unassuming econo-boxes over any car produced in the world today (with only exotic exceptions). Why? The Dodge Omni GLH Turbo is one of the fastest vehicles ever produced by Chrysler Corporation, and ranks as one of the 10 fastest American vehicles mass produced in the 80s decade. Staple that statistic to the above-mentioned pricetag, and you can understand why perhaps there is a lunatic fringe in the world that drools over these cars like a teenage boy with a Victoria's Secret catalog.

Here are some more pictures of Smurfette and the Rustrocket:

Instead of wasting space talking about this car, let me offer the following websites to peruse, all of which offer advice and introductions to Chrysler's line of FWD Mustang munchers:

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